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brown dog

Paramo Velez

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I should start with two points:

1. This is more an 'outdoor' than 'bushcraft' question.

2. I am already a 'Paramo believer' with a Pajaro and an Alta on the hooks.


My question is about the Velez - to those that have one:

Does the smock concept work in a paramo(it's a bit like going back to a buffalo!).

Does it vent sufficiently? (No pit zips)

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I have one and you are about right with the Buffalo comparison although not as bulky but seems not to overheat. I use it as a throw on but I do not think or rugged enough for stalking. I mainly use an Arktis swat shirt with a coat over the top when sitting still. Using Keela Munro at work which I am very impressed with although not a smock style. You can get a good deal from the Paramo factory shop or the eBay site it I guess you know that?(No idea what these little pictures mean)

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I have a Velez, use it all the time for stalking and out doors.


Its waterproof to a point - arms are not pressure ingress proof


Spent 2 days both over 12 hr sessions last week in pouring rain while stalking and only ingress was my lower arms, I was warm and dry everywhere else though.



Overheating - I manage with the pit zip open if I get warm.


Though I use a Arcteryx hoodie underneath which is too warm for active walking (up hills with load), it comes into its own if laying or sitting still for long periods.



I like the velez, its a do all that works for me.


Im tempted by a Swazi smock, but they are way spendy.......

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I use one as a daily wear Jacket. very versatile, warm and waterproof. My first one lasted 5years and was only replaced because I got one cheap. Easy to reproof too.

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