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Lighting / Lanterns

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My old and battered Tilley lamp has finally given up life, which started me thinking about a replacement, so I thought I'd start here for some advice.


Do I stick with the kerosene style or switch to LED or candle option, it is used for lighting and a bit of background heat. Do the additional obvious safety aspects of non flammable LED (No heat output) out way the advantage of not needed an electrical supply with the kerosene types?


Any pointers or personal recommendations of which brand and model would be massively appreciated.



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Thanks Paul,


I've not gotten around to getting a replacement yet, so your recommendation is a good reminder. They are a great price and I will certainly get one, with over 250 million sold since 1902, they have got to be worth a go.


Thanks again

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Coleman lamp for me but then I have the two burner Coleman stove, so it means only one fuel source to carry, so nice to keep it simple :D

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