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300yds mcqueens

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????.not sure if you have shot against my 6.5x47 and definately not my 284 and you use a rear bag (as bradders puts it ) a girly bag....?.i am more than happy to take you on at any range without these handbags ??.shut that door ?

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Give it rest Neil everyone is bored now!!!

(on behalf of lpsc members)

you better include ukv members too as only George gave a well done.i expect there are hundreds on here that shoot mcqueens.

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UKV is the place for informed precision rifle discussion, not the low-bandwidth and unamusing 'banter' nonsense that seems to make up most of this page.


If you must, please conduct such interaction elsewhere on the internet and not on UKV.


No more here, please.


Thread locked.

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Northallerton NSAC shooting.jpg


dolphin button4 (200x100).jpg





CALTON MOOR RANGE (2) (200x135).jpg

bradley1 200.jpg


Danny Trowsdale 200.png

safeshot 200.jpg

tacfire 200.jpg



valkyrie 200.jpg

tab 200.jpg




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