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Full length sizing problem

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There is probably a very obvious solution to the problem I have encountered when trying to full length size some once fired Federal 243 win cases. The cartridges were fired in a rifle I had some years ago (Parker Hale 1200SC) and the cases then stored away and almost forgotten about. I thought I might use them in my current rifle (T3). I checked if they would chamber before resizing and not surprisingly they did not. When measured using a headspace gauge the were at least 0.008" longer than those fired in the T3.

Using a Redding FLS die set to maximum the cases would still not chamber. They were then sized again using a Hornady FLS die with the same effect. The shoulders were set back by 2 or 3 thou after being through both dies - still not enough. The dies were set up to touch the shell holder on a Forster press. Surely it is possible to set the shoulder back more?


How can I get these cases sized sufficiently to enable them to be chambered? I could just bin the cases and get on with the Lapua and Norma cases that I use successfully and only need to neck size. The problem is more an irritation than anything else.


Any solutions I may have missed?





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"Surely it should be possible to set the shoulder back more?"


This is a common problem Titan - particularly if the chamber is 'tight' on the 'go' gauge. It's made worse if the brass is springy from several firings.


The simple answer is to trim say 10 thou. off the base of the sizing die.


But really, stop p*****g about and just get some new brass!

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But really, stop p*****g about and just get some new brass!

I think you are right.......!


and I was not aware that this was a common problem.


Thank you..



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Have the same problem. I put a thick sharpie line all the way down the case and then tried to chamber it, carefully but hard enough to smudge off the ink and you will see where they are tight. I would guess at the case head being too big. I.e your old PH chamber was slacker than the new one. I've ordered a small base die to overcome this problem but only because it is twice fired 6.5 Creedmoor brass and it's expensive right now. (I've changed rifles too it's not hot loads doing it) I would agree, .243 brass isn't a problem to get, grab yourself some new and save a headache!

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