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Help Please , looking to build a 6.8mm SPC B/A magazine rifle. Can anyone suggest a action due to the case head size, 308 too slack and 223 to small. Would it be possible to bush a 308 bolt or machine a 223 bolt ??? Any help would be good. Thank you Tony

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One possibility is the new Howa 1500 mini rifle which is currently 204 and 223 only, but is said to be getting a load of additional small cartridge options including the 6.5 Grendel (+ 20 thou' on the SPC case-head dia.). In the early days of 6.8SPC, a lot of the US articles on loads and accuracy used rebuilt Cz527s, but they don't say whether the starting point was the 223 or 7.62X39 version. (I suspect the latter.)


Yes, most 223 bolts can be opened out. Depending on the donor action, additional machining up front to accept a Sako extractor may be required - this applies to the Remington 700 for instance - which makes it expensive. The gunsmiths / rifle builder on the forum will no doubt advise which would be the best / cheapest donor action or whether going for a full-custom would be better.


I've got to add that nice little cartridge as the 6.8 is, and a reasonable performer in straight-pull ARs too, I was distinctly unimpressed by the groups produced by the custom CZ bolt-actions in the various articles I read. You're very constrained too in bullet choice in everything bar 130gn expanding types.

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