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6.5x47 Lap Bullet choice

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whats the story this side of the atlantic with the berger 130 hybrids availability wise, the figures if they are to be believed look very good indeed

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The only 130gn Hybrid (part number 26195) is the new 'AR Tactical' OTM in Berger's 'Tactical' range. It has been developed with an OAL to suit 'big ARs' or SA bolt-actions in magazine fed mode, ie within a 2.800" COAL for the trio of small/medium 6.5s - 260 Rem, Creedmoor, and '47Lapua.


Despite the considerably shorter length than 'Target Hybrid' types, it still has a good BC at 0.287 (G7) compared to the 123gn Scenar at 0.265, and is actually slightly higher than that of the existing Berger 130gn VLD and only a little below that of the very streamlined 130gn Norma.


AFAIK, none has reached Europe yet, the US tactical shooting market taking them all to date. I have asked Hannams to get me 500. Although specifically designed for AR type rifles and magazine operation, this will be a VERY useful bullet in both mag fed and single-shot 6.5s, especially '47Lapua rifles throated on the short side for 120-123gn bullets.

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