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Hammock cherry popped , more info needed

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Hi folks

I bought a basic hammock I think from UK hammocks ages ago on a whim was bout 35 quid

Now I'm working out in desert & when we go on location we sleep & work out of the truck , ok it has AC but uncomfortable as hell in a GMC pick up

I took the hammock and slung between the truck & a water tanker . Ok was still 39c but wow !!!! Comfortable as hell!!!!


It's a double skinned rip stop thing with flat style fabric tie slings.



I see things said about whoopee slings, what are they how used etc?

Also how do I go bout putting up a tarp and can I add a fly sheet off a para cord guide or similar ?

Total novice with hammocks but after that nights sleep on last well we worked on I was well chuffed , fancy taking home & staying out on my deer ground so UK with midges n wet I now need to learn about

Any advice. Greatly received



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Hi bud,

I use a DD Hammock, can't remember the model, however it has midgey net and is double lined at the bottom (for putting a sleep mat into- which you will need in the UK to retain body warmth)


Easiest way to do it is set up a ridge line between 2 points above your hammock points then spread your basha between it (use the loops to suspend it instead of throwing it over- or you will chafe your basha sheet)


Theories differ on the best angles and set ups- I've found in the UK that I want the long edge into the wind and down to the ground in order to retain some heat.


Whoopie slings are a very good system for quick adjustment of hammock tension, especially when used with tree hungers and a karabiner.

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When the ridgeline is up put a non slip knot on each end on the basis

basha and around ridgeline, see YouTube,easy to strain up, also on you tube is a method on slinging the hammock inside a vehicle

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