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Sling choice

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I am looking for advice about which sling is best for off the elbows shooting?

my rifle weighs a ton and when shooting off the elbows it is very hard to stabilise

is there any particular sling out there that will help me to actually hit the target?


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Almost any good quality single point sling as used for ISSF competitions are my choice. All the weight of the rifle is taken by the sling not your muscles.


There are loads here...



My own preference is a Gehmann Anti-Pulse.

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could you guys recommend a UK available double sling (like the US army one) that you can use in a similar fashion to the single points (either wrapping or using a loop) - but can also carry the rifle with it


Thank you

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A bit of a thread resurrection, but I'm looking for something similar to an M1907 sling for my varminting and stalking rifles which I can use as an extra steady with sticks. Does anyone know of a UK supplier of something like this? Leather or synthetic or canvass, all fine with me. I have seen the link to the Turner variants above but wondered why such a classic and useful design sadly seems lacking in the UK shooting community.

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The Turner leather sling is excellent, I've been using one for 20 years or so
They also make a synthetic one that is also excellent, if a little tight to adjust.

As I said, the Turner is excellent, but Ron Brown ones are better....and Les Tam slings are even better than those
In fact nothing is better than a Les Tam, but you'll have to wait up to 2 years for one

Don't consider any other leather sling than those three, coz it'll be shite

The trick with M1907 slings is learning how to use them, and I'm happy to give free lessons

As for the Kurt Thune etc, excellent, but you can't carry the rifle with them

The reason why you only see the other types here is because the M1907 types don't have enough nylon, clips and Fastex buckles....but they're really all just gimmicks

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Thanks Bradders, really useful to know.


Funnily enough, I've just come across the only UK manufacturer that I can find, still making them to the original "recipe" using the correct 10 oz weight vegetable tanned leather and parkerised fittings. (mooreleather.co.uk)


Yes, I want one that will cope with a 12lb outfit in the field and last!

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Just to say that I received a leather M1907 sling from Jon Moore (Moorecraft Leather). £55 delivered and beautifully made. Hand stitched, high grade 3mm vegetable tanned leather, copper riveted parkerised metal fittings. Looking forward to trying it out now. As with all leather, I'd expect some stretch, but this certainly seems to be tough as boots and nice and supple with it.

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