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Sling swivels?

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After Baldie did an excellent job on installing a picatinny front rail on my rifle, I am after some of the push ball detent sling swivels - looked on eBay and there's loads, but want ones that will not break or drop rifle/scope etc into the muck?


Any ideas on available ones of quality in UK or to order?


Cheers grouse

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I was lucky to get a set of Uncle mikes from ebay, I did ask one seller on there and his were designed for airsoft and didn't know what weight they would hold :o , Brownells sell the Uncle mikes for $15.99 but I don't know if they will post here or the cost

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I've got some Miswest Industries heavy duty ones with recessed push button available.

They're for 1 1/4" slings

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Hi gents, been away from the net for a while since we've moved our operations.


I may not know much but I know a thing or two about swivels and all we use are Grovtec in the Milforce for the regular stud swivels and the Pushbutton for the flush cups.


I would NOT use anything made by Uncle Mikes or Talon. Uncle Mikes is made in China and is crap, I've heard and seen them fail. When we began making slings we began using the Talon swivels since they seemed to be the best we could find at the time and were made in the US.


We began to have pins break on the swivels. After I had meetings with the owner of the company at SHOT two years ago he promised that they would find out what the problem was. Despite repeated attempts to figure out what was going on with absolutely no help at all I dropped them and went to Grovtec and the MilForce swivel. We have not had one problem since we went to the Grovtec swivels. The swivels cost more and are worth every bit. The people are an absolute pleasure to work with and they take pride in their products.


I don't know anything about Midwest industries but I do know that there are very few companies making swivels. I also know that Grovtec makes swivels for a lot of companies who then brand them as their own. The Midwest swivels look exactly like the Grovtec swivels.


We use the phosphate finished pushbutton swivels in the 1.25" model. We use 1.5" webbing in our slings and the smaller size swivel is a more compact package and keeps the webbing from sliding in the swivel which I think is a good thing.


Good luck with your choice, but I would not skimp on swivels because if they fail in the field you will be in a bind and possibly with a broken rifle along with the swivel.

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PM answered Grouse.

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We at PSE only use Grovtec products. They are great to deal with and have a very good product.


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