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H4350 in 6.5x47

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Hi all sorry if this has been talked about previously but does anyone else use H4350 tried a few today with 123g amax, accuracy was superb but I exsspect my velocity will prob be down a bit but only shooting out to 300yrds I doubt I'd notice, using 40g under the amax out of a 22" tube I would imagine it will be around 2700-2800 can't get the accuracy from varget as I would like! So just exsperimenting really

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I was told to Work up to 41gn h4350 using cci 450 primer set bullets 15 thou off. Im still using varget but have a tub of 4350 left from the 25-06 era, which i might try if varget ever becomes tricky to get hold of...

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Yeah that's pretty much it Gary Iv worked up to 40g I see things of people on the net going up to 42g but I reacon it would hammer your brass! I must be one of the few that just can't varget to work all that well, I was 10 thou off so not much different to what you say Gary

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