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UKV-State of the Nation (Over 30,000 unique visitors per month!)

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Not done one of these for a while.


Throughout 2014 to date, UKV has held steady at around


20,000 unique individual visitors per month


(together,making around 400,000 page views per month).


At 20,000 individuals per month, we have a bigger readership than any UK rifle magazine!



Consistency; 3 snapshots:


Feb/Mar 21,000 unique individual visitors making 394,000 pageviews

May/Jun 19,000 unique individual visitors making 404,000 pageviews

Jun/Jul 20,000 unique individual visitors making 382,000 pageviews







Constantly achieving a readership of around 20,000 rifle enthusiasts per month on UKV [that's more than any UK print rifle magazine!]:



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Now at 24,000 rifle enthusiasts per month on UKV


[that's about 6,000 more per month than any UK print rifle magazine!]:





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I visit UKV numerous times a day, and just can't help having a mooch at the new posts. I think it is down to the helpfulness of nearly all the members, and the Team behind UKV. Constantly, new questions pop up from people needing advice, and who ever asks a question, generally, you know that person will get good accurate advice to help them.

As such I personally find the site is almost like a constantly "rolling" shooting magazine with new articles being added throughout any 24 hour period. So they're like mini magazine articles, hence they're worth reading, regardless of the topic.

On another note, due to my partially disability, at least on the bad days where I can't manage getting out to shoot, I can always at least read some interesting posts about shooting.

So thanks to all concerned.


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Onwards and upwards!












That's steady at over 24,000 (and peaking at 27,000!) unique visitors in one month!


(and that's a readership almost 10,000 bigger than the figure Sporting Rifle magazine claims as its readership)

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UKV is always open on my tablet... Never click the cross on that tab! :-)

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