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Shooting using sticks

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I went to the solution described by JCS too; not far off being as good as prone.


Takes a few minutes practice to get the set up smooth; but once you've got the habit they're easy to use, and whilst a tad slower than a conventional 2 stick arrangement, you then hit what you're aiming at! smile.gif



...another alternative I tried was having a length of cord from the 'hinge' on the 2 stick set-up and standing on the hanging end to produce a 3rd leg to tension against.



...but if you really want to steady yourself, JCS's solution is the way to go.

Bob on...Quad sticks are super accurate, all you need is four garden poles and gaffer tape and some cord to set the spacing and your good to go. I moved to this method from Primos trigger tripods and it is proving rock solid now the cover is growing. Success to beyond 220yards so far.

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Thought i'd chip in. :)


I use 3 fibre glass poles we use at work. I drilled a hole (carefully) about 50mm from what I wanted to be the base and again about 150mm from the top.


Through the top hole I threaded some bungee-cord, once threaded through all 3 holes I then wrapped it round the entire bundle and tie off to form the “pivot point”.


Through the bottom holes went a long piece of para-cord with a “cord-lock” on it and then a knot. This allows me to spread the tripod out, pull the cord-lock in and then the legs won’t open any further.


The final thing I do – and it’s probably the most important – is to add my “sand bag” into the support part of the sticks before I add rifle.


I also use some Brit issue sniper sticks but they’re not the greatest.


I tend to use the stick sitting or kneeling if I'm firing uphill or crouching / standing if I'm firing down a steep incline.


I can grab pics if anyone is interested or that bothered.

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Quad sticks with bolt through pivot/hinges and neodynium magnets sunk into rods to hold it all together at top and bottom


slimline and easy to carry

easy to use a single, double or quad sticks


have taken shots out to 200 yds with this set up

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