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Found 49 results

  1. stottycake

    New lapua 6.5 c/m sp brass,

    Hi all Looking for some of the above if anyone has any for sale,50 or 100 cases Thanks for looking Al
  2. bolte

    Dillon Super Swage 600

    Does anybody have one that they would like to move on?
  3. Malxwal

    Nosler 130gr 6.5mm Accubond

    As per title, looking for Nosler 6.5mm 130gr Accubonds.
  4. Malxwal

    6.5x47L Dies

    Potentially in the market for 6.5x47L dies.Quite happy to buy individual bits n bobs. Not looking for arbor press type.PM me please.CheersMalc
  5. Malxwal

    6.5mm Hornady & Nosler

    Looking to rehome your unloved 6.5mm Hornady and Nosler bullets, for cash ? Look no further... Wil buy the following 123gr Amax (AKA unicorn tears) 123gr SST 129gr SST 100gr and 120gr Nosler BT Hunting No pulled stuff please (unless its with a good amount of new) PM me please Cheers Malc
  6. On the look out for a tier one monomount short saddle 30mm low height 20 moa if there are any around thanks in advance all sorted now thanks
  7. Looking for a left handed T3/T3x stock, not a standard T3 Lite synthetic. Anything considered, adjustable comb a real bonus. Cheers Malc
  8. Looking for a set of Redding S type competition dies, FL size, micrometer seating die. PM if you have a set lying around in need of new home. Cheers Malc
  9. gilps45-70

    Trigger pull Balance

    Digital or spring trigger pull gauge wanted , spring must be in the ounces range
  10. 17 Rem

    Forster Dies

    Forster F/L and neck sizing dies for 22-250 wanted. Must be in excellent condition. Forster .223 die set, preferably with micrometer seater and neck die, also wanted.
  11. ABR

    Drone Pro 10x or 15x

    Wanted Armasight Drone Pro 10x or 15x
  12. mremanxx

    Modified Cases

    Hi I am looking for a modified cases to fit the Hornady L-N-L rod. Need .223 and 6.5 Creedmoor. Thanks in advance.
  13. shotgunner

    Wet tumbler

    Hi anyone know where I can get a wet tumbler don't need anything to big ie 100-150 case load
  14. As above wanted neck or full length
  15. banus02

    nosler 129gr .264 l/r bullets

    nosler 129gr l/r.264.accubond
  16. Villadave59

    Accuracy international,2014 AX

    Hi, If any one has an AI OME rear monopod/but spike for 2014 on AX rifle please pm me,Dave.
  17. Montey

    Night force compition

    I'm after a night force compition 15-55x52 with the dot Reticle and 5 moa tour turrets to match my other scope so I don't get confused! I exepect to pay good money for a scope in top Condition please message me thanks.
  18. pigeonbasher1

    527 stock

    walnut stock for cz 527 wanted please (.223) atb ray, i have a boyd's laminated thumbhole stock for a howa 1500 s/a to trade if needed
  19. Do any of you have a 20 MOA Picatinny rail for a mini action Howa for sale. or tell me where I can purchase one in the UK. Thanks.
  20. Hi all i have a dear friend (83) who fought against the Mau Mau and it's his birthday in one week and he often talks fondly about his lee Enfield MK5 Jungle Carbine that he used over there does anyone know were I can get one and how much does this sort of thing go for ! ? i could go to £150 as it's a gift to an old buddy thanks all paul
  21. Hello first post and I am already asking for things! I am after one of the above just an empty case will do .... I purchase a 360 rifle and a lot of Bertram 360 2.25 cases and the first one I fired blew straight so want to try a bigger case if not the chamber has been butchered and my time and money wasted. I know that this site has lots of unusual and varied resources I just need help with this one. Cheers in advance Rookandrabbit.
  22. longrangesniper1953

    Larry Willis Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die

    Hi Guys & Gals Does anyone out there have one of these LARRY Willis Reloading Dies for the Belted magnum rounds for sale please Please send Private message with the Price if Available Thank You Regards Steve
  23. Villadave59

    AI or atlas bipod for AXMC rifle

    Hi,does anyone have either an accuracy international or atlas bipod fo axmc riflethey wish to sell,thanks Dave.
  24. bbrc

    Tikka 595/695 recoil lug

    Hi Im after a recoil lug for a tikka 590/595/690/695. If anyone has one laying around after a bedding/pillar bedding job i would appreciate it Thanks B
  25. Looking for a Thumbhole stock for a CZ 527 Anybody got one spare before I order a new one from Boyds. Cheers Steve.

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