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Found 134 results

  1. PSE composites e-tac stock for tikka t3 action in perfect condition action bedded, atlasworx SA aics bottom metal, front picatinny rail, 2 side flush cups, custom height adjustable buttpad and custom duracoat paint(3 months ago) Dont want to sell but need to fund a new build😔 SOLD.
  2. CZ 455 VPT (Varmint Precision Trainer) in .22LR is an ideal rifle for use as a long range rimfire, rimfire benchrest, or as a PRS trainer rifle. This very hard to find rifle is in excellent condition and has been significantly upgraded as follows. Yo Dave trigger kitDIP 25 moa picatinny railGunsmith glass beddedCurrently fitted with aftermarket Lilja Match barrel (complete with unused original barrel) Barrels have been headspaced for Tenex and Centre X ammunition respectively.Vortex tactical ringsNikko Stirling Targetmaster scope 10-50x60 SOLD PENDING FUNDS Loads of videos on YouTube, and reviews online.Any questions, get in contact. Also advertised elsewhere.
  3. Morning guys Well I am selling my trusty 6.5x47 Remington 700 barreled action, as I have been maliciously lured towards a Borden Alpine that (in my mind) I now absolutely need more than oxygen!! The action is a Remington 700 with C prefix which were the good ones before the accountants took control. It was bought from new by me as a 308 and has been trued by Ronin (who is excellent by the way) when the barrel and heavy recoil lug were fitted. It currently wears an adjustable McM A5 stock and Atlasworks floorplate that I will keep unless a tempting offer comes in (See post below, whole lot now for sale). The bolt handle currently wears a big rubber knob that can be removed if desired. The barrel is a 26 inch Bartlein Stainless fluted in M40 contour 1 in 8.25 in twist, that is match crowned and threaded 18x1 and has had between 1800-2000 rounds through it. For those of you who dont know of Bartlein, they are the best of the best cut rifled barrels. These have all been moderate loads of 36 ish grains of Varget with a 123 bullet so certainly not hot rodded (a lot of people are using 38g Varget with this bullet). Whilst the barrel is not new it will still shoot groups between 0.5 and 0.75MOA so it is by no means shot out. The 6.5x47 cartridge is generally thought to have quite good barrel life of 3000-4000 rounds. It will come with a Remington trigger as I am keeping the CG Millenium that is on there. All you need to do is add a stock and bottom metal or chassis of your choice and you will have a cracking outfit. The action will be lodged with Ronin on or before 18 September. I am looking for £400 for the barreled action and trigger or £850 for the whole rifle + RFD. I will consider offers so long as they are vaguely sensible. Pictures will follow (probably this evening)
  4. Great condition, very clear glass, only Been out on 5 occasions, used at up to 1000 yards effectively. £800 posted, not moving on price now, I'll keep it if it doesn't sell. including tier one rings, sunshade, box, cleaning cloth etc. rifle in pic not included, May PX for a lower priced scope in MOA.
  5. Used but good condition, allows the barrel to be removed for takedown/cleaning/storage. includes 7" handguard, boxed with instructions. Now £130 for quick sale https://www.brownells.co.uk/AR-15-PROMETHEUS-TAKEDOWN-KIT-PANTHEON-ARMS-LLC-Aluminum-Black-Free-Float-7-100020994
  6. For sale is my much loved No.1 Mk 3* BSA rifle. Made in 1916 and all original with matching numbers throughout including the wood. It has literally been through the wars and carry’s the evidence of that journey in knocks and bumps but what a story it could tell if it could talk! She handles .312 PPU bullets perfectly although I have shot mostly cast lead through it in my ownership. Purchased from Enfield guru Roger Payne several years ago and fitted with a non original sling. Looking for £375
  7. I’ve decided to sell my Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks Tikka T3 stock. It’s a Sako 75b style stock in Carbon/Kevlar/Glass with the nicest aluminium pillar and full glass bedding job I’ve seen (you can even see the rifles engravings in the bedding). The stock, which is in unmarked condition, is very stiff, handsome and relatively light with a barrel channel that will accept a light or heavy barrel (I had a T3 X lite in it). A Tikka T3 will just drop straight in as will the standard or custom bottom metalwork giving the action a fully supported and solid fit. If you’re not familiar with Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks, take a look at their website; they’re very nice hand made stocks made in the uk by Daniel Ryan. This is the style of stock. https://www.staffs-synthetic-stocks.com/product-detail.php?pid=26 Its a synthetic copy of a Sako 75 stock including palm swell and chequering fore and aft. Currently fitted with but extension though this can easily be removed. The stock, with its bedding, recoil pad and green finish cost around £750. I’m after £450 posted in the uk. I've attached photos but have more available showing the condition and how good the bedding is etc.
  8. Henry Golden Boy 22lr for sale. Lovely rifle that is very accurate and good fun to shoot! Tubular magazine, cycles well and not fussy with ammo. Comes with interchangeable sight blades and the detachable scope rail (the original Henry one that came with the rifle). There is a little wear to some of the gold coating on the stock (I can send pictures of this if required) but you need to examine the rifle closely to see it. Scope and rings now sold, price amended accordingly. £395 Happy to discuss RFD transfer, advertised elsewhere.
  9. For sale is my much loved No.4 Mk 2 in .303. Lovely condition and one of the last Fazakerley made rifles, I believe for an in-issued RAF contract. I’ve taken good care of her during my ownership and it is all numbers matching including timber and magazine. It currently has a non-original magazine fitted currently as I had problems with the original one. Norman Clarke believed this was due to very thin feed lips from manufacture and so sourced a replacement for me. It has a Parker Hale 5c target sight fitted and the original Mk 3 sight is also included in the sale. Looking for £700
  10. Bettinsoli 20 bore Diamond X Grade O/U, excellent condition, very light use. In fitted case with choke set. £450 FTF, RFD transfer at cost approx £35. About 130 cartridges included if FTF. High resolution photos available by email.
  11. 200 remington 204 ruger cases once fired for sale £25 plus postage
  12. I have for sale a used IOR operator in very good condition, less than a year old, purchased from here. I am selling to fund a ffp scope other than that the scope is excellent and I really liked it. the rear mount lower screw was scratched when I used the wrong bit and it snapped, the screw still works to the required torque setting. Comes with lens covers. £1350 new and warranty running from 22/05/2018. if possible I would like to get what I paid for it. £850+pp happy for face to face sale in Glasgow. Have higher resolution images available if you pm your email.
  13. This has had the fore end filled with devcon to improve the rigidity, a small rail and a skim bedding of the recoil lug. It had the bottom inletted for a magpull bottom by Dolphin. I now have 3 stocks and only one gun so this has to go. £180+postage
  14. Brand new. Replaceable blades Complete with 18 blades (straight, filleting, saw) and carry case £70 posted
  15. I have a tub of N150 surplus to requirements. Approximately 2/3rds full and purchased from Norman Clark’s about 3 months ago. If anyone is going to be at Kingsbury ranges on the 4th August or Bisley on the 27th and wants to pick it up from me there, you can have it for £20 Alternatively you can pick it from my place in Nuneaton - address via PM if you commit to purchase.
  16. I have a GRS Berserk for tikka t3/ctr. Front picatinny rail. Height adjustable buttpad. Height adjustable cheek piece. Length of pull adjustable. Bottom metal well opened up to take ctr bottom metals and normal bottom metals(with slight gap each side) I even managed to run a atlasworx aics bottom metal with mdt mags no problem. Very good condition. SOLD!
  17. For sale my night / day sight x-sight 2 5-20 x comes as when new (ie books box bag ir torch sun shade ect ect) the mount is a LaRue Tactical qd the lowest you can get night master 800 ir torch 940 mn with extension tube two battery's charger and adjustable mount sold ATN Extended life Battery Pack 20000 mAh with usb cable, cap and Butt ACMUBAT160 selling as no longer required ive gone thermal the lot posted £sold
  18. Hi folks, I have a second hand GRS Berserk stock inlet for a Tikka T3 for sale, Stock is in good condition with a few minor scuffs through use, also comes with QD flush cup swivels, stock is adjustable for comb height and LOP, Looking for £220 posted.. Thanks for looking!
  19. Selling my Leica 10x42 HD-B's. They are two years old and have been very well cared for. Not a mark on them.In March I returned them to Leica as I wasn't convinced the laser was working quite correctly - they were struggling to ping objects at 1000 meters. They ended up being upgraded to the latest laser unit and I am now pinging objects in the right conditions out to 2,000m. I have not used them in anger since and they still have the factory seal on them as can be seen in the pictures.They are the ballistic model and I am including a micro SD card and card adapter in the sale so you can upload custom ballistic profiles for your own ammunition rather than relying on one of Leica's set curves. It is a great system that gives you range, inclination, temperature, barometric pressure and clicks of elevation to dial at each range pinged.£1450 including insured delivery.
  20. Ruger 17HMR, full set up as you can see, I bought it all new and had less than 300 rounds through it,I quickly moved on to CF.Wildcat whisper 17 modHawke nite-eye HK3318 4-16 x 50 scope, (I need to find the cover caps)All as pictures. £SOLD
  21. Due to a move to Canada I'm selling my AI AT 308 rather than go through the red tape of attempting to ship it *sob* Accuracy International AT .308. Comes with 20" barrel with tactical muzzle break Folding Stock 3x10 round magazine BT10 Atlas Bi-pod BT19 - Atlas Accuracy International Spigot One Less Charlie .308 Moderator (fits over muzzle break) It's only had around 100 rounds through it and I'm looking for £3600 for the package. £2500 for the rifle plus magazines (Scope, bipod and suppressor not included) I might be willing to sell the Vortex Razor Gen II 4.5-27x56 scope that is mounted on the rifle but only with the AI (not going to sell it separately). That would put the price of the package up to £5500. I'd prefer to do a face to face transfer but am willing to do an RFD transfer if someone can inform me of the process.
  22. Unused and completely new. This is their CIP sized (3.850" long), double stack, single feed (DSSF) magazine. Holds 5 rounds. I think it's item number 0100-0020 https://accurate-mag.com/shop/magazines/long-action-dssf-magazines/ SOLD p.s top photo looks like there's a gap in the follower towards the front. Believe me it's not, the follower is all solid one-piece. What looks like a gap is where it's angled and didn't show up in the light.
  23. I'm off to Canada so am selling my Valkyrie .223 AR15 style rifle (built by the very fine Baldie). 20" threaded barrel 2 stage trigger (can't remember which one though) Ase Utra .223 calibre moderator 2.5-10 x44 Vortex Viper (gen 1) scope Magpul PRS stock 2x30 round magazine 2x10 round magazine 2x20 round magazine Harris Bi-pod It's had around 500 rounds though it and I'm looking for around £2000 but am open to offers. I'd prefer to do a face to face transfer but willing to do an RFD transfer if you know what the process is.
  24. For Sale, two five slot Magpul M-Lok rails, surplus to needs. One is unopened in original packing, one is without the packaging and has been fitted but with limited use. Both approximately 3 months old. These cost about £28 each new. Buy both of mine for £35 or each, £18.....I’ll even throw in the postage!

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