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Found 1 result

  1. banus02

    reload costs

    just finished some reloading and the good lady was doing the books,put my head in the door to say i was off out when she says ,ah good come and sit down! anyway the out come was that my reloading cost per bullet in march 2017 were 49pence per loaded round,the new price is 72 pence per round for december 2017 .the increase in powder,primers and bullets is 23 pence each .may not sound a lot but in the 9 months i have fired 436 .243 rounds .294 6.5x55 rounds and 267 308 rounds,plus .22 and 223 but dont log these as they are vermin use and leisure time.so as i am informed my bullets have cost an extra £100.28 for .243.£67.62 for 6.5x55 and £61.41 for 308. so an increase of £229.31 to reload.i chose not to ask the total cost and made my way out.i dont price cases or my time reloading but its scarry how the price of every thing has gone up. my wife is my accountant and makes sure i dont over pay the tax man.

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