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Found 11 results

  1. Watcher

    1 in 12 twist .223 Savage

    I've recently fallen from the path of righteousness; sold my TR and bought a Savage Model 12 BVSS in .223 with a 1 in 12 barrel. Basically I was getting too old for all the jacket and sling thing (nothing wrong with it - just me). I know that my F Class pals will tell me that I have the wrong twist barrel but it was a good deal and its a nice looking gun. I've got a load of N140 from my TR days and a pal has sold me half a pot of Varget. I've bought a box of Hornady 52 grain ELD match to start my reloading journey. I don't want to buy any more powder just at the minute so can anyone guide me on where to start? I'm reluctant to shell out for the Hornady manual until I'm more certain which way I'll go reloading wise. TIA Matthew
  2. Hi Guys, a reduction in free time means I need to clear out some bits that I'm not likely to use up any time soon. I have for sale 1 full kg of N550 and a further approx 750g 2 x 1kg tubs of Elcho 17 (RS60) 2 x 1kg tubs of EI130 (which was the early name for RS52) I honestly can't remember what I paid for any of these but it all seems to average £90/kg RRP so I'm looking for £70/kg for the sealed RS powders and as it is a few years older £60 for the sealed N550 and £30 for the partial bottle. Finally I have approx 300g of Viht N140 and 450g of Lovex DO 73.6 these both came to me from a friend who was emigrating as I don't know what state they're in they are free to anyone who wants them with preference to anyone who buys something else. Can meet at Bisley weekend of 18/19th or Saturday am this weekend. If you're looking to meet mid week drop me a message. Advertising elsewhere and open to sensible offers or possible trades. Cheers Chris
  3. After doing some additional reading (Laurie's threads were very informative as always) I decided to skip the Lovex and go for Reload Swiss powders. I will be reloading: - 24" 1:8 twist Tikka .223 with 80gr SMK -28" 1:11 Sabatti .308 with 185-200gr Berger - 28" 1:8 Sabatti 6.5 Creedmoor with 142-150gr SMK Which specific RS powders would You recommend for each of those? Is there one that can do it all reasonably like Hodgon Varget? TIA, Michal
  4. I bought myself this tub of N-130 with the intention of using it for my .204, but have since gone to N-133 instead. It hasn't had any used, I opened the cap and that's about it.Cap is back on and taped closed to make air tight.£80 ovno
  5. Having changed calibres, the following are surplus to requirements:4 1/2 tubs of Varget. all from the same batch, four sealed. £46 per tub + bonus half tub if someone buys the four. - SOLD3 1/2 tubs Reloder 17, all from the same batch, three sealed. £40 per tub + bonus 1/2 tub if someone buys the three.Collection/delivery could be Oundle (Northamptonshire) or Oxford. Offers invited. Please 'PM' me with any interest.
  6. banus02

    imr 8208 xbr

    any stockist of imr 8208 xbr,prefer oxon/berks
  7. banus02


    looking for some/tub rl 17 to try in 6.5x55.
  8. Bangbangman

    Accurate A1680 powder

    Does anyone know where I could buy Accurate A1680 powder. I'm in S Wales but travel to Bisley once a month and elsewhere, less frequently. Thanks.
  9. banus02


    looking for one or two tubs of h4895 or h380
  10. Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56mm, NP-2DD reticule, .250 MOA adjustment 10MOA Turrets non-zero stop, Glass in A1 condition, Usual rub marks on turrets with use, Bought new by me Boxed with paperwork. £SOLD Tier One 30mm high rings picatinny as new boxed with torque bits, £SOLD 50x .243 sako brass twice fired in mtm ammo box £20 posted 500x 55gr v-max .224cal £90 1lb Superformance £30. 1lb H335 £30 Hornady .22/250 modified case £FREE posted. For sale elsewhere.
  11. Hi, Does anyone know if any shops stock Accurate (Western) Powders and ADI propellants? I'm after Accurate's 5744 and 1680, in addtion to ADI's Bench Mark 8208 (aka the rebranded IMR XBR 8208). Neil

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