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Found 22 results

  1. Selling up due to work commitments and a growing family that has killed off all my free time, So I have made the decision to sell up. (I'll start with my rifles and move to all my other gear in a future thread.) Accuracy International AT .308 > Circa 900 rounds > 20" Threaded Barrel > AI Muzzle brake > Thumb hole stock sides + Originals > 2 x 10 round mags > Steiner Military 5-25x56 1st focal plane with MSR ret, as new condition > SPURH Mount SP-4602 6mil/20moa > Phoenix Tactical/Fortmeier Bipod Type B with AI spigot pin > ASE UTRA SL7i Moderator > Eberlestock Scope and Crown protector £5,500 Face to Face (Bristol) or RFD to RFD at buyers cost IMG_3646 by LIAM CARR, on Flickr Bradley Arms AR15 Straight Pull .223 > 18" Barrel > 16" Bradley arms / Samson hand guard > Magpul UBR stock > Geissele Hi-Speed National Match Trigger set at 3.5lb and 1lb > Ambi safety. > Circa 2500 rounds > Trijicon Accupoint TR24_1-4x24 German #4 Green Crosshair > Larue Tactical SPR-E, Quick release mount > AIM 40 Tactical drag bag with rain cover > 5 x 30 round magpul mags > 2 x 20 round magpul mags > 150 rounds of GGG ammo £2,500 Face to Face (Bristol) or RFD to RFD at buyers cost IMG_3651 by LIAM CARR, on Flickr Sako P94s .22lr > Excellent condition > Circa 1000 rounds > 1 x 10 round mag ( possibly another if I can find it) > A-TEC Wave Moderator > Kahles 3,5-10x50 fine crosshair ret > Harris Bipod > Sling > Gun Sock £1,000 Face to Face (Bristol) or RFD to RFD at buyers cost IMG_3657 by LIAM CARR, on Flickr
  2. I have for sale a super rare Tasco collimator kit for the L115A1 sniper rifle. This is the only one I have ever encountered and is a must have CES item.
  3. Hi, Im selling a mind condition accuracy international muzzle brake for .308 rifle. The muzzle brake has m18x1.5 thread. Price: 100£
  4. Villadave59

    Valkyrie 6.5 creedmoor barrel

    Hi all, just received my 6.5 creedmoor barrel from Dave at Valkyrie rifles,and thought I,d share the moment, the brief was to match closely as possible the profile of the standard factory 308 barrel, with a 26" bartlein barrel in 6.5 creedmoor , threaded to accept AI tactical brake ,and cerokote finish , first class job,kept informed throughout great service couldn't be more pleased ,thanks Dave hoping to get out to sight in on Sunday ..
  5. I have been enjoying long range benchrest shooting over the last few months and the Diggle BR shooters have been very helpful and accommodating. I am now looking to improve my kit (and my own PB) and move from shooting off a large sandbag to using a 'proper' front rest and rear bag. I hope to save up for a SEB rest in time but will prob start with the heavy duty caldwell rest but any suggestions on rest and front / rear bags would be a bonus. I shoot either a Defiance in 6.5x47 in an ACIS chassis (key slots on the underside of the stock) or my AE Mk2 in .308 (long thin milled slot along the underside of the stock) I have done the usual internet trawl to see about a suitable front bag rider plate and attachments to suite both rifles as well as a suitable rear bag rider. I have seen that the 'Shooting Shed' have an offering for a rear bag rider. I am not overly concerned about weight as both guns are scoped etc and fall into Heavy Gun category so I know I won't be super competitive anyway but for me its about mastering the kit and improving each time. There don't appear to be many options out there for off the shelf however My question is to the collective wisdom of UKV BR what are the recommendations from anyone who has encountered this setup? Any off the shelf solutions that I haven't found on the web perhaps made by a 'local smith' or the other option being who would I go to to get such items made up to fit and swap ideally between both guns as well as any things I need to consider when spacing this 'custom' option? I would like to get something sorted for the Oct 1000yd shoot ideally.... Thank you for any help in advance. M
  6. Tikka4Sika

    AT & AX Difference ?

    Other than the stock (and the price!) whats the difference between a 308 AX and AI ?
  7. This moderator came with my AI AT when I bought it second hand. I haven't used it so it is just gathering dust, It's seen around 300 hundred rounds through it from the previous owner and is in good condition. This would fit an AI AT with a 20" threaded barrel. (sporting services part number 26552BL) may also fit other AI 20" barrels. Will fit M18x1.5 thread £150 face to face or £150 + RFD costs to ship it. cheers Liam
  8. L B Jefferies

    Harris Bipod Stud for AI AT wanted

    I need the short rail with a sling swivel that clamps to the underside of an AT chassis. They would normally be available from Sporting Services, but they were out of stock when I needed one. If anyone has one they don't need that would be great. Many thanks LBJ
  9. Sold I am selling an unused AI .338 Lapua Mag muzzle brake. It came with a new rifle I have recently purchased, but I already have one of these muzzle brakes, hence the sale. It is for .338, but I have used my other one for my .308. It has been proofed. Thread is M18x1.5 Sporting Services advertises these new for £176. Sale price: SOLD Not sure if the photo is large enough!
  10. geek

    Accuracy International AT

    A bit of a long shot I know! ​ I am looking for a secondhand AI AT, folding stock: round count (or even barrel length) is not that important since the intention is to convert it to 6.5 Creedmoor. Thank you
  11. I'm after a Accuracy International .308 muzzle brake for my AT. If you have one laying around spare please drop me a PM. cheers Liam
  12. Hi, I have for sale my Atlas Bipod with leg extensions c/w spigot mount for AI stock. £150 posted, Thanks for looking Now sold
  13. ghillie.art.design

    WTB: AICS 1.5 .308 Old style stocksides OD version

    Hi fellow rifle lovers, Is there somebody here who like to sell 1.5 aics .308 old style stocksides in OD color ( or the whole chassis in old style ) ? email me at : ghillie.art.design@live.be please contact me, Bart
  14. Hi, I have. McMillan A5 stock pillar bedded for a Remington 700 SA and inletted by McM for a BO M5 DBM. I installed the action/barrel myself and I'm having feed problems with both MDT polymer and AI metal mags... Everything on the outside looks flush and tight but the bolt seemed to ride over the base of the rounds, not every cycle but typically the first 2-3 And the last 2-3 of a 10 round magazine. It's a real pain... The mags themselves don't feel positively engaged, there's always a bit more upward movement, maybe 2-3mm and the feed cycle feels quite jerky, not as slick as I would have imagined. The COL on my 308s is 71.1mm. I don't like fiddling with live rounds in the mag, cycling the bolt and I'm at a loss to see what's causing the problem. Any gurus out there have any ideas? I've heard of folks flaring the shoulders of the AI mags but I don't know if that's an effective fix. Cheers...
  15. I have just been obtaining prices for a new AT specification as follows: AI AT (green), 26” barrel, muzzle brake (tactical), AI bipod, thread protector and cleaning kit Before I actually spend any money just thought it was worth asking anyone if they have an AT/AX .308 for sale: there has been a number of good second-hand rifles on here which I have missed. Thank you Update - ordered new AI AT as spec above, now just need a scope!
  16. I'm selling my AI AX .308 due to lack of use. It's in immaculate condition and has fired approximately 800 rounds. Rifle specs: 26 barrel (original, 1:12 twist) AI double chamber tactical muzzle brake threaded for moderator Folding stock 13 forend mounting system Adjustable cheek piece Adjustable target butt with additional spacer screws (original included) 0 MOA STANAG (MIL 1913) Action Rail Flush cup sling attachment points Accessories: AI moderator matched to rifle 2 x magazines, 10 round Harris bipod with podlock US Optics swivel bubble level Al cleaning kit Explorer AI hard transport case 28 MOA one piece AI scope mount (34mm) Schmidth & Bender 3 -12x50 PM II/P w. P4L fine ,reticule (Mil) & sun shade New Buttler Creek scope caps Price: £4900 including the scope / £3700 excluding the scope Pics here http://www.guntrader.co.uk/Guns-For-Sale/Accuracy-International_Rifle_AX_For-Sale_150103140427042 Any questions please let me know.
  17. Looking to swap my short action remington /clone accuracy international stock with rear mono pod for a composite remington /clone short action varmint /tactical stock (mcmillan /Robertson /manners etc)with bottom metal and detachable mag,preferably not bedded,what you guys got for a swap?
  18. D.h4369

    AICs Parts

    Looking for parts for the aics body/chassis
  19. Jagged 77

    Accuracy Int Barrel Change Kit

    Hi All If anyone has one (or the Sporting Services version) they'd like to sell please get in touch. I'd consider individual parts too such as the barrel clamp, field gauges etc. Cheers
  20. alijnclarke

    Low scope mounting

    I'm having a semi-custom remington 700 put together and I've just been down to the rfd to take a look at it. The stock is an AI AX short action chassis, with a Nightforce 5.5-22x56 optic. They've used Nightforce mounts, but the objective is sitting about 1-2mm off the front hand guard, so tight even that the scope's bikini cover won't go over the objective. Will mounting the scope like that cause me any problems? It's slightly annoying that the cover won't go on, but i could live with that. What I couldn't live with is damaging an expensive optic.. Should I ask them to see if they can swap to high NF mounts? Thanks
  21. Now I ordered this rifle at the end of October and after a long wait I got an e-mail last Thursday letting me know that it was now ready and luckily I was able to pick it up Friday morning before work. It would have been ready nearly a week earlier but the proof house managed to try and proof a 6.5 barrel as a .243 and it had to be sent back and proofed again. Now lets get on to the bit you all want to see. IMG_0216 by peteabbotson, on Flickr Just a tease lets peel the top off. IMG_0217 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0220 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0219 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0221 by peteabbotson, on Flickr As you can see it is an Accuracy International AE MKIII with a folding stock chambered in 6.5x47 with a 26” fluted barrel and threaded muzzle break to take a MAE moderator. Here are some of the goodies that I got to go with it, Tab Gear biathlon sling that it is very comfy for carrying such a beast, Atlas bipod which is almost the standard now for AI’s and AICS’s, an Accushot BT08QK and Adaptor, a Spuhr mount more on that later, some factory ammo and an expensive scope. IMG_0218 by peteabbotson, on Flickr In the white box is the new PMII 3-20x50 LP MTC LT (more abbreviations than a modern car lol) Just a word of warning, I ordered the Spuhr SP-4801 which has 13 MIL/44.4MOA and is the lowest at 30mm/1.18” and the scope and covers clear the barrel, BUT where the bottom of the turret on the 3-20 protrudes below the bottom of the tube it actually made contact on the mount, ONLY though when the side clamp is done up. When the side clamp was removed there was a small but enough amount of clearance. WARNING this next step may void your warranty, I actually filed the centre of the side clamp so that it was level the rest of the mount and was then able to successfully mount the scope. It may be made out of aluminum but it is the hardest aluminum I have ever worked with. Sorry I didn’t get any photos I was to interested in getting the scope mounted. I would reccomend this mount for a double turn 3-12 or 4-16 PMII but for the 3-20 or 5-25 I would us the higher model. IMG_0222 by peteabbotson, on Flickr At this point I had not modified the mount it was fresh out of the box, also that isn't a scratch it just rubs off. Here is a picture of the scope mounted, torqued and leveled. IMG_0248 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0246 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0249 by peteabbotson, on Flickr Unfortunately I had to work over the weekend but fast forward to Monday and I can finally get to the range to zero and stretch her legs, I started at 25m and within 5 shot I was in the red would have been 4 if I dialed the windage the correct way. Then the best group of the day was the first group shot at 92m/100yards. IMG_0251 by peteabbotson, on Flickr Shot 4 was just off the paper to the right, but I had a large white roll of paper on the target board incase that happend. TgtGfx3 by peteabbotson, on Flickr So then I decided to put the moderator on and the POI shifted down by 2” so I re-zeroed with the mod on as this is how I will mostly use it! TgtGfx by peteabbotson, on Flickr The group on the left is without the mod and the group on the right is with the moderator on and no adjustment made to the scope, then the shot in the centre is with the scope zeroed for the mod. TgtGfx1 by peteabbotson, on Flickr Just another target I was zeroing by trying to shoot my bullet hole on the bottom group first two to het close and then I was on. And not to bad of a 5 shot group at the top. All these groups were shot with Lapua 123gr Scenar factory ammo so not bad I then moved back to 250m and shot 2 3 shot groups which are one just over MOA and the other just under 250m 1 by peteabbotson, on Flickr 250m 2 by peteabbotson, on Flickr As others have said these are amazing rifles and well worth the hefty price tag, there is nothing to add that has not been said about these rifles before, they are silky smooth and so precise, it is just a joy to use. I will update you all once I have had the time to do some proper load development, although I need to get some more factory ammo as I am going to Lydd on Sunday and will try to take her out to 1100m. Just like to say a big thank you to Tom at Sporting Services for looking after me, I have a bottle sitting here for him that I forgot to take when I collected the rifle, sorry Tom will drop it off when I collect some more ammo. Thats about it for the range report here are some more photos that were all taken on an iPhone 4 and have not yet been edited. IMG_0250 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0247 by peteabbotson, on Flickr Some views of the 250m range IMG_0244 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0241 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0240 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0242 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0243 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0239 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0238 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0237 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0235 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0234 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0233 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0231 by peteabbotson, on Flickr I have saved the best 2 for last! IMG_0236 by peteabbotson, on Flickr IMG_0232 by peteabbotson, on Flickr Thanks for reading Pete.

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