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Found 10 results

  1. I'm selling my SL7 Moderator for .338 (e.e. Lapua Mag). This was bought new by me and has only had 43 rounds through it! The thread is M18x1.5, and fits an Accuracy International AXMC, as well as other rifles with this thread. Selling as I've sold the rifle that it was for, and I'm wanting to free up a slot on my ticket. Paid £325 new. Bargain price of £225 ONO
  2. Ase Utra SL7 30 Cal moderator. Only had approximately 200 rounds through it. M18x1 thread. £250 posted
  3. Ase Utra SL7 30 cal moderator in very good condition. Only few hundred rounds through it. 18x1 thread £220
  4. This for an RPA Interceptor rifle in 6 mm PPC USA, so the moderator would need to be of a M17x1 thread with spigot. I'd prefer a steel moderator, with a titanium, or an aluminium alloy model respectively a second and third choice.
  5. Why on earth do we have to have moderators classed as firearms. Would save loads of hours for the firearms dept and hopefully speed renewals. S.S.
  6. This moderator came with my AI AT when I bought it second hand. I haven't used it so it is just gathering dust, It's seen around 300 hundred rounds through it from the previous owner and is in good condition. This would fit an AI AT with a 20" threaded barrel. (sporting services part number 26552BL) may also fit other AI 20" barrels. Will fit M18x1.5 thread £150 face to face or £150 + RFD costs to ship it. cheers Liam
  7. Dear All, I always thought my moderator a SAK was pretty good, until I was next to a chap who had a very quite moderator. Anyway, I was going to ask for some recommendations for my 22LR Annie 1417. Then I got to thinking are are a few variables, and I don't really want to get into the science of measurements because that is also fraught with difficulties (equipment, methods etc) So I'm asking you all to please subjectively rate and comment back to me using the following info: A= Moderator used B= Barrel length C= Ammo used D= Effectiveness subjectively measured on the following scale (I just invented) 1= No good does not really suppress noticeably 3= Muzzle report reduced somewhat but still loud 5=I can clearly hear a muzzle report but it very much reduced 7= I can hear a small but noticeable muzzle report / sound 9= I can only just perceive a very slight muzzle report / sound 10= I can only hear the rifle firing pin / mech and the round striking the target So in my case A=SAK, B=14inch, C=CCIHP Subs, D=7 Once I get a few results I will tabulate them. Only 22LR please. Many thanks in advance.
  8. wmarshall

    M14 Over Barrel Moderator

    Hello, I am after an over barrel moderator with M14x1 threads, something quite light preferably. What have people got available?? Thanks!
  9. Question to all…. Can the "nut", (the threaded portion that fits on the barrel), on the rear of an ASE Utra S5 moderator, be changed to one of a different thread pitch and diameter. I bought a second hand rifle with a basxxxd thread and would consider buying a second hand mod. if I could buy/change the nut/threaded portion. Cheers all. J.P.
  10. Hi Folks, I'm selling my Hardy Gen III moderator and silicone cover. It's an M18/1 thread, .243 calibre and was previously on my Tikka T3 SV. I purchased the moderator from Riflecraft two years ago and it is a brilliant lightweight and quiet reflex moderator. The optional silicone protector is included in the sale. There are a few very slight scuffs on the moderator that I've tried to show on the photo. The moderator was on my stalking rifle and has had around 200 rounds through it but it is in full working order and apart from the very slight scuffs in perfect condition. I'm looking for £165 for both, any RFD transfer fees are extra. Please PM me if you're interested or have any questions. Unfortunately I'm having to cut back on my shooting equipment so a dedicated stalking rifle is now a luxury, hence the reluctant sale. Thanks for looking. https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5460/14144459304_491bf5e6f4_m.jpg

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