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  1. Gandy

    OCD rant!

    There, their, they’re it’s okay gents there are worse things.
  2. Well done an exceptional first outing!
  3. Gandy

    George Balfour

    RIP George, thoughts with your friends and family at this time.
  4. Gandy

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    Sorry to hear that.
  5. Gandy

    Waetherby MK V Mag parts

    Sounds a joy!
  6. Gandy

    Waetherby MK V Mag parts

    May be well wide of the mark, but aren't Wetherby and Howa essentially the same? Would it be worth asking Howa on the off chance that could work?
  7. Gandy

    Your favourite Nightforce reticle

    I like the MLR
  8. Gandy

    7x64 Brenneke handloading tips

    It virtually singed my eyebrows.
  9. Gandy

    7x64 Brenneke handloading tips

    I can vouch for this.
  10. Gandy

    Building the 'Long Dog'

    I always enjoy following the builds you make, very interesting. However a long low dog is surely a Dachshund?
  11. Gandy

    Reloading with Rosie

    She’s reloading?
  12. Gandy

    New Tikka rimfire

    Does the magazine sit in the pistol grip of the stock see 45 secs into the film?
  13. Gandy


    Great mix of colours Mark
  14. Gandy

    BBC Country file certificate renewal

    I knew I wasn’t making this up some more detailed searching got me to the G4S website here is one of the highlights of a news item in the bullet points at the end of the article: A four month backlog of files for processing firearms licenses has been cleared and files are now prepared up to two months in advance Original link here: http://www.g4s.com/en/Media Centre/News/2013/06/24/UK Policing Support Services/ VarmLR I’m sure your technically correct in you legal point but what Bradders says about the fall out should it go belly up is also very pertinent. An interesting situation to be in.
  15. Gandy

    BBC Country file certificate renewal

    I’ve done a quick google search but it seems inconclusive but, from memory had Lincolnshire police passed their firearms listening over to the private security firm Group4 to administer? Surely this would make any court challenge more interesting as you could name both parties in the papers etc.

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