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  1. ceracoat

    Great mix of colours Mark
  2. BBC Country file certificate renewal

    I knew I wasn’t making this up some more detailed searching got me to the G4S website here is one of the highlights of a news item in the bullet points at the end of the article: A four month backlog of files for processing firearms licenses has been cleared and files are now prepared up to two months in advance Original link here: http://www.g4s.com/en/Media Centre/News/2013/06/24/UK Policing Support Services/ VarmLR I’m sure your technically correct in you legal point but what Bradders says about the fall out should it go belly up is also very pertinent. An interesting situation to be in.
  3. BBC Country file certificate renewal

    I’ve done a quick google search but it seems inconclusive but, from memory had Lincolnshire police passed their firearms listening over to the private security firm Group4 to administer? Surely this would make any court challenge more interesting as you could name both parties in the papers etc.
  4. Great choice will be a fine rifle and give you years of fun.
  5. 6BRA

    Certainly looks like a shooter.
  6. fonts colour

    I see the same view and find it okay.
  7. 'Works in everything' N140 load for 6.5x47?

    I would have to look it up. It about 2650 from memory. Not stout out by any means but worked for me.
  8. 'Works in everything' N140 load for 6.5x47?

    Mine worked with 35.5grns in N140.
  9. You caught what I was saying then...
  10. Do you need to account for the diminishment of noise over distance i.e. would your hear such a noise that far away in any case?
  11. Varget replacement

    I've no idea why its recommended but I had my best result with N160 shooting 105grn Amax. I'm sure there will be some case capacity sort of technical reason but, I'm not the person to articulate.
  12. Precision Rifle comp

    Looks fab, well done on what sounds like a great comp.
  13. Hello Bob, I understand Alan only works on mechanical beam scales not on electronic chargemaster scales. There is another thread running which may be of interest though: http://ukvarminting.com/forums/topic/39512-rcbs-charge-master-accuracy-test-thoughts/?hl=%2Bchargemaster+%2Blite&do=findComment&comment=312305
  14. 6.5 for Fox

    I am aware of a chap who has a .300 win mag, this rifle was conditioned for fox prior to AOLQ becoming a common condition. His liscence is with North Yorkshire. If I were to approach this matter and be concerned with the outcome I would ask for a deer condition with AOLQ as I suspect it is seen as less contentious.

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