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  1. Gandy

    With Regard to Big Balls

    https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/16/asia/new-zealand-father-confronted-mosque-shooter/index.html Agree about the police but, this guy was extremely brave also.
  2. I will take the ogive measure / comparitor or whatever it’s called please.
  3. Tiffs practice days at the roundhouse are very good.
  4. Gandy

    AW mag base

    I’ve bought magazine parts from sporting services before when a spring failed. It took some time but, wasn’t a problem.
  5. Gandy

    6.5 creedmoor dies

  6. Gandy

    First Custom Build

    Very nice what’s the calibre and action?
  7. Gandy

    Jan 5th CSR, Bisley

    Looks very well attended.
  8. Gandy

    GAU-5A/A Commando Carbine

    Cracking post, enjoyed the history element of it most thanks for sharing.
  9. Gandy

    Precision Rifle League Officially Launched

    Sounds very good and a great idea.
  10. Gandy

    Tubb ATR

    Are there offering bolts to change the barrels over ? looks cracking.
  11. Gandy

    300 Norma Magnum

    Please keep this post updated very interested.
  12. Gandy

    What waterproof jacket / smock

    The Norona stuff I’ve seen is very good but quite noisy.
  13. A friend in fashion always says crocs have holes in to let your dignity drain out...
  14. Gandy

    Kinetic hammer

    Just posted it now so it should be on its way. I just wish it were a Bipod I were sending to make it extra special for Bradders!

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