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  1. Gandy

    Jan 5th CSR, Bisley

    Looks very well attended.
  2. Gandy

    GAU-5A/A Commando Carbine

    Cracking post, enjoyed the history element of it most thanks for sharing.
  3. Gandy

    Precision Rifle League Officially Launched

    Sounds very good and a great idea.
  4. Gandy

    Tubb ATR

    Are there offering bolts to change the barrels over ? looks cracking.
  5. Gandy

    300 Norma Magnum

    Please keep this post updated very interested.
  6. Gandy

    What waterproof jacket / smock

    The Norona stuff I’ve seen is very good but quite noisy.
  7. A friend in fashion always says crocs have holes in to let your dignity drain out...
  8. Gandy

    Kinetic hammer

    Just posted it now so it should be on its way. I just wish it were a Bipod I were sending to make it extra special for Bradders!
  9. Gandy

    Kinetic hammer

    Brilliant movember it is.
  10. Gandy

    Kinetic hammer

    I’ve one somewhere you can have for free subject to a donation to Bradders charity. PM me your details and I will be in touch this afternoon.
  11. Gandy

    Custom dies - body die

    Sorry Hobbit, I've been away for a few days and had forgotten all about this thread, I've a set of Lee 7x64 dies at home so they must have made them at some point I would enquire if they still do them. Much more economical than the custom route. Shall I try to fish out the part / model number or something for you tonight from the packaging? Quick google found this: https://leeprecision.com/3-die-set-7x64-brenneke.html
  12. Gandy

    Custom dies - body die

    I would ask about the lee does as I’ve a set in 7x64 at home will fish them out for the refernace tomorrow when I’m back should it help you.
  13. Gandy

    QuickLoad advice - 30-06 with 185gn+

    Whilst a staking rifle I’ve used N160 in my 30-06 and whilst a shorter 24in barrel I’ve found it a very good powder but, I predominant shoot 165 grain bullets. I would be interested to see how your project goes as I was surprised at how the calibre shot at range recently having never tried it before.
  14. Gandy

    300 Norma Magnum

    Watching with interest too.

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