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  1. bobthenailer

    Tikka T3 Bottom Metal

    Now sorted thanks 👍
  2. bobthenailer

    Tikka T3 Bottom Metal

    ACIS mags obviously 🤪
  3. bobthenailer

    Tikka T3 Bottom Metal

    As the title, TIKKA T3 BOTTOM METAL WANTED. S/A .308 case family. Atlas works etc, daft really as I sold exactly what I’m wanting on here about 6 weeks ago but due to change in plan again... Kind regards Bob.
  4. .243 SSG Sold. 1" Rings Sold. 1x Pic Rail Sold. 10 RD Factory Mag Sold. 1 x Styria Arms Bottom Metal Sold. 30MM Rings Sold. 5 RD Factory Mag Sold. Kind regards Bob.
  5. Open to very close offers, please keep the offers realistic. Many thanks Bob.
  6. PM’s replied to. Kind regards Bob.
  7. Yes it’s .308 family so will run .308, .243, .260 etc and if mag lips are tweaked will run 6.5x47, .22-250 etc. Anything that will fit in an ACIS short action mag that has the right diameter bolt face really. Kind regards, Bob.
  8. Also 2 X Genuine Steyr pic rails £100 each.
  9. For Sale:SSG 69 .308 P1/P2 Hybrid (Sights removed and P2 bolt handle fitted)Brl shortened to 20" and screw cut M18X1Professionally powder coated in "Afgan Green" which is a little like Flat Dark Earth.Shoots exceptionally well with 150-180 GN Projectiles. (load data will be supplied)Round count Unknown.Good condition.Pics to follow.£650 plus RFD fees your end or FTF collection.SSG 69 P1 .243 Very good almost unused condition, NOT Screw cut with round count of less than 200.Open sights still fitted inc foresight hood which normally gets lost over time. Pics to follow.£725 plus RFD fees your end or FTF collection. WHEN AND IF THE ABOVE SELLS:2 x STYRIA ARMS bottom metal to fit SSG 69 to enable the use of AICS magazines. £250 each *WITH NO MAGS*1 x New unused .243 Steyr SSG rotary mag £40.1 x Set of 34mm APEL rings and bases for SSG 69 £95.1 x Set of 30mm Steyr SSG rings £50.1 x Set of 1" Steyr SSG rings £50.1 x Steyr SSG 10 round mag (To fit standard factory mag well) £60.Any questions please ask.Kind regards Bob.
  10. For Sale,GRS BIFROST in brown.This was bought by myself less than 8 hours ago and after fitting my action to it I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t float my boat. I’m not willing to take back to the shop as I had a 3 way deal with some bits that I traded against it so any refund would be difficult. This had had my action fitted to it for less than 5 minutes and didn’t even tourque the action screws down.For sale at £365 delivered. Advertised elsewhere also.Kind regards Bob.
  11. bobthenailer

    Tikka tourque setting

    Hello all, Just had notice that my GRS Bifrost stock will be ready for collection tomorrow 👍 So my question is can anyone tell me the tourqe settings for the action screws in inch lbs or NM. Various Tikka forums state different settings, some with huge differences. I’m sure someone on here “Knows” the correct settings? Kind regards Bob.
  12. Bump, Pics added. Kind regards Bob.
  13. For sale:Nightforce NF Benchrest 8-32x56 Mildot Reticle Leupold QR mounts used but good condition, few marks on tube / turrets but glass is unmarked. NF Bikini covers and screw cap lens caps and Sunshade. £750 + Post.

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