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  1. bobthenailer

    Leupold M3 Turrets

    M41B & Reecy, Yes Please Yeas Please Yes Please! Thanks chaps, Please let me know what you want for them. Kind regards Bob.
  2. bobthenailer

    Leupold M3 Turrets

    Wanted: Spare Leupold MK4 M3 Turrets. These normally are supplied as a set with Leupold MK4 M3 scopes and come in various calibres .223, .308, .300WM etc I would like to buy any spare turrets that people may have kicking about, Calibre not important as I will be wrapping my own data on. Kind regards Bob.
  3. For Sale: Ruger No1 RSI in .243. Shoots hand loads and factory ammo without the usual fuss of a No1. Fantastic Gentleman's STALKING rifle, Only reason for sale is its a tiny bit too short for me and I cannot bring myself to mess with the stock or have anyone else do it for that matter. I would have continued to live with it as is if I hadn't just purchased a MINT BSA CF2 Full stock to replace it. Priced to sell as I need the space ยฃ375 inc 1" RUGER Rings and RFD Fees at my end. Round count unknown as it was S/H when i bought it but barrel is clean and sharp and this isn't a steel gong plinking rifle . Pics Via email or Whatsapp. Kind regards Bob
  4. bobthenailer

    Tikka T3 improvements?

    I have had a Third Eye AICS fitted to my Tikka T3 (.308) Feeds 100% The plastic mags were in my opinion the weak point, Had a few missed chances at a "Burn Up" when contracting due to mags not feeding. I must be the only person who likes the factory stock, with 2 x but spacers it fits me perfect, My only area of trepidation was that my smith didn't think there was much point in bedding the stock as he felt that they didn't respond well and the gains would be very marginal at best if any. After speaking with several other smiths all echoed his opinion, I did fit a stainless recoil lug and that was it. It shoots like a Laser with the new Barrel fitted and this winter bouncing around in the hills will hopefully build back the confidence that i had with it prior to having the stock inlet opened to fit the bottom metal. Time will tell ๐Ÿ˜‰ Kind regards Bob.
  5. Yes please! Please PM payment details ๐Ÿ‘
  6. bobthenailer

    Tikka T3 Synthetic stock bedding?

    Many thanks for your suggestions, I think I will give it a go although it may have to wait until spring time now. I had my new barrel fitted with plenty of time before the season started...or so I thought. Long wait for the proof house but thatโ€™s a problem that all are aware of ๐Ÿ˜• Kind regards Bob.
  7. bobthenailer

    McMillan A5

    Could this be filled and re-inletted for a Tikka T3 Action?
  8. bobthenailer

    Tikka T3 Synthetic stock bedding?

    Often itโ€™s just oneโ€™ & twoโ€™s but sometimes you can get a bunch ๐Ÿ˜‹ Incedently my recreational Stalking rifle is a full stock Ruger No1. Complete opposite of work rifle. ๐Ÿ‘
  9. bobthenailer

    Tikka T3 Synthetic stock bedding?

    Iโ€™m very much a functional over form when it comes to my work rifle so appearances come second fiddle. Yes it shoots bang on during zeroing conditions, my concerns are will it be repeatable shot after shot sometimes 8,9,10 shots as quick as I can crank the bolt if I get onto a group during wet icy field conditions in the hills? Time will tell ๐Ÿค”
  10. bobthenailer

    Tikka T3 Synthetic stock bedding?

    Thanks Edi, I have got an adjustable torque wrench that is rated from 1-200 inch pounds so checking the action screws isnโ€™t a problem. My concerns were the amount of material that needed to be removed from the stock to enable the fitting of the bottom metal. I have looked at a KRG Bravo stock, any view on it anyone? Kind regards Bob.
  11. Evening all, I have recently had my working rifle rebbarelled (T3 Tactical .308) and had the stock inlet opened up by the smith to fit Third Eye AICS bottom metal. I asked if my smith could pillar bed the action also but he was reluctant to do so as he felt that Tikka synthetic stocks don't bed particularly well. The rifle shoots like a laser and I could not be happier, the mag feeds and functions as it should so no more jams from the poor factory mags that I have had in the past. My question is has anyone else had any experience with having the factory stock bedded? Some people that I have spoken with echoed the smiths sentiment that the factory stock isn't the best regards bedding... But I must be the only person who actually likes the factory stock, it fits me well with a couple of butt extension spacers and I have hundreds of hours behind it contract culling so it feels just right. I could of course change stocks for any of the popular makes, McMillan, Robertson, German, GRS, etc or I could bolt it into one of the many chassis systems out there but as I said I like the factory stock. My rifle is my working rife and although I never abuse my kit I certainly use it in all weathers and conditions, during the winter months it will get pushed hard into service and now I have a worm in my head regards the bedding or lack of. I know that it wasn't bedded before but there has been a fair bit relieved to fit the bottom metal. When I'm culling 500 miles from home up a mountain side it's a bit late to find the accuracy waving after it has been frozen and banged against half a dozen rocks. Opinions or recemendations would be most welcome. Kind regards Bob.
  12. bobthenailer

    Blaser R93 Professional Stock / Bolt.

    Any Complete R93 Pro in any standard calibre would also be considered. Kind regards, Bob.
  13. bobthenailer

    Blaser R93 Professional Stock / Bolt.

    Wanted: Blaser R93 Professional Stock. R93 R/H bolt. Or complete R93 Professional in .243. Kind regards Bob.

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