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  1. bobthenailer

    Enfield No. 4 Scope Rail

    In pic you can see slightly bent screw as received when purchased new 😕 it could do with a new screw but it still fitted my No 5 without any problems.
  2. bobthenailer

    Enfield No. 4 Scope Rail

    Please see pics
  3. bobthenailer

    Enfield No. 4 Scope Rail

    I think that I have one in a box, I will have a dig around 👍 Kind regards Bob.
  4. For Sale: Withdrawn from sale. Thank you to all who showed interest. Kind regards Bob.
  5. bobthenailer

    AI AW Barrel change wrench / kit.

    Wanted: Action wrench to buy or borrow (So I can get copied in the machine shop 😉) I foolishly gave my barrel change kit away after I sold my last AI so now need to replace as once again drinking from the Accuracy International cup. Kind regards Bob.
  6. For sale: Genuine Steyr SSG 69 Phosphate coated steel Pic rail: £100 Delivered. 34mm Apel rings and thumb roll off bases for SSG 69: £100 Delivered. Kind regards Bob.
  7. bobthenailer

    S&B PMII 5-25

    5-25 FFP MSR Reticle MIL/MIL With SPUHR Mount £2K Any good?
  8. Bargain of the Year! Just need the slot so unfortunately she's got to go. Still shoots spot on and has done me proud all the years that I have run her. Kind regards Bob
  9. .308 SSG needs to go! £450 for bare rifle with factory magazine system, £650 with STYRIA ARMS bottom metal. Still available : 34mm Apels for SSG £100 (For sale after rifle sells). Genuine Pic rail £100 Price includes RFD transfer at my end. Shoots absolutely spot on, Just need the slot on my ticket. Any questions please ask.
  10. bobthenailer

    Tikka T3 Bottom Metal

    Now sorted thanks 👍
  11. bobthenailer

    Tikka T3 Bottom Metal

    ACIS mags obviously 🤪
  12. bobthenailer

    Tikka T3 Bottom Metal

    As the title, TIKKA T3 BOTTOM METAL WANTED. S/A .308 case family. Atlas works etc, daft really as I sold exactly what I’m wanting on here about 6 weeks ago but due to change in plan again... Kind regards Bob.
  13. .243 SSG Sold. 1" Rings Sold. 1x Pic Rail Sold. 10 RD Factory Mag Sold. 1 x Styria Arms Bottom Metal Sold. 30MM Rings Sold. 5 RD Factory Mag Sold. Kind regards Bob.

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