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  1. bobthenailer

    Vasectomised Ferret

    Wanted to borrow/rentHobblet (Male Ferret that has had the Snip not to be confused with short fat people with hairy feet from middle earth ) to take my 3 x Gills out of season.Willing to travel up to 75 miles from either Exeter or Dorchester to collect and return. Happy to leave cash deposit until safe return and pay a fee.I know that I can get them jabbed by the Vet but I would prefer to try and take them out of season without drugs. All of the Ferreting chaps around this way that I know are no longer active Kind regards Bob.
  2. bobthenailer


    Designed to fit S&B 5-25x56 but will fit other 34mm optics of similar size. Kind regardsBob.
  3. For Sale: Sako TRG Scope Mount. 34mm TWO ring mount. (Can be fitted with three rings if required) 30 MOA incline, Phosphate finish. Will also fit other rifles that have pic rail. £125 Posted.
  4. 34mm Mounts received. Perfect as described. Kind regards Bob.
  5. bobthenailer


    Sold. Pending the usual. Kind regards Bob.
  6. bobthenailer


    Both Mags Sold, Kind regards Bob.
  7. For Sale: New unused .223 Otis cleaning kit in Tan zippered case. £20.00 Posted (Pic taken from web) Kind regards Bob. Attachments
  8. bobthenailer


    Sold to you Sir, will PM Payment details. Kind regards Bob.
  9. For sale: ACIS (Ruger Scout/Accurate Mag) .308/243/260 Good condition light use. 5 RD Steel Mag £36.00 Posted Tikka T3 3RD Mag, .308/243/260 As new, light use. £22.00 Posted. Kind regards Bob.
  10. Yes please, PM Payment details please. Kind regards Bob.
  11. bobthenailer

    M 18 X 1 Thread Protector.

    Wanted: M18 X 1 Thread protector blued or stainless to suit Tikka / Sako Varmint profile. Kind regards Bob.
  12. bobthenailer

    Meopta 6x42

    Bump to top please :-)
  13. Withdrawn from sale. Kind regards Bob.
  14. Sunday Bump. Open to offers
  15. Open to close offers. Kind regards Bob.

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