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  1. Does anyone know if I need to get a qualified electrician to inspect and give a certificate if you install electricity supplied from a generator ?
  2. NOW SOLD Southern Gun Company custom build AR15 .223 calibre Solid billet alloy machined upper and lower receiver for added strength. · Vortex Sparc 11 scope, used for one range session · Vortex 3 x Magnifier with Flip Mount · ASE Jet-Z cqb Moderator · Heavy fluted match barrel. · Quick release railed fore-end · Collapsible stock plus custom made skeleton stock extender for use with add-on night vision giving good eye relief. · Magpul B.A.D Lever Battery Assist Device (quick release for bolt) · Side charging handle · Rear charging handle · Oversize magazine release · Oversize safety selector · Magpul 20 rnd magazine and a 30 rnd magazine · Genuine GPS grip pad systems bipod (battle worn from Afghanistan) · NATO Three point sling · Tactical bag. Test firing can be carried out on viewing subject to FAC being conditioned for acquiring a .223/5.56 Only selling as I am cutting back on my rifles. Always cleaned and dry stored with mod off, advertised elsewhere Any questions please pm me
  3. still for sale Open to sensible offers
  4. ALL SOLD LightForce 140 comes with switch and male adapter for connecting to your battery or you can take this off and connect direct to terminals. New bulb all works fine and is in excellent condition, special clip allows you to remove light and leave mount on light , Beam can be focused Including red filter £30 including courier delivery SOLD 1 Harris Bi Pod 1 A2 Ultra Light measurments 7.5 inches to 11 inches approx to bottom of stock non swivel. Excellent condition not a lot of use £49 including courier delivery SOLD 2 Harris Bi Pod s25 measurments 11 inches to 25 inches approx. to bottom of stock, swivel Excellent condition not a lot of use £49 including courier delivery SOLD 3 Notched leg Bi Pod no makers name measurements 9 inches to 13.5 inches approx to bottom of stock very sturdy £20 + postage
  5. Hi AckImp yes its yours please pm me your address and I wil let you know paypal details Thanks Nick
  6. It said West Wales have now added Carmarthen hope that is OK
  7. NOW SOLDThis bag will take everything you need to the range or field or war zone, I have taken it to the range twice but now have more tactical rifles so its a bit over the top for what I need, it has been dry stored for a year so might as well go. All the info/spec you need is here https://www.eberlestock.com/E2B%20Sniper%20Sled%20Drag%20Bag.htm A1 condition in camo courier delivery Bank transfer or paypal but fees could be high. I have never used it on the ground so the mats are like new as is the rest of the case. In fact it has only carried rifles to the range in the car. You wont be disappointed on the quality of these drag bags with all the extra pouches and a carrying harness. Often referred to as the best. Please PM if you want it or for further information any inspection welcome.
  8. A few people have asked the size it is the 57 model Still for sale Serious offers considered
  9. PRICE REDUCED BY £50This scope has a RRP of £763 and is selling now on Uttings for £379 plus postage. I have owned it from new and used it a few times abroad for driven hunts where it has been superb. Low magnification of 1.1 - 4 means you keep both eyes open and pick up your target with ease, excellent for short to middle distance comes with all paperwork, box,instructions and eye caps. If I am really finicky the turret cap has a little wear mark on the edge but I doubt you will notice. I am only selling as it is now surplus to requirements I have treated myself to a new rifle and scope, another Nikon which I can use on a 500 yard range. This scope is great for foxing I have used it at half moon with no lights Mounts are not included but insured delivery is £235 Bank Transfer or cash on collection , PayPal OK but will be more to cover fees any questions fire away Internet Blurb Benefit from the wide field of view and versatile power range that makes the Nikon Monarch E 1.1-4x24 Rifle Scope ideally suited for short and medium range shooting. The low 1.1x magnification is just right for short distance targets, such as deer and feral pigs. The 24mm objective diameter features a large 6mm exit pupil at 4x, great for low-light conditions. hand windage and elevation adjustments combine with a quick-focus eyepiece to increase speed and convienience with minimum motion. Guaranteed waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof. Scroll down for actual pictures of scope
  10. foxynick

    Specialist Scope mount wanted

    Yes I know exactly what you mean and I wouldn't normally be this fussy but the open optic sights on this Merkel Helix in 30-06 are really good and clear. So much so I might take a range day on firing out to 150 with just the open sights the problem there is the old eyes aren't quite what they used to be. Lets hope the boar are big, black, and in front of a light background (Only joking not that bad yet)
  11. Just wondered if any one knows of a two ring scope mount that can be flipped to the side to allow me to use the open sights and then flipped back into position. A mount similar to the ones used for a magnifier that goes behind a red dot sight ?
  12. foxynick

    Specialist Scope mount wanted

    My new rifle comes with two rails as part of the rifle so mounting a scope is not a problem with two rings but I want to use the open sights for close work (on boar) and then flip back to the 1-4 mag scope. There are plenty of single flip mounts but I can't find a double
  13. foxynick


    PMd you re order
  14. Does anyone know if the socket threaded insert on this mod can be unscrewed and another put in with a different thread ? I have two .223 and would like to use the one mod for both. Something tells me it may be welded, so I dont want to chance damaging it
  15. foxynick

    ASE Utra

    Yup it would be Ultra good if I hadn't already had the 700 chopped some years ago,i don't think I could get away with a 12 inch barrel,barel,barrle,barle ?
  16. Thanks to all, off out now will reply later thanks again for info
  17. I normally shoot out to 200ish yds with my .223 69grn HPBT Sierra Match King loaded with 24 grn V.N140 zeroed at 100 but I will be going out to 300 and 600 in a couple of weeks time at a range, could you advise me of the hold over to get me on target (figure11) at the longer ranges I know there are many variables but I would really appreciate a rough starting point.Just so I don't look a complete fool Cheers

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