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  1. My apologies, but this scope was sold in person on the range. I completely forgot about updating this advert...
  2. Sorry it has been a while since I've posted on here and thought it was probably time to mention The Roundhouse still exists... In preparation for the short range precision element of this event, a considerable number of barricades and other fixtures have been produced. They were unveiled at the Introductory Summer RRC last month, which can be viewed via this link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/roundhousefirearmstraining/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2211089795841865&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARAoRwPp_dZfrWsXo0CST1tFUzj_S9khoQrJ1T4CftPGwMavdFiyyzIgoCywh4JPv-7DVh_qjUu0C2uSvFWmS564_Ugfb1fM93ab-lmG0RTIluUD0fkIMRYawPxVs9s25fnhVeo_MxTt&__tn__=-UC-R (N.B. A website is being rapidly created, but in the meantime you should be able to view this link regardless of whether you have a Facebook account or not. You do not need to sign up to view). I'll look into a better image hosting website to link to for this forum. Also may I humbly request you please share with other shooters at your clubs etc that these shoots occur and have been for the best part of a decade now. There still seems to be a significant proportion of the UK shooting population that believe PRS type shooting isn’t really available in the UK. Equally for those of you that haven’t attend in a couple of years or so, The Roundhouse as a venue has continued to evolve in both infrastructure and format, so is well worth a revisit! Hopefully see you on the range soon and onto the shoot description below: This RRC is open to thirty two shooters, ideally (but by no means essentially) entering as precomposed pairs. Individual entries squadding will be done in advance and you will be notified of your partner via email, to help with team preparation. The Autumn Equinox 2018 RRC schedule is: Friday 21st September: 15:00 - 18:00 Optional 100m Zeroing Saturday 22nd September: 08:00 - 18:00 Short Range Precision (SRP) RRC Sunday 23rd September: 08:00 - 15:00 Long Range Precision (LRP) RRC The SRP RRC targets will be between 100m - 900m and require one hundred rounds of suitable ammunition. The day will include steel safaris, barricades and multiple positional stages. The LRP RRC targets will be between 400m - 1,300m and require sixty rounds of suitable ammunition. The day will include shorter steel safaris, with all firing from the prone / modified prone position only. A different rifle may be used for each day. Entry fees are: £150 per individual for SRP & LRP RRC £100 per individual for SRP RRC only. £60 per individual for LRP RRC only. Limited bunkhouse accommodation is available for £10 per night and unlimited camping at £5 per night. Full kitchen and wash facilities etc on site, with a barbecue Friday and Saturday evenings to cook on (please bring own food). Your place is not secured until funds are received - All RRC events run on a first come, first served policy that is strictly adhered to. The event is currently 60% full. To secure your place and/or be added to the mailing list, please contact: roundhousefirearms@gmail.com I look forward to seeing you there, Tiff
  3. I have owned this scope since new and it has proved an incredibly reliable extreme long range scope on my .300 / .338 switch-barrel. It has one of my favourite reticules, the illuminated MP-8 extreme. It will be supplied with a lapped 40mm IOR steel picatinny one piece mount. There are a few light scratches/scuffs to the paint on the tube (from the rings during eye relief mounting). This is the only old fashioned part about IOR, they still paint a lot of their scopes eastern block style: so with steel rings, light paint marks are basically unavoidable. These may well be removed/repainted during servicing anyway. I have all my competition optics serviced every three years and this scope is currently away at IOR being fully inspected. It is due back in late March. £1,500 posted or £1,460 collected. (Also for sale elsewhere) N.B. Only selling due to a sponsorship deal coming to fruition and if I keep this IOR, I know I'll probably end up using it more than kit I am meant to be trialling!
  4. On Friday 29th December I will be offering my yearly opportunity to escape the festivities and extended family for the day!... For the first time at The Roundhouse, you will have the option to qualify for the THLR Long Range Proficiency Test. Your first attempt is free, subsequent attempts cost £10 per time. Funds raised go directly into improving the targets available. Official THLR patches will be issued to those successful! Link to the Thomas Haugland LR proficiency test. There is a full explanation of the test in the description below the video: Considerable upgrades have very recently been underway at The Roundhouse; increasing the diversity of longer range targets on offer and the 'splash zones' around them. You can now expect over twenty different steel targets beyond 600 yards; ranging from 20" disks, IPSC's & roe deer right through to Fig 14's and 5" gongs. Also in the event of moderately bad weather (ie. heavy rain), there are now covered benches and prone firing points, enabling shooting from 100 - 950y in the dry. Timings for the 29th 08:45 - Safety Briefing 09:00 - Steel and other reactive targets will be available from 100 to 950 yards. 12:00 - 12:30 Lunch (hot pasties & mince pies included) 12:30 - 13:00 THLR Long Range Proficiency Test re-shoot 13:15 - 15:00 Steadily transition back between three firing points, with reactive targets available at 900 - 1,500 yards. You are welcome to arrive anytime until 11.00. Please make yourself know to Tiff and you will be given a short briefing before you can shoot. THLR Long Range Proficiency Tests will be conducted at approx. 585 meters, between 09:00 - 09:30, with re-shoots possible at 12:30 - 13:00. Booking The range fee is £75, with places limited to 24 people. Booking strictly in advance & you will be notified when the day is fully booked. Please contact me for bank details: roundhousefirearms@gmail.com Accommodation Should you wish to extend your break, basic bunkhouse accommodation is available at The Roundhouse for £10 p.p.p.n or for really hardy individuals camping at £5 p.p.p.n. There are also many excellent sporting hotels & b&b’s in the local area - advanced booking recommended! Additional Information Two .308 win range rifles suitable to 1,200 yards are available. If required, please advise upon booking. Ammunition and reloading components from Hornady, Lapua, S&B, RWS, Geco, Norma, PPU & Magtech can be provided. Please pre-order by November 15th. As usual, please come prepared for all weather, as it is relatively exposed moorland terrain, so can be a good few degrees colder than lower areas. Should the weather forecast be truly apocalyptic 72 hours out, the day will be cancelled with entry fees transferred to a future event of your choosing. If low cloud / zero visibility or thunderstorms prevents shooting all day, the entry fees will be equally transferred. I look forward to seeing you there, Tiff
  5. Customer failed to collect, so as per the title really...Unopened and have the small rifle primer pockets. £200 collect or £210 posted for the 200. Many thanks, Tiff
  6. Tiff

    Silverstone Shooting Centre

    Indeed the new pricing structure is exceptional really; considering the overheads and facilities on offer. Anyone setting up a new range, especially with such great facilities, must be commended! Although I too find the design intriguing - on initial appearance it does not seem to sit even remotely close to 403 or similar. If the NRA have indeed changed their ballistic requirements/risk assessments; it would be very useful if they would inform everyone else! This would almost certainly result it more fullbore ranges around the country, as the construction costs for NDA ranges would be considerably lower. If anyone on here is able to assist with certifying to this apparent new standard, please drop me a message! I could expedite a project I have in the pipeline by at least twelve to eighteen months. Plus I could finally afford a mortgage, rather than constantly saving for geotexitle, diesel and drainage pipe!
  7. Hello, just returned from a weekend at the Roundhouse (v.limited internet...), but sorry it hasn't come through. Only emails regarding this shoot that are unanswered, were received today at 11.24 & 20.10 (will reply to those shortly after dinner). Please could you resend to roundhousefirearms@gmail.com Many thanks, Tiff
  8. Tiff

    Is the forum broken?

    Yes, it's been playing up for the last hour; with just a driver/database error message loading.
  9. Pm Sent. Edit - forum software is playing up too much for me to access my pm's! Please could you email me with your phone number, so we can discuss it further & payment etc. roundhousefirearms@gmail.com Many thanks, Tiff
  10. Yes, that is correct (the same as other providers in the industry i.e. WMS, Orion etc). For anything above .30 cal please contact me directly (phone or email) and I'll accommodate, where possible.
  11. No, not at all...The Roundhouse project has come a long way since the early days nearly a decade ago. It's been many years since this was a requirement. The only days I hold that require 'field shooting', i.e. 'zeroing over land' is the RRC. Even then 'open' or 'closed' field shooting is perfectly acceptable. Should you require any further clarification on this particular point, please drop me a line via email or phone. Many thanks for your interest, Tiff
  12. I would like the AICS stock please. Will message tomorrow.
  13. If it's any help, I have a fully kitted out Vortex Razor 20-60x85 HD with 30x MOA eyepiece, tripod, pocket & DSLR camera mount and neoprene cover that I will be selling shortly. It's a brilliant scope for glass quality and not that far behind the Swaro; which for my eyes is the best on the market sub £5k.
  14. This is a reasonably interesting read, particularly if you shoot gongs and other hard targets: https://www.fs.fed.us/rm/pubs/rmrs_rp104.pdf Personally I've seen plenty of AK and other steel jacket rounds ignite fires in grasslands, but interesting to see some empirical evidence.
  15. As ever, thank you very much to those who attended and supported this RRC. The day consisted of eighteen different stages, with a wide selection of reactive targets from 80 to 880 yards. Stages varied from prone shooting at a single target, through to multi-positional & multiple unknown distance engagements. As per previous RRCs', the day was designed to test the field shooters ability to safely adapt to any scenario they may conceivably encounter. While it is not a competition as such, with a HPS of 220, scores varied from 53 to a very respectable 127. Everyone who entered learnt new skills and ways to improve their day to day shooting; be that little fixes or more substantial concepts. This really is the key element of the RRC. Yes it is a challenging event, but through this pressure knowledge is shared; helping develop each individuals shooting ability. The Sunday consisted of a Long Range Load Development & Zeroing Day. Reactive targets were available from 100 to 650 yards, all from a single firing point. It provided the perfect opportunity to tweak loads and collate real drop data. The link below will take you to images of last weekends Summer 2017 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge. You just need to enter your email address on the photographers website, to securely view them. https://philiprowlandphotography.pixieset.com/roundhousefirearmstraining/ The Autumn 2017 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge will be held on Saturday 23rd September. It will be followed by a Long Range Load Development & Zeroing Day on the Sunday. Please contact me directly at roundhousefirearms@gmail.com to book your place. I look forward to seeing you there, Tiff
  16. Revised Weekend Schedule Great news for people unable to get away for both days or those wishing to shoot on a more informal day. Due to several entrants being unable to attend the whole weekend, this years Spring RRC will revert back to the traditional one day RRC. Sunday will now again consist of an individual zeroing & load development day. Targets will be available from 100 to 650 yards, all from a single firing point. Please see the first post on this thread for further information.
  17. Revised Weekend Schedule Great news for people unable to get away for both days or those wishing to shoot on a more informal day. Due to several entrants being unable to attend the whole weekend, this years Spring RRC will revert back to the traditional one day RRC. Sunday will now again consist of an individual zeroing & load development day. Targets will be available from 100 to 650 yards, all from a single firing point. RRC Introduction Saturdays RRC is limited to eight two-man teams. Entering as a pair or as part of a 'composed pair' on the day. The course of fire will build upon the best elements of previous events; including some safari and more traditional fixed firing point stages. Considerable improvements have occurred at The Roundhouse over the past year and this weekend should compare well with its continental and US equivalents. It will certainly be challenging for all levels of precision rifle/tactical shooters and hopefully prove to be a very rewarding day for all involved. RRC Timings Registration will open at 07:30 on the Saturday. The safety brief will begin promptly at 08:00. Failure to attend the briefing will forfeit your place - no refunds will be given. Final round Saturday 18.00. There will be a covered barbecue provided to cook your own food, on Friday and Saturday evening. This is always a good social and a chance to catch up with shooters from across the UK. Stage timings themselves will vary, from under 60 seconds to several minutes, replicating field conditions. To minimise downtime, everyone will be expected to alternate between shooting and safety supervising stages. RRC Targets Teams can expect to engage paper and reactive steel targets out to 1,100 yards. The majority of targets will be between 50 - 700 yards. Some stages will involve multiple firings points, often requiring multiple firing positions to complete the stage. Laser rangefinders will not be allowed on all stages… Caliber Restrictions Limited to 300 Win Mag or smaller < 3,200 fps. RRC Round Count No more than 150 per person - the best shots will require considerably less... All stages must be shot by both team members. RRC Course You can expect to travel on foot up to two miles, over exposed moorland terrain. You will have limited access to your vehicles during the day, carry what you will require and nothing more… Entry Fee's £200 per team (£100 individual) for the RRC only £250 per team (£125 individual) for both days £60 individual zeroing & load development day only Accommodation Basic bunkhouse accommodation is available at The Roundhouse for £10 p.p.p.n from Friday 12th onwards. Camping is possible at £5 p.p.p.n. There are also many excellent sporting hotels & b&b’s in the local area. ​Facebook link for the weekend: https://www.facebook.com/events/618628691678127/?active_tab=about Additional Legal Information The rifle you use on the day must be your own and be conditioned for field shooting - i.e fox, deer or AOLQ & for zeroing over ground you have permission on etc. No sharing of rifles. Please arrive with a zeroed rifle for the RRC. Equally only one rifle may be used throughout and you will be expected to know your drops (or have them easily to hand). FMJ and solid monolithic bullets are not permitted due to their increased ricochet potential. Other HPBT match bullets are ok to use, though frangible A-Max (& similar type) bullets are preferred. You must have your own valid shooting insurance and not be subject to a 'mentoring condition'. This will all be checked on the day. Permission to zero will be granted on a daily basis, just like paid stalking etc. and the ground is cleared for fullbore by D&C Constabulary. It is not a competition as such, just a challenging set of realistic scenarios designed to test your ability to safely & humanely shoot in field conditions. The emphasis is on the shooter to be a safe shot and follow safe shooting practice, being responsible for every shot and every moment handling a firearm. Should the safe handling of your firearm fail to meet the standards explained in the morning safety brief, you will be politely asked to leave the event with no refund issued.
  18. Thank you for the recommendation Bangbangman and hopefully your guests will oblige... It's certainly rather good fun and yes, there will indeed be a post challenge report. Why not come along for a shoot or as a spectator/stage supervisor... The latter is a great way to experience the shoot and learn what's involved, before you enter the next time round .
  19. The perfect opportunity to try your new additions or simply get away from the extended family for a day... Shooting will start at 09:00 down in the valley, with steel and other reactive targets available from 200 - 650 yards. At 11:00 ish we will move up the hillside and engage targets around the 800 yard mark. Then progress onto the 1,000 - 1,200 yard points as conditions etc. allow, finishing shooting at 15.00. It will be a very relaxed day with likeminded individuals. This day is suitable for people with field (open or closed) shooting conditions on their FAC or RFD's testing etc. I'm sorry, but 'target only' shooters cannot attend this event, but are more than welcome on other days. Without tempting fate...Conditions are normally perfect for long range shooting at this time of year at the Roundhouse - cold, calm & clear. Thus the intention is to spend the majority of the day around & beyond the half mile mark. It is a one day event, although those with camper-vans or hardy soles in tents are welcome to stay. To book your place it is £75 for the day and places are limited to sixteen. Hopefully see you then, Tiff
  20. Hi Fergus, just sent an email over - still a couple of spaces remaining. Not wishing to tempt fate (so haven't looked at the forecast), but I am reliably informed it should be good for longer range shooting .
  21. Tiff

    Hornady ELD Bullets

    They appear to work as good, if not better than the A-MAX they replaced . Almost all of the ELD's I've stock have sold out within days and I haven't heard a bad word yet. I'll be watching a couple of thousand go down range later this week past the 1K mark; so will be interesting to see first hand how they fair through the transonic region.
  22. Tiff

    SnipersHide Cup 2017

    Having just come in from the range and got up to speed, firstly thank you for all the kind words . It is always great to hear my borderline insane commitment to the Roundhouse project is still appreciated. As mentioned, I've been holding US PSR style shoots under the 'Roundhouse Rifle Challenge' (RRC) brand for several years now in the UK. They have evolved and hopefully continually improved, as my career in the industry has expanded. The challenges themselves are designed to test your equipment, your ability and hopefully help you learn some new skills in the process. Experience has taught me people learn and develop skills easiest when they are enjoying themselves. To date for legal simplicity with RRC events, I've asked people to use rifles condition for zeroing and target shooting; so I've covered all possible bases. I partly work as a sporting agent, so this is not a difficult obstacle to overcome. The Spring 2017 RRC is being penciled in for next year and will probably be a bit later than normal, falling in mid May (TBC). Equally I hold many such shoots for various clubs and likeminded groups throughout the year, I'm only a phone call or email away... Personally I would be very keen for PSR style shoots to start up spaced around the country, ultimately forming a UK league. Although I know this would be a continual uphill struggle, but certainly possible with a few dedicated individuals that understand the complexities of running shoots and have access to some suitable locations. The main issue I've had to date (as has already been highlighted) is lack of committed attendance. Many people talk the talk, but far fewer are prepared to run with it. I've never really understood this, as like any other sport or activity the more suitable training you do (i.e. actually shoot), the better you will generally become. I like to offer a challenge, something that will be testing and provided a real sense of accomplishment when the CoF has been attempted & hopefully completed. As has been hinted to, for anyone looking at setting up a day, I would strongly recommend you consider your potential UK PSR shooter...The US market is huge by comparison and therefore can cater for all. The Vortex Extreme for instance costs £180 p.p. has 65 pairs shooting over a 7 mile course, with the first leaving before 6am and finishing before brunch. To me it sounds great fun! However I learnt fairly early on a mile long safari course with maybe 1,000 ft elevation change is more than enough and at times looked like requiring gas & air stations at each FP... In essence, be realistic with what most civilian shooters this side of the Atlantic can cope with. Stretch them a bit from their home comforts of the gallery range, but maybe hold back on the abseiling and cargo nets... Also this raises another issue of timings and costs. The more complex the stages, the longer they take to run. Many of the main US and European shoots start well before 7am...Equally many major US matches cost anywhere from £75 - £200+ per day. With this sort of income, not only is more diverse shooting possible but also spotters and marshals can be paid for. Over recent RRC's I've been fortunate with people volunteering to marshal, so they can experience the shoot and learn a few tricks, before entering the next one as a shooter. Really good matches have both a spotter and marshall/RCO at each FP - it helps the day run very smoothly and enables the shooters to stay in their bubble. There's nothing quite like watching a well rehearsed pair that know their gear and routine inside out; 'simply' performing as required around the course with no dramas at all. One of the privileges of my job is watching returning teams get better and learn how to deliver results, which they previously thought almost impossible. While many of you already know most (if not all) of the above, I hope it helps a bit and I look forward to the evolution of the project. Tiff

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