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  1. Yes please. I'll pm tomorrow when things quieten down.
  2. Yes please. Please email me your bank details: roundhousefirearms@gmail.com
  3. Tiff

    338 Wanted

    How about a TRG 42 with a .300 Lap Mag straight taper barrel (30.5") by Neil Mckillop and .338 Lap Mag fluted barrel (33.5") by Dave Wylde. Upgraded new model trigger, NearMFG 45 MOA rail, action wrench and more. Both barrels have done less than 500 rds. Definitely not lightweight with either barrel!...
  4. I'm just back for the night to catch up with emails etc, after a few days maintenance at The Roundhouse. The weekends storm knocked out the local mast, so only just seen this thread... The Roundhouse Rifle Challenge 'RRC' is my seasonal flagship event. I do however have clients for training most weeks, with a variety of 1-1 days, through to clubs and other groups or organisations booking the facilities. I am around most of the time on 07581 325328 for further details (except during IWA latter half of this week). Hopefully speak soon, Tiff
  5. Tiff

    Cheapest place for 6xc brass?

    If it helps at all, I can supply Norma at very sensible rates. The importers warehouse is almost at the end of the drive - reducing carriage costs somewhat!
  6. White line marker spray is the cheapest option and also 750ml cans help longevity. Drys in seconds and doesn't go on thick (i.e. bullet fragments won't chip it in other places on the plate). Also paint the stand/chains/belt/strap etc. that hold the gong with a different colour and you can then easily I.D. different gongs in the same target area.
  7. Tiff

    Precision Rifle League Officially Launched

    A midlands venue for 2020 would be excellent. I covered a few thousand miles following up leads this year, but didn't succeed in finding a non 'square range' location with a suitably motivated person at the helm. Hopefully as the PRL gains exposure, somewhere mid country will come to the fore🙂. The only regular RCO range commands seemed pretty standard to me? : 9.1.6 – RCO’s will use the following commands to start each shooter: “Shooter do you understand the course of fire?” If there are no questions; “Load or Load & Make Ready.” Once complete; “Shooter ready?” Once the shooter signifies ready either visually or vocally; “Standby” Terry no problems, muzzle sweep/sweeping is in there now and you are spot on; it's still early days and I'm more than happy to adapt and change to suit. When all the directly related resources are American, the odd nomenclature might slip in, in a four and a half thousand word document... I've used the term Hot/Cold ranges for the last decade and I know many others over here that do similar... The concept is pretty easy to understand by all I would of thought? It is fairly widespread on the continent as well, helps with international shooters coming across and equally when we go over there. What would you use instead? In any case the word 'cold' is only mentioned three times and 'hot' once in the whole document: 1.1.2 – A rifle is in either ‘Hot’ (loaded) or ‘Cold’ (unloaded) state. 1.1.3 – All PRL events will be run on cold ranges. A cold range is defined as keeping firearms unloaded until actively participating in a stage on the FP. 1.4.3 – Anyone found violating the cold range rule i.e. with a loaded firearm (when not actively participating in a stage on the FP) will be DQ for the entire challenge and possibly the League, depending on the severity of the situation. The factory division is designed to help provide an affordable entry point and help the sport to expand. I looked at what's available on the market and a £1,500 / £1,500 split seemed appropriate. You can buy numerous new rifles in this price bracket, many with 10rd detachable mags - i.e Bergara HMR £1,050 or CZ 557 Varmint £1,060 (that CZ I used in Scotland back in October). Put on a £500 - £700 scope with matching reticle / turrets (of which there are numerous on the market now), a bipod, bag or two and you are competing at a national level for under £2,000. I agree on the seniors term being slightly American, but veterans is now often used to describe ex-servicemen, so until a more suitable alternative is suggested (suggestions please?) it will have to remain. The Pro, Semi Pro and Amateur classifications are perhaps a bit of a foreign concept here in rifle shooting, but classifications have existed for decades in the clay pigeon world, so why not try something different? I've already been approached by several large firearms manufactures and importers looking to help support juniors and young shooters in the amateur class. It's being promoted across various media platforms, including monthly print articles, the website, facebook (48,000 views in eight days), instagram and its own small but growing forum. Plus various youtube channel exposures and similar video content platforms in the pipeline for the spring onwards. It's only been officially launched since last Saturday, so hopefully a reasonable start to expand from and naturally relies on the positive experience of those involved to spread the word. Plenty of details on the website: http://precisionrifleleague.co.uk/about-the-league/ In essence, at each challenge there are only trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each division to be won. At the end of the year, if you have entered two differently located challenges and thus are on the leaderboard (best two scores), you are entered into the PRL Sponsors Raffle - that's where all the sponsors prizes will be placed. This works for two reasons: A. It ensures individual match directors are not competing against each other for a prize table (sponsors quickly get bored of this and overall prize tables drop considerably) and B. Helps promote different venues and ensures people cannot just remain at one range and claim to be champion of a national league. I hope that helps answer a few questions and I can be found on / via the website if you have more suggestions or indeed anything you believe needs further clarification etc. http://precisionrifleleague.co.uk Have a good Christmas everyone, Tiff
  8. My apologies, but this scope was sold in person on the range. I completely forgot about updating this advert...
  9. Sorry it has been a while since I've posted on here and thought it was probably time to mention The Roundhouse still exists... In preparation for the short range precision element of this event, a considerable number of barricades and other fixtures have been produced. They were unveiled at the Introductory Summer RRC last month, which can be viewed via this link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/roundhousefirearmstraining/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2211089795841865&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARAoRwPp_dZfrWsXo0CST1tFUzj_S9khoQrJ1T4CftPGwMavdFiyyzIgoCywh4JPv-7DVh_qjUu0C2uSvFWmS564_Ugfb1fM93ab-lmG0RTIluUD0fkIMRYawPxVs9s25fnhVeo_MxTt&__tn__=-UC-R (N.B. A website is being rapidly created, but in the meantime you should be able to view this link regardless of whether you have a Facebook account or not. You do not need to sign up to view). I'll look into a better image hosting website to link to for this forum. Also may I humbly request you please share with other shooters at your clubs etc that these shoots occur and have been for the best part of a decade now. There still seems to be a significant proportion of the UK shooting population that believe PRS type shooting isn’t really available in the UK. Equally for those of you that haven’t attend in a couple of years or so, The Roundhouse as a venue has continued to evolve in both infrastructure and format, so is well worth a revisit! Hopefully see you on the range soon and onto the shoot description below: This RRC is open to thirty two shooters, ideally (but by no means essentially) entering as precomposed pairs. Individual entries squadding will be done in advance and you will be notified of your partner via email, to help with team preparation. The Autumn Equinox 2018 RRC schedule is: Friday 21st September: 15:00 - 18:00 Optional 100m Zeroing Saturday 22nd September: 08:00 - 18:00 Short Range Precision (SRP) RRC Sunday 23rd September: 08:00 - 15:00 Long Range Precision (LRP) RRC The SRP RRC targets will be between 100m - 900m and require one hundred rounds of suitable ammunition. The day will include steel safaris, barricades and multiple positional stages. The LRP RRC targets will be between 400m - 1,300m and require sixty rounds of suitable ammunition. The day will include shorter steel safaris, with all firing from the prone / modified prone position only. A different rifle may be used for each day. Entry fees are: £150 per individual for SRP & LRP RRC £100 per individual for SRP RRC only. £60 per individual for LRP RRC only. Limited bunkhouse accommodation is available for £10 per night and unlimited camping at £5 per night. Full kitchen and wash facilities etc on site, with a barbecue Friday and Saturday evenings to cook on (please bring own food). Your place is not secured until funds are received - All RRC events run on a first come, first served policy that is strictly adhered to. The event is currently 60% full. To secure your place and/or be added to the mailing list, please contact: roundhousefirearms@gmail.com I look forward to seeing you there, Tiff
  10. Hello Tiff.

    Can you let me know if you still have the Vortex Viper PST scope with the EBR1 reticle for sale?

  11. I have owned this scope since new and it has proved an incredibly reliable extreme long range scope on my .300 / .338 switch-barrel. It has one of my favourite reticules, the illuminated MP-8 extreme. It will be supplied with a lapped 40mm IOR steel picatinny one piece mount. There are a few light scratches/scuffs to the paint on the tube (from the rings during eye relief mounting). This is the only old fashioned part about IOR, they still paint a lot of their scopes eastern block style: so with steel rings, light paint marks are basically unavoidable. These may well be removed/repainted during servicing anyway. I have all my competition optics serviced every three years and this scope is currently away at IOR being fully inspected. It is due back in late March. £1,500 posted or £1,460 collected. (Also for sale elsewhere) N.B. Only selling due to a sponsorship deal coming to fruition and if I keep this IOR, I know I'll probably end up using it more than kit I am meant to be trialling!
  12. Hello Tiff. Is this scope still available & if so whats its condition?


  13. Customer failed to collect, so as per the title really...Unopened and have the small rifle primer pockets. £200 collect or £210 posted for the 200. Many thanks, Tiff

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