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    Hi Lads am i right in saying is the barrell thread in my rifle to the action 17mm in length,action no VR 235 Thanks Lee
  2. March Genesis

    Just wached the video scotch ,whith Gary costello ,not my cup of tea but interesting never the less, who imports them 😁
  3. Spuhr 34mm separate rings

    Now sorted thanks Lee, brought brand new😁
  4. On the range with the PMII 5-25

    Purchased me first 5x25x56 pm11 in 2006 whith mounts from The sports man gun centre , never changed brand up till this day Notice the price👍top notch cheers Lee
  5. Spuhr 34mm separate rings

    Bump thanks Lee
  6. Spuhr 34mm separate rings

    Wanted spuhr 34mm 25mm Height separate rings Please pm me cash waiting thanks Lee Before i buy new,thanks Lee
  7. Stiller actions

    Thanks terry much appreciated, HABU excepts Aics mags but it might not work as for mag on the piss,if you no what i mean and as i have said dont want to machine mag well,thanks Atb Lee
  8. Stiller actions

    Hi keith can you email me please thanks Lee
  9. Stiller actions

    Thanks keith Atb Lee
  10. Stiller actions

    To all gun gurus on ukv will this action fit in my HABU chassis, no cutting wanted ,is it straight forward drop in,many thanks Lee. Its a .22 rimfire stiller
  11. Foresale spuhr 4902 mount 34mm,box,manual,spare bubble,and screws, level £210 plus post Tenebreax pm11 scope covers fit ,5x25x56,12x5056, 3x27x56, £85 Plus post

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