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  1. How are you jockey best of luck with your sale . Fine glass for the money πŸ‘
  2. Tidy rosko AndyπŸ‘
  3. Kenblock its yours
  4. Hi there just put a few quid in a cancer research collection box when you pass one thanks Lee πŸ‘
  5. Rail is 120mm long as newπŸ‘
  6. Free to any members who have DTA picattiny rail and screws just send me postage first to contact me its yours
  7. New price for tube and dies and mod and brass Β£400
  8. DAVE CHEERS , this saturday nite special is no longer for sale Keepin it , cost me a mint to replace 😁
  9. Its not f**kin sold yet, im not fussed either way,i might fall in love with it again ,still waitin for me schmidt 3x20x50 cheers Lee
  10. Also happy to do a deal in a Hublot watch, cash either way dependent on model and condition , cheers Lee
  11. Action is single shot and has a jewell trigger top safety Thanks for looking

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