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  1. lee w 118

    Tubb ATR

    Nice john; nice to be different, nice stick πŸ‘
  2. lee w 118

    WANTED - Grovtec flush cup swivels

    Speak to bradders on here if he still has any πŸ‘
  3. lee w 118

    1967spud World Headquarters is go go go

    Alright mark all the best for the new year, you have a email cheers Lee
  4. lee w 118

    Nosler 129g spitzer

    Wanted 20 to 30 or part box of above Nosler 6.5 129 grainers thanks Lee
  5. lee w 118

    Best ever pickles ?

    Bit similar to colcannon good with roast dishes and me fave bangers and onion graveyπŸ‘ bradders
  6. lee w 118

    Oceania Defence

    I beg your pardon i didnt quite catch that bradders,?
  7. Kenblock its yours

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