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  1. lee w 118

    Hornady 75g ELD & 80g ELD Match .224

    Thanks ladsπŸ‘πŸ˜
  2. lee w 118

    Hornady 75g ELD & 80g ELD Match .224

    Many thanks SMLE
  3. lee w 118

    Hornady 75g ELD & 80g ELD Match .224

    Now then catch -22 . Been on 6mmbr , snipers hide , lots of info on above pills but given the twist rate i want too shoot the above pills lots of variations on calibre ie 22BR -22DASHER- 22 CREEDMORE no specific info, was looking at 88g eld match but over the last month reading up on them i was put off with shooters saying they was getting blow ups when trying to push them velocity wise😁..A few shooters in the US are going for .219 bore as to prevent jacket failure in 88g and above, all you want is the bullet to get there accurately preferably me thinks.And thanks for your reply, get were your coming from πŸ‘
  4. Hi there will a 1-8 twist stabilize the above pills Cheers Lee
  5. Any 47 , s i was panicking then 😁 Andy
  6. lee w 118

    Hornady 75g ELD match

    Hi there as any of the members got a box of .224 hornadys they want to sell , many thanks Lee. May be interested in part box aswell πŸ‘
  7. lee w 118

    ATLAS 5H BT35 LW

    WANTED Atlas 5H MUST be in good nick cash waiting , cheers Lee
  8. lee w 118

    AICS 5 round 6 dasher coversion

    Hi there info needed on Aics 5 round holder . I want to run short and long oal , is there a specific conversion for Aics mag all i have came across is this from the states cheers Lee. 6mm Dasher 😁
  9. Will a 7.5 twist 6mm tube stabilies 55g noslers and say 110g projectiles, reason for question is i want short and long rang on same tube cheers Lee. Or a 1-8 what are your recommendation πŸ‘
  10. lee w 118

    6.5 creed heads

    Thanks to the above Gents, richy you have a pm , very kind of you both πŸ‘
  11. lee w 118

    6.5 creed heads

    Wanted 2 no . 264 6.5 mm bullet heads 143g or 147g or similar ballistic tips for keyring for grandson , willing to pay post and for heads thanks please pm me ATB .
  12. lee w 118

    Sad news: Bradders.

    Rip Mark
  13. lee w 118

    .22 Dasher varminter

  14. lee w 118

    .22 Dasher varminter

    Cheers chris

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