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  1. lee w 118

    6 Creedmoor

    Man of me own heart 👍😁
  2. No its a Ax Booom. Joking apart peter, your stick is well worth what you are asking for it built by a top smith who is renowned for producing top quality rifles , never sell youself short , its only worth what people want to pay for it , so if they want A 7mm SARUM of your spec , let them price just the parts on your rosko plus smiths cost and the end user aint getting a bad deal. When you buy custom, that is always to your spec, not everyone else's so that reflects on the potential customers you will come across if you wish to sell. Copper tops ( pete walker) is a quality smith, you will not find a better , more precise person , and attention to detail in regards to your rosko as pete. Every one wants a good deal ,but at the end it is what do you want back for your stick, which has cost double what you are asking for ? Custom guns you will always blow your B--lox but its to what extent you wish too. Sorry for the rant just my 1p 😁
  3. lee w 118

    Christensen MPR

    I hope josh's barells take off English produce and a nice chap to speak to. Sad about christensen, and hardy what your opinion is on there tubes. Never tried any of them , went with Benchmark fluted 1450g from pete walker 👍😁
  4. lee w 118

    Christensen MPR

    Have you rebarelled in Hardy or christian arms tubes and what are your findings in perfomance and accuracy of the two againnst the proof research.
  5. lee w 118

    Borden Mountaineer Creedmoor

    Very nice Andy 😄
  6. No i deer click on the above link and scroll down the page it is 460mm on picture at bottom of page 👍
  7. lee w 118

    TICKA 17HMR bore guide

    Hi there what are people using as a bore guide in new Ticka 17hmr .And where to purchase guide. Cheers Lee
  8. Now the cat has something to look forward too 😁. Good on ya nice stick 👍
  9. lee w 118


    Pm me your email mark , and i will send info 👍
  10. lee w 118

    First Official PRL comp at Roundhouse.

    Looks like you had a good day, nice to see the dreaded 6.5 creed done well 👍😁 can't be that bad hey! .Thanks for the pics Rob what were you shooting ,6 or 6.5 cheers
  11. lee w 118

    My shooting shed

    Thanks lads be going down there pretty regular from now on,👍
  12. lee w 118

    My shooting shed

    Shed is 16ft x 14ft 👍
  13. lee w 118

    My shooting shed

    Here is a few pics of what me and a few friends nocked up about 6 years ago down my shoot in wales , flat bench , drop down windows , double glazed i mite add😁 .had that made by a friend and was a keen shooter and has know got a glazing business. In the distance there is a 40mmthick 600x600 steel at 100m on a scaffold tube for zero work.After a good walk yesterday and a catch up with the farmers., and a sit down i opened up for the first time in over 12 month. Few spiders but still weather proof. All in all had a good day . Thanks for looking
  14. lee w 118


    Haven't been doing a lot of shooting the last 2 years really Andy.I was out before that every weekend without fail , lamping , Deer, and the occasional duck shoot. So with less work commitments trying to start to get back into it again.I have 1600 acres in wales i have permissions on so will be going up there starting tomorow again. Like the sound of PRL ,but not for me , just leisurely stroll out in the sticks , keeps you fit and active. My rosko now is a bit lighter ,ie no Aics chassis, MTU profile tube.heavyish scope. So lookin forward to it .👍
  15. lee w 118


    With custom foam and peli

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