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  1. lee w 118

    New barrel breaking in

    Must be the flutes on the tube, or Mick Mac or the Hornady factory ammo 😁🤣 we will never no?
  2. lee w 118

    New barrel breaking in

    First time out with the creed 7shot zero and 5 shot group .with factory 143g eld x. Witnessed patched after 7 rounds and shot for group 16mm edge to edge. Bart tube first 12 shots 👍
  3. Now all sold thanks for the replies 👍
  4. Your better off keepin it , you will always take a kickin in the busters with any rifle more so with a custom. Might as well leave it to the cat , when your gone. Nice stick get a stock on it and start snottin snuff .👍
  5. lee w 118

    VN160 WANTED

    Sorted now Eric cheers for the offer
  6. Schmidt bender cleaning pouch now sold, thanks Mark
  7. lee w 118

    Hornady V-MAX .243 58GR Loads

    Sorry to go off topic but i was shooting this load with unique alpine good few years back good fox , crow fodder 😁 shooting factory fodder 👍
  8. Forsale Forster ultra micrometre seating die , and forster die box Forster benchrest full lengh sizing die £130 delivered 100 lapua cases and MTM boxes £85 delivered 200 147g Eld Match bullets £80 delivered Schmidt bender cleaning pouch £12 delivered All the above are brand new and never used, so there is no room for movement on price, cheers Lee
  9. You will not go wrong with a 5H , been round the block sturdy platform .
  10. Wombourne , west mids
  11. Direct contact ask for michelle, 01902 324734 hope that helps 👍
  12. lee w 118

    VN160 WANTED

    Thanks for the replies folks 👍

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