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  1. Schmidt & Bender PMII 3-12x50 Scope First focal plane Clockwise adjustment Illuminated reticle Parallax adjustment Adjustment value; 1cm Elevation turret; ST (Single turn) Windage turret; ST (Single turn) P4L Fein reticle Original Box Perfect Glass Great condition Genuine reason for sale For sale at £1550 in secured / recorded postage
  2. Great video on British Military Watches:-

    PRL22 Launching Summer 2020

    This will be amazing.

    Precision Rifle League - Round 3 “Orion Mountain Challenge”

    Results from day 2:-

    Precision Rifle League - Round 3 “Orion Mountain Challenge”

    Orion Mountain Challenge June 2019 - The Results!!! The results and trophy presentations from round three of the Precision Rifle League held at Orion Firearms Training Limited. The updated PRL Leaderboard and PRL Teams Leaderboard will go live at midday tomorrow, along with professional photographs illustrating what the Precision Rifle League is all about! Results from day 1:-
  6. Number of requests from those who attended the last PRL Comp who would like additional opportunities to train on the various stages, request’s have been feedback and the following days are now being put on:-

    Precision Rifle League - Round 2


    Precision Rifle League - Round 2


    Precision Rifle League - Round 2

    Full match report:- PRL GGC Match Report 25/26 May 2019 Gardners Guns Challenge, Saturday 25th May And so the second round of the Precision Rifle League, Gardners Guns Challenge went ahead at Eskdalemuir 2 Mile range on Saturday 25th May. Weather was dull, but dry, always a bonus when you are shooting in Scotland and the day started with hot bacon rolls and a spell of zero’ing at the main firing point. Shooters were organised into 4 squads and teamed with their own RCO, spotter and scorer who stayed with them throughout the day. The first half of the day was arranged around Stages 1 to 6, from simple barricades through to the ‘Treatment Table’ (so called as you need therapy when you get off), with timingstight and distances at weird variables from 229 yards to 538 yards, the shooters had to be on the top of their game and hyper alert. The wind played a huge role, as always up here, and was utterly inconsistent, you could have a light 7-10mph crosswind right through to gusts of up to 25mph depending on the terrain of the stage, and moving closer to the lunch breakthe weather began to close in and a light rain started. Lunch was taken inside, and then without delay we began the second set of stages, 7 to 11 which were all arrayed around the main firing point. With a decline in the weather and a lowered cloud base the afternoon stages proved even more challenging, for both shooters and spotters alike, but there were some bright spots, with certain targets deemed ‘impossible to hit’ being ticked off at a rate of 7/10 by others! The day was rounded off with a trophy ceremony for the following high achievers, Ben who won for the Juniors, having been thoroughly down in the dumps about his score, he was cheered immensely with his individual category win. Next up was Rebecca, with a solid score of 24, who took the trophy for Ladies. Ryan, basically, stole the weekend, with an outstanding score of 68, (and overall second place) giving him the Factory Trophy along with the Team Trophy for himself and Jack, who had to compete with a loan rifle that he had never shot before! Last, but by no means least, Josh who showed us all that it could be done, and with style, taking the Open Trophy with a blistering score of 91. JUNIOR : BEN ROCH (26) LADIES: REBECCA MADGE (24) FACTORY: RYAN CHARLTON (68) TEAM: RYAN CHARLTON & JACK CRAWFORD (57.5) OPEN: JOSH MARTIN (91) Xtreme Long Range, Sunday 26th May The day never looked promising right from the start with a low cloud base, howling winds and rain it was always going to be a battle against the elements instead of a display of absolute skill. However those brave enough to try gathered for a good feed initially, a brief zero play about and then down to squads and firing from benches inside. 11 shooters took part in the ‘Up to 308’ category, and the competition was run from 200 yds, out in 100 yd increments with 2 shots per target until the last man missed both shots. Points were scored 2 for the first hit, 1 for the second and a 2 point bonus for both hits. The category of ‘Over 308’ had 5 entrants and due to the inclement conditions it was decided to start them at the 200yd target also (instead of the planned 500yd), scoring was on the same basis. Once again, Ryan took the Trophy for Factory in ‘Up to 308’ (next year to save time, I may just have his name engraved on them in advance?) but the outstanding man was Ben, who got his 6.5 Creedmore out to 900 yards despite the weather blowing a hooley all around him and took the Trophy for ‘Up to 308’ Open. In the big guns class, it was all about the wind and whilst they may have had much greater fire power, they were also subject to the vagaries of the weather to a much higher degree and 500 yards was the furthest distance shot, with the Trophy awarded to Sam on points. UP TO 308 FACTORY: RYAN CHARLTON 800yds (26) UP TO 308 OPEN: BEN MCILWAINE 900yds (29) OVER 308 OPEN: SAM NEAL 500yds (17)

    Precision Rifle League - Round 2

    Results from Gardner’s Guns Challenge, Round 2 of the Precision Rifle League at Eskdalemuir 2 Mile Range 25/05/19:-

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