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  1. Reloading with Rosie

    Please find below the link to the new Hornady series, Reloading with Rosie:- Over the coming weeks there are a number of familiar names and faces who will star in future episodes.
  2. Is the image of the British shooter important?

    What we wear in public especially in this society, has a direct link to who we project ourselves to be. With the image of the Shooting community continually under the spot light, it is important to display shooting in a positive light. Shooting should be seen as an inclusive activity which should be promoted and advertised. As such the image and clothing of those in the Shooting community is important. I can’t help but agree with Moorlanders comment’s, the wearing of combat fatigues clearly projects the wrong image and many of those who wear combat style clothing are in some way trying to show off some half baked aggressive intimidatory image. Which to those of us who are serving members of the armed forces looks sad and pathetic, let alone damaging for the image of legitimate shooting sports.
  3. Aero Precision Rifle for sale. Mint condition rifle. One owner from new Only 200 rd count since new 16 inch barrel - 1/2 x 28 (UNEF) thread Magpul Stock Vortex Optics Mount Vortex StrikeEagle 1-6x24 ARMS - back up sights A.R.M.O.U.R. MK.I - rimfire mod (reflex style) For sale priced at £1100.00
  4. Update on New Mile Long Range

    Hi Vince, Went up on the Sunday, a great shoot had by all. The location gets even better, more targets, greater distances to shoot from (possibility of shooting from 2 miles) Took my 6.5x47 good to 1250 meters, after that - its time for something with a bit more ommmph.
  5. Best Red dot sight for .22 lr AR ?

    Have a watch of this:-
  6. Best Red dot sight for .22 lr AR ?

    Aimpoint every time.
  7. Mint condition un-used. Colour:- Field Dark Earth For Sale £90.00 plus P&P
  8. Update on New Mile Long Range

    These targets went in this weekend with lots more to follow. Kind regards Rob
  9. Diggle Egg Shoot - 29th May Bank Holiday Monday

    Vince, On behalf of "Morse", "Dan534" and myself we'd like to extend are thanks to you. I'm sure we will be back for a number of the comps we spoke later this year. Despite the weather we all enjoyed the initial phases of the comp. Kind regards Rob
  10. Update on New Mile Long Range

    Initial gongs have now been put out and the testing has now begun:- Kind regards Rob
  11. Can you post some pictures for potential buyers ? Kind regards Rob
  12. Update on New Mile Long Range

    From the conversation I had yesterday it's members only (membership being £100 per year) then a small range fee each time you shoot. There will as I understand it be guest membership. Kind regards Rob
  13. Update on New Mile Long Range

    From speaking with Marc Gardner - there will be provision for F Class shooter. For further details regarding the range contact Marc Gardner at Gardners Guns on 01228 792535
  14. Update on New Mile Long Range

    Just wanted to give an up date to my previous post:- http://ukvarminting.com/forums/topic/37240-new-mile-long-shooting-range-in-the-uk/?hl=mile Having visited today to see the progress the new range I thought I would share with everyone a bit more info and pics. 1. The scale and the beauty of this place really has to be seen to be believed and the pics and video don't quiet do it the justice that it deserves by seeing it for real but hopefully it gives you an idea of the place. Looking down the range from the Firing Point:- From the final target area looking back to the Firing Point:- Drone footage of area (click on link and paly in HD):- https://www.facebook.com/marc.gardner.94/videos/1483329035072706/ Targets / Gongs will be place every 100m out to a mile. All set to open July 2017 I was also shown the onsite accommodation available - and if definitely beats Bisley:- The House Living Room Dining Room Bedroom 1 Twin room Bunk Room Bathroom Kitchen The onsite accommodation for the range has the following facilities:- 2 x Bathrooms 3 x Bedrooms (sleeps 6) Pet friendly Fully catered dining available or self catering if required Fully kitted kitchen and washing facilities

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