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  1. .20 cal specific custom action?

    Ahh shame it did look good though!!
  2. .20 cal specific custom action?

    I think stiller predator do a short custom action!! saw one in .17 fireball for sale on hear once beautiful looking thing.
  3. BAT 6XC

    Very nice I love the look of those KMW sentanal stocks!!
  4. .204 Predator

    That paint work looks (Mint) ?
  5. New 17 Hornet

    Does anyone no of a gunsmith with a .17 hornet reamer?? as I have a anshuatz 1730 in .22 hornet that I'd like rebarreling . Cheers
  6. Hi Sherlock I will take thease please can you pm me the payment details? Cheers.
  7. Ahh sorry I didint realise that you are a RFD.
  8. Hi there don't want to rain but you can buy thease for £26.50 a 100 brand new?
  9. Hi Tremo I've sent a pm on another forum I'll take em. Cheers
  10. Drying cases?

    Has anyone had issues with the cases coming out tarnished after putting them in the oven? I had to duribrite a 100 cases by hand the other knight I've now got arms like popeye?
  11. First up Hornaday 8th edition reloading manual in hard back very good condition £20 posted. Next up are some RCBS .22.250 reloading dies one decapping neck sizer and one bullet seater both in good condition £25 posted Next is a lee safty beam scales very good condition boxed £15 posted Last are a set of Clarke precision digital calipers good condition £15 posted PayPal or direct bank transfer taken thanks.
  12. Spectre .308

    Like that!! It's going to be good all rounder for someone!!
  13. Got a DPT on my .308 stalking rifle and it's great so light weight you hardly no it's there the finish is very nice and it looks neat I'm glad the RFD I bought the rifle of also talked me into buying one of these big ??up
  14. Every one raves about the fx bobcat and if it were me that's were I'd be looking what I like is that it is tuneable to your desired situation go take a look at ted's holdover tv and seeIt in action!! also the air rife thing on field sports Britton has a lot to as about it!!
  15. Anshuatz 1710-1730

    Photos as requested this is the rifel in its current form my plans for the future are to have it rebarreld in .17 hornet and then get the action and barrrel creacoted in the same color, The original wooden stock had been molested by the previous owner and is almost beyond repair, This is what has prompted me to go for a more tactical look. I'll be sure to post some pics of the finished article when it's done. Which leads me to asking if anyone noes a smith that has a .17 hornet reamer and can do the job???

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