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  1. munkjack

    30mm Teir one unimount

    All sorted Now thanks to all for loooking.
  2. munkjack


    High all does anyone no of any rifle smiths that could rebarrel my Anshuatz 1730 match 54 action .22hornet to a .17hornet. Has anyone had this done if so who? Any info much appreciated. cheers
  3. munkjack

    30mm Teir one unimount

    Hi as above 30mm short saddle 0 moa prefer medium height but could possibly get away with high one but defiantly not a low one. cheers
  4. Hi could I take the 30mm 10moa short saddle please can you pm me payment details. cheers
  5. Hi I would like this if still for sale can you pm me your payment details cheers.
  6. munkjack

    .20 cal specific custom action?

    Ahh shame it did look good though!!
  7. munkjack

    .20 cal specific custom action?

    I think stiller predator do a short custom action!! saw one in .17 fireball for sale on hear once beautiful looking thing.
  8. munkjack

    BAT 6XC

    Very nice I love the look of those KMW sentanal stocks!!
  9. munkjack

    .204 Predator

    That paint work looks (Mint) ?
  10. munkjack

    New 17 Hornet

    Does anyone no of a gunsmith with a .17 hornet reamer?? as I have a anshuatz 1730 in .22 hornet that I'd like rebarreling . Cheers
  11. Hi Sherlock I will take thease please can you pm me the payment details? Cheers.
  12. Ahh sorry I didint realise that you are a RFD.
  13. Hi there don't want to rain but you can buy thease for £26.50 a 100 brand new?
  14. Hi Tremo I've sent a pm on another forum I'll take em. Cheers
  15. munkjack

    Drying cases?

    Has anyone had issues with the cases coming out tarnished after putting them in the oven? I had to duribrite a 100 cases by hand the other knight I've now got arms like popeye?

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