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  1. dicehorn

    Blazer R8 .22-250 reloading ?

    22.250 not an R8 but Blaser R93. Seat your bullets with a COL of 2.350" as a starting distance and do an OCW test with various weights of powder.
  2. dicehorn

    RS52 22-250

    Of not too significant importance to the OP but a friend uses RS52 in his 22BR with 69gr Sierra TMK's and produces very tight groups.
  3. dicehorn


    You did not say how long these primers had sat in the tray before you loaded them. Generally, primers are pretty forgiving with modest amounts of air moisture. I use both small and large Fed Gold Match and over the years have never had this issue but then my primers are indoors albeit a dampish cottage. Granny sucking eggs but I assume you compared the indent of the hang fire rounds with the ignited ones?
  4. dicehorn

    My DIY annealing machine!

    You have PM Lubo about a purchase of one of your machines. Peter
  5. Hello Lubo

    Read your thread re the annealing machine and guess what - I want one.

    My 3 rifles are 204, 22-250 and 6.5x55. I do however reload for 12 other calibres but perhaps I should just go with a 308.

    So with my above 3 calibres + a 308 can you please give me a price for the machine plus discs.

    I assume you will accept Paypal - if so please can I have your email address and I will settle right away.

    Kind regards



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    2. dicehorn


      That is kind of you Lubo - many thanks

    3. raptor calls

      raptor calls

      Hi Peter

      I have shipped your order and you could track its progress here: https://www.speedy.bg/en/track-shipment?shipmentNumber=50544380780

      Please, buy yourself a travel adapter, because the 12V power supply with the machine will be as per European standards

      Something like this will do the job: http://www.argos.co.uk/product/9827590

      It's fuse should be at least 6 Amps

      Please, note that once powered the machine will light up and wait for you to press the START button, but before you do that you need to make sure the disc is positioned correctly! Simply turn it left or right until you have a case hole (case slot) positioned right on top of the arrow shaped yellow LED. Once you’ve done that you could START the machine and set the time by turning the potentiometer.

      Please, leave your feedback in my thread.



    4. dicehorn


      Hello Lubo

      Many thanks for your message.

      I have already bought a replacement plug and connector as recommended by a member off this forum.

      Thank you also for the additional instructions when initially starting the machine up.

      Will of course let you know when received



  6. Dorg, If the 100 of 6.5 120 gr Amax are still for sale I would like to take them and will add £4 to the purchase price of £34 If you would pm me your Paypal email address, I will settle right away Peter
  7. dicehorn

    6.5x47 with 120gr amaxs

    In my experience the Hodgson powders are no angels when talking about clean powders - perhaps it comes down to how often you clean the bore. FWIW unless you have a stockpile of H4350, its not going to be around much longer - perhaps now is the time to consider the Alliant Reloader/Reloader Swiss powders. This 47Lap was the 2nd rifle I developed a load for using RL15 and the 123's both shot well within a spread of 37.1 and 38.6 grs
  8. dicehorn

    6.5x47 with 120gr amaxs

    I recently developed a load for a guy's 47 Lap with a Steve Kershaw barrel using the 123 Amax (managed to source quite a few) using RL15 (which will be still OK later this year) and on an OCW test the worse 3 shot group was .358" and the best .191". The barrel appeared to like the faster M/V
  9. dicehorn

    Hornady 123 A Max in 6.5

    I would be interested in buying any of the above either whole or part boxes' Thanks Peter
  10. dicehorn

    6.5x47 Lapua

    I have just started load development for the 47 Lap and am using a .287 bushing. From the couple that I have had to use the kinetic hammer on, both only required minimal effort to release the bullet. Using 123 gr A Max
  11. dicehorn

    Reloading for the 6.5xx55

    Yes I use the Sierra Pro Hunters in 120 gr and am at 47.3 gr of N160. But obviously you must come down below that 44gr as a start in your rifle. Interestingly, I have just completed a chap's Tikka T3 lite and with 46.3gr and 180 thou back produced excellent accuracy. But again please start well below the levels I have quoted.
  12. dicehorn

    Reloading for the 6.5xx55

    Another +1 for N160. I reload for mine and 3 other 6.5 x 55, we all use this powder with 120 gr bullets. Don't be too worried about seating the bullet close to the lands, my R93 is back 180 thou and the others are from 150 to 220 thou back and all will easily shoot .6" or better
  13. dicehorn

    6.5 x 47 Lap

    Hope this has not been done to death, but can't find the answer/help I need. This calibre is on the way to me and will be shooting the 120 to 123 bullets. Now....the plan is to use a Redding S type die and I just really wanted to know what the 6.5 Lap users on here use size wise in bushings. I was guessing that something around the .290" 289" would do the job. Oh it will be Lapua brass. Any help most appreciated Peter
  14. dicehorn

    r93 adjustable triggers

    Just add, mine came this week to fit my R93 Lexus. Beautifully made and easy to replace. They set it at around 9 ozs and I am also happy with trigger pull adjustment. Will now get another to fit my Offroad. Highly recommended.
  15. Yes that is exactly what I do. Only thing to add is that I do not let the patch exit the muzzle so as to protect the crown.

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