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  1. deeksofdoom

    Vixen on Heat

    Would somebody be able to send me on the call please?
  2. deeksofdoom

    Vixen on Heat

    Hi lads would it be possible to get one of those calls and put it on the iphone and blare it out through a set of speakers. If so could somebody explain how to do it. Please and thanks.
  3. deeksofdoom

    Laser Genetics ND3

    Anyone on here ever used the Laser Genetics ND3 for lamping foxes, are they any good?
  4. deeksofdoom

    Your Favourite Fox Call ?

    £50 or under? how much did he pay for the chickens?
  5. deeksofdoom

    Your Favourite Fox Call ?

    My calls, I guess the wam is the best of them, but usually if one doesn't work another one will, back of the hand works quite well too.
  6. Well turn it around it looks ridiculous.
  7. An excellent rifle, just a point to note your bolt assembly is upside down! still works okay like that though.
  8. deeksofdoom

    Which Multi Tool ?

    I bought a new wave on EBAY for $37 when you could buy knives on it a few years back. I lost it and thought it was gone for ever, it was gone for nearly two years when I found it down the side of the couch. I love my wave, I was lost without it couldn't cut me toenails or anything.
  9. deeksofdoom

    CZ 527 modified bolt handle

    James Calhoun in the States specialises in this sort of thing you could contact him and see if he will be any good to deal with. http://www.jamescalhoon.com/pricelist.php I have a CZ527 varmint laminate in .223 I have a DIPinc .20moa rail on it with 1 Inch High Burris Xtr rings, so no problem with bolt clearance of the scope. http://www.diproductsinc.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=967999&CAT=3600 Had to raise the comb by making a comb raiser out of some cow matting but it works well.
  10. deeksofdoom

    Pitting in shotgun barrel

    Bought it privately.
  11. deeksofdoom

    Pitting in shotgun barrel

    As far as i can see its pitted all the way up to the vents in the barrel.
  12. Recently bought a cheap semi-automatic to do a bit of pigeon shooting, noticed after bringing it home the breech is well pitted, is it safe to shoot?
  13. deeksofdoom

    223 straight pull.

    Sweet looking Rig!
  14. deeksofdoom

    Blimey!! That was quick!

    I'm intrigued by your use of the cheapo tin of dog food. Do you find that it really does draw the foxes in? would teh sent from it be that strong?

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