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  1. Hi Guys, looking for some once fired Norma or Sako brass, around 100. Any for sale here? Thanks for looking, Joe
  2. swagger


    Keep at it! I'm in love with mine! Not that I've got to use it recently what with work. Still haven't done proper load development!
  3. swagger

    Lefty Tikka 6.5 x 47

    Very tidy. Simple and understated but I expect superbly accurate!
  4. swagger

    Tikka T3 5 shot mag wanted

    Still looking.
  5. swagger

    Spectre .308

    That's very nice. I really like the htg stocks. Not sure on the fluting though!
  6. swagger

    Home Made Suppressor Cover

    Hi Craig. PM sent mate.
  7. What dimensions is it, and any pictures? Thanks, Joe
  8. swagger


    And another vote for the Targetmaster. A great piece of kit, uk made. And to top it off, Alan the man that makes them is an absolute gent. Atb, Joe.
  9. swagger

    Howa 1500 - 22BR

    Having just received a rifle built by Alan in this very same calibre I can't recommend him enough! Superb work, very pleasant and knowledgeable too boot! Oh and the .22br he built be is quite the shooter, with next to no load work, and very rushed at that it's produced groups in the .1's! Atb, Joe
  10. swagger

    Tikka T3 5 shot mag wanted

    Hi guys, Anyone have a 5 shot mag for .308/.243 they'd like to sell? Thanks, Joe
  11. swagger

    Optilock Picatinny/Weaver bases wanted

    Now sorted. Thanks
  12. swagger

    a max or sst?

    I've used 162gr Amax to take many Fallow. Always expanded well and done a sterling job. Also used them on smaller vermin, magpies, rabbits squirrels etc out to 555 yards. Always had superb, explosive expansion. That said they're not marketed as a deer/vermin bullet so you pays your money and takes your choice. For me, even though I have no experience with them in 6.5 they would be my choice for what you want them to do. Joe
  13. Hi guys, Anyone have a set of the above bases? Preferably blued but would take phosphated. Thanks, Joe
  14. swagger

    Wilson case trimmer wanted.

    Possibly now sorted. Thanks.
  15. swagger

    Tikka T3 - 22BR

    And very nice it is too

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