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  1. Mick Miller

    Roding armoury

    Oh, good God. That's terrible, terrible news. RIP Phil.
  2. Mick Miller

    Sightron Stac 2.5 - 17.5 x 56 MOA or Mil IR dot reticle

    I have one, I may sell. Recent warranty replacement from Sightron old model for the newer type. Still worth illuminated centre for ret. Let me think about it.
  3. Mick Miller

    1" QR medium weaver mount

    What is lurking in your boxes of bits. 1" medium for the weaver (not picatinny) x-bolt bases. Preferably QR type.
  4. Decided to keep it.
  5. Mick Miller

    Entry level semi auto

    Armsan. Don't lump them into the same bracket as Hatsans, I believe they're effectively a Beretta knock-off. I've had one for a year or so and although only used occasionally it handles well, cycles 24gm and upwards flawlessly, is easy to maintain and appears solid. It's currently for sale though as I'm after a 45-70 and don't have cabinet space and don't want to put another in, I already have enough clutter everywhere else. Seriously, for the money they're excellent.
  6. Well , it's running on batteries. Still yet to test on iphone but I think I need a slightly better resolution camera. It's not 'bad', certainly knocks the caldwell one into a cocked hat, but I want it to be sharp. On the plus side, I tested it out to 600m no problems at all.
  7. As per title, my MAE T12 moderator for sale, can be put on anything from .222 - 6.5mm. Currently on my ticket for 243 but, as you know, your RFD can re-issue for anything between those calibres. Cracking mod, really quiet and will last a lifetime but I find it a tad too heavy for stalking. £135 posted to RFD
  8. Don't forget the 'didn't check the bayonet height' terminal user error either...
  9. Every time I see someone using one, and when I had someone set one up for me, it was endless faff getting it set and getting it to register every shot. Just seems to me that the Magnetospeed wins hands down on user friendliness. Strap it on and away you go.
  10. Having used a few (caldwell, pro chrono and chrony) only the magnetospeed and labradar seem any good. The labradar isn't worth having in the UK as it's been emasculated by the authorities and from what I've observed can be a complete faff to set up and get to register shots. That leaves just one option. Both labradar and magnetospeed registered the same velocities within +-5fps of each other, whereas when compared to traditional chronos there was a large difference in results. Magnetospeed – buy once, cry once. This is only one mans opinion.
  11. Mick Miller

    Tikka 260 T3x odd groupings

    So an update to this thread. After recrowning the rifle and removing, replacing and reinstalling both the rail and the mounts I went and shot some of the worst groups yet. The loads were also showing signs of being over pressure at 25 degrees ambient as opposed to being fine when I developed the load over the winter at around 10 degrees ambient. A single test over the Chrono backed that up, with the same load producing an almost 200fps gain in velocity. I went back to the drawing board and reduced the load to get back to 2600fps and try again, this time I also replaced the mounts with tier one mounts. Same deal, some awful groups followed by split groups as I got near 2600fps. So, I decided to ditch the n550 altogether, got a sample of RS62 and put together another bunch of rounds to try. Cutting a long story short I found that 41.5gr produced a thumbnail group at 100m, gave an average of 2560 fps over 6 shots with a SD of 9fps. Cold barrel shot was a little higher than subsequent shots, however all subsequent shots are touching. So, it seems it could have been powder temperature sensitivity rather than mounts, crown, bullet choice, bedding or any of the other suspects. Shot it last weekend in a club comp and came in 2nd out of 25.
  12. Mick Miller

    Target camera

    You could build your own, just completed testing my unit, which plugs into a phone or tablet, out to 500m before running out of field. Used it up the range today and it was good enough for me to be selling the spotting scope. Yes, you don't get auto shot recording and shot marking, not sure how well that would work with small groups anyway, but using an inexpensive app you can record and playback or take photos. A spent roughly two thirds less than the cheapest proprietary version. I've tried the caldwell and wasn't really very impressed. The resolution was quite low I thought and the system a bit clunky.
  13. I've just finished building this. Tested to 500m in fields, with trees, hedges and 4ft high lucerne getting in the way of the signal. Unit will eventually be free standing, powered by a lithium ion battery, receiver simply plugs into your mobile (android at the moment but apple would work with a different receiver) phone. Should be good to 1000m over a flat field like most ranges, especially as the transmitter tends to be elevated at the butts. The photo of the paddock taken from 500m away with the phone. A vari focal lens means you can crop into specific areas of a target, rather than the one size fits all approach of commercial units. I can upgrade the transmitter if I ever need anything that works up to and over a mile.
  14. Mick Miller

    RS62 load data for 260rem

    Is anyone able to supply at least a max and minimum guide for using Reload Swiss 62 with a 260 remington please? I cannot find any info on the site, in fact both 260 and Creedmoor appear not to feature whatsoever. Perhaps because these are both more popular 'across the pond'? Rifle is Tikka T3X Super Varmint, Barrel 600mm, Twist 1 in 8". Bullet 143gr ELDX (Hornady), Primer CCI200. Powder RS62. I would gladly buy quick load but I run a Mac and am not willing to have to partition and purchase an additional copy of Windows (not sure what current version is) just to be able to use it. I dearly wish the developer would cross-platform the software, alas this is unlikely to ever happen. Thanks in advance, I know it's a cheek.

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