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  1. Mick Miller

    RS62 load data for 260rem

    Is anyone able to supply at least a max and minimum guide for using Reload Swiss 62 with a 260 remington please? I cannot find any info on the site, in fact both 260 and Creedmoor appear not to feature whatsoever. Perhaps because these are both more popular 'across the pond'? Rifle is Tikka T3X Super Varmint, Barrel 600mm, Twist 1 in 8". Bullet 143gr ELDX (Hornady), Primer CCI200. Powder RS62. I would gladly buy quick load but I run a Mac and am not willing to have to partition and purchase an additional copy of Windows (not sure what current version is) just to be able to use it. I dearly wish the developer would cross-platform the software, alas this is unlikely to ever happen. Thanks in advance, I know it's a cheek.
  2. Mick Miller

    Tikka 260 T3x odd groupings

    Too late (but thanks for the recommendation), set of Tier One on the way!
  3. Mick Miller

    Tikka 260 T3x odd groupings

    Hmm. I was going to try the recrown before committing to a new set of 34mm rings. What's the recommendation for 34mm Picatinny mount that didn't involve spending hundreds of pounds? Tier one? LEUPOLD PRW (only £70)?
  4. Mick Miller

    17H - 18, 20 or 22 inch barrel . . .

    Just chopped mine from 24" to 21" and gained 110fps.
  5. Mick Miller

    Font Colour

    AWESOME WORK! Looks 100% better to me. Lovely jubbly.
  6. 300 55gr Nosler Ballistic tip (24055) £25/100 - these still availabubble?
  7. Mick Miller

    Font Colour

  8. My 243 does this, try putting the patch off centre, try a different shape of patch. For instance, round patches pierced off centre seem to pass through a lot easier than square cut patches that are virtually impossible to push through. You could also try an alternative jag design/shape to see if that helps. The jag unwinding is common throughout all my rifles though, just check and retighten after giving the rod a wipe.
  9. Dropped again. Now just £180.
  10. I'm not sure about having to remove the jag everytime, that's going to be a novelty that wears thin quickly, just don't drag it back through at a rate of knots. I just remove the patch and then slowly push the jag back into the bore by holding the end and guiding it in, once it's cleared the crown pull the rod out as normal, wipe and repeat.
  11. My polymer magazine, which I used once (bought a Waters Rifleman so I can load longer). This would work with most short action Tikkas I think but the same as found here: https://riflemags.co.uk/tikka-t3-5-round-extended-magazine-22-250-243-308/ Pretty much 'as new'. SOLD
  12. Mick Miller

    Tikka 260 T3x odd groupings

    Crown's done. Nice work, thank you Barton GunWorks!
  13. Mick Miller

    Tikka 260 T3x odd groupings

    Should be okay then, I tend to sit mine in the middly bits [lacks technical term].
  14. Mick Miller

    Tikka 260 T3x odd groupings

    Any permanent damage done to the optics as a result or is it a case of 'swap rings, problem gone'? Assuming no over-tightening, farmer hands etc.?
  15. Mick Miller

    Tikka 260 T3x odd groupings

    @MarinePMI - Is this not likely an issue/conflict with Vortex/Warne where the former specifically state on their instructions for securing scope rings to 'never exceed 16-18in/lb' whereas Warne advise '25in/lb for both bases and rings'? As it happens I secure my bases with 25in/lb and the rings with only 20in/lb so over torquing is unlike to be causing any crimping, squishing issues. The wrench I use retails at around £160, it's a pretty precise, calibrated instrument and not a shonky 'fatboy' or whatever. I'm confident I'm not exceeding any of those maximum recommendations. Could you also link to any articles that back the assertion that Warne rings cause these issues as, despite searching, I cannot find any - I'm genuinely curious (as sometimes this can come across as accusatory on tinternet forums) - Nightforce, I understand, actually recommend Warne as an alternative to their own proprietary rings for instance. A lot of people I know own and use these without issue. In other news, barrel is getting recrowned today

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