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  1. Mick Miller

    Tikka T3x Adjustable Stock

    I have one here, off a 260 T3X super varmint, virtually new - £125 posted.
  2. Mick Miller

    KRG /TRG adaptor for TYPE B (versapod) bipod

    May I recommend a small application called dashlane? Stores all your passwords, creates secure passwords, audits your passwords, informs you when they may have been breached and syncs across all devices.
  3. Mick Miller

    KRG /TRG adaptor for TYPE B (versapod) bipod

    Well all sorted, turns out he'd lost his phone, that explains that then!
  4. Mick Miller

    KRG /TRG adaptor for TYPE B (versapod) bipod

    That's what I thought.
  5. Mick Miller

    KRG /TRG adaptor for TYPE B (versapod) bipod

    Doesn't answer emails (although, in his defence, I think he could be in the unenviable position of being in Las Vegas at present (shot show))?
  6. Mick Miller

    Which quad sticks

    The studs I use for the base are half screw, half m6 thread (I don't know what they're called). Washers at the top are essential, they prevent premature wear and provide a rubbing surface for the poles. The webbing can be hand sewn, you'll want a thimble as you need to press quite hard to get the needle though and invariably it pops through and then stabs your fingers otherwise. When you get the poles there is plastic in either end. Leave this in, the top of your poles will be the pointy end, just cut some of the point off to create a more rounded end, the bottom cut flush and square and pilot drill to accept the stud screw thread. Use a washer to sandwich the belt. If you're a short arse you'll have to cut the poles down. Cut the top and buy some blanking plugs to cap the end and make a soft surface for the webbing. The belt: Google 'Balata Flat Drive Belting'
  7. Mick Miller

    Which quad sticks

    Bear in mind these are three years old, left out in all weather, well used... The hinged foot, uses traction belt to provide a flexible, long lasting hinge. Leave one stud long to create a pin for extra grip. The washers were shaped around a bar, then treated with cold blue to prevent rust (small outer washer wasn't). Nuts are stainless nyloc. Webbing from an old kitbag stitched to create two slip over cradles. This means you can pan the rifle and the sticks are ambi. Simple string and webbing loop means you can slide the webbing up/down to set the gap for whichever rifle you're using. This is a photo of the sticks, unsupported but with the peg pushed into the ground.
  8. One of these things: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Versa-Pod-Bipod-Mount-Whiskey-3-Chassis/dp/B0752F91FQ Ta.
  9. Mick Miller

    Which quad sticks

    I concur with the above. I've tried a few different sticks over the years and, hands down, my pimped garden canes win every time. I really do need to make a thread on how to construct these when I have time as I think the design beats just about everything else I've seen. Mine have sat out in the garden, resting against a hedge or shed for three years and are still going strong. No rust, no knackered bits. I don't cradle the rifle in the uprights, rather it sits in two webbing slings, the feet aren't screwed together so create a weak spot, they use traction engine belt to create a flexible, all weather hinge, the fittings that retain it also create a spike to maintain a solid hold on the ground and a great pivot point. The washers are shaped and blued to prevent corrosion, stainless fittings and nyloc nuts keep everything tight and rust free. Best of all, around £40 in materials.
  10. Load them longer! As per title, I'm upgrading my Tikka chassis, the new chassis only accepts AICS style magazines and so this is up for sale. Less than a year old and machined from aluminium these magazines allow you to load longer without having to change the bottom metal, remove or alter bolt stops etc. These retail at £135.00, this one is in excellent condition. link SOLD
  11. Apologies for not responding, the non adjustable cheek piece put me off. Good luck with the sale.
  12. Do you need to change the bolt stop to use this?
  13. As per title, little use, very good condition, complete with bushing. £125 to your RFD or F2F
  14. Mick Miller

    What 6.5 bullet for. 260

    Only crazy silly thanks to Edgar's, just buy the from the other EU countries, last lot of 500 I bought I saved over £100, even with the postage.

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