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  1. 17H - 18, 20 or 22 inch barrel . . .

    I didn't like the way the muzzle thread wasn't undercut on the HW myself. Although I will admit, the rest of it is Bob on.
  2. 260 rem 123gn ELD-Match & N560 1:8 twist

    Final word on this bit of load development, save playing with seating depths. A stout dose of N550, 44gns to be precise, produced 2907fps over 4 shots with an S.D of 5.5fps. Next up is, as mentioned, seating depths now that I have replaced the stock magazine with a Waters Rifleman Gen.5 6-shot magazine to allow longer seating depths. There were no pressure signs in my rifle, the load was cross checked in QL to make sure it fell beneath simulated max chamber pressure just to be safe. Coincidentally, the QL stated max velocity matched the results from the Magnetospeed. These test loads were all .060" off the lands, so I'll try 20 thou, 40 thou, 60 thou and 80 thou off the lands and see which out of a series of 5 shot groups proves to be the best. Your rifles mileage may vary. Please work up any load based on this result carefully.
  3. Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    Another fox flopped to the little hornet around 5 minutes ago and around 60 yards. No dramas, just drops to the spot with a chest shot. If you want a little, light, frangible round which isn't terribly noisy it does take some beating.
  4. Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    Yes, the 17hmr has had it's day. 17 hornet does everything you really wanted your hmr to do and more. It also doesn't cost a great deal more to feed, especially if you roll your own for it. The hmr is virtually pointless as a foxing round. I've lost count of the times I've watched people, who believe the hmr is capable, shoot foxes at sub 100 yards only to wound them and have them run off. No thanks. 17 hornet, even if chest shot, will have foxes drop within 20 yards of running. Just don't fall into the mistake of trying to replicate that at stupid ranges at night.
  5. Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    Pretty much the conclusion I came too as well. I was almost at the point of buying one but think I'll sit on my hands a little longer and opt for a thermal. That said, the somewhat clunky, near-eye nv add-on I built years ago is still working great and still spanking the digital add-on competition from what I've seen.
  6. Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    Yes, and there's also the end of life notice issued by FLIR listing both Drone Pro versions released last November. It's all a bit sad really as there really wasn't anything that came close.
  7. Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    This is the last delivery, pre orders only. FLIR bought Armasight and have set about thinning the range. If you want one you need to order before the end of Jan, after that it will be the secondhand market only. If you have problems then FLIR will offer warranty repairs for two years but you'll need to return to the US.
  8. Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    Drone Pro is now discontinued I believe.
  9. .17 Hornet Mod - What ?

    It does seem like quite a bad experience and your preference justified. To counter, I have a couple of the BGW mods and everything has been perfect. I use the bgw on the 243 when stalking as it's so light compared to my MAE. However, when foxing I'll put the MAE on as the noise reduction is superior. The little 17 rimfire mod I tried was excellent, threads perfectly. However, personal experiences understandably taint ones future approach, that I understand having had a few myself over the years.
  10. .17 Hornet Mod - What ?

    Interested to know why not Barton? I only ask as I have run a dm80 since getting the hornet and it's good but tried out a BGW 17 rimfire mod a few days ago and, although moderation wasn't as good; to be expected when using a small rimfire mod, it handles the increased pressure without a problem and also tightened up my group sizes.
  11. Good job, PM incoming. I'll get it in the post as soon as payment done.
  12. Harris bipod in great condition, no rust, some slight wear to finish in places (just the edges of the frame in a few, very small areas, commensurate with use really). Original bag and instructions - but what self respecting man needs instructions? • Swivel base • Smooth legs • Original packaging £75 posted to UK mainland. Selling as I've moved over to a versa pod - probably regret selling this but...
  13. Harris bipod 9-13” swivel

    Only have a 9-13" swivel with smooth legs available, I can't stand the notched legs myself but it's personal preference I accept.
  14. Drone/Rifle dilemma

    Get the Barton Gunworks rails for the CZ, they reach well forward to give adequate eye relief, the price is reasonable(ish) and they're precisely machined so you'll have no problems with fit either.

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