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  1. Boxed, A1 condition. Standard unit and very handy. I have been gifted a ridiculously costly thrower which, along with one of my baffles, means I can simply throw a pretty precise charge otherwise I'd be keeping it. A seriously handy device with any standard beam scale. £80 posted. NOW SOLD
  2. Mick Miller

    Bolt knob replacement

    Not sure where your located but this UK Gunsmith did mine for me, did a cracking job and didn't charge the earth either. They're based near Cambridge.
  3. Mick Miller

    Wind meters

    Job Jobbed. Internal, captive o-ring makes the faux phono fitting a secure push fit. Button nice and accessible, slots in and out, stores in the pouch. Elevates the windmeter for better reading and no foam to mask or alter any of the sensors. Raised tabs prevent the weatherflow from rotating to give a false directional reading.
  4. Mick Miller

    Wind meters

    I'm in the process of designing a cradle for the weatherflow to fit straight into the Kestrel cradle. Should be sturdier than just a wodge of foam.
  5. Mick Miller

    3D Prints

    They are fantastic. I have a nice little line in custom powder funnels for those calibers that are a pain to reload with an off the shelf, fitsall funnel (got bored of carefully weighing kernels and watching them fall onto the worktop as I pull the funnel off). My night vision add on, all 3D printed. My case annealer uses printed parts and an arduino to give 0.25 second fine tuning to the dwell time. In the house I've fixed fans, loos, ladders, taps and other stuff all with printed parts.
  6. Mick Miller

    H S Precision stock uk importer?

    Just got one for the cz527, bit of a wait as they're made to order, plus UK customs clearance time but I'm really pleased with it. It's improved the handling and accuracy (doesn't flex in the forend like the original). He's got a load already in stock I think you'll find, listed on the webpage.
  7. Mick Miller

    Air rifle to FAC power?

    Sometimes you have to be prepared to travel for things you really want. I converted a TTR1 Rapid to FAC, which is simple by comparison, and have virtually destroyed the value in doing so. I didn't realise at the time, if I'd known I would have sold as is and bought a dedicated, factory regulated FAC rifle of a different make. I still love it, wouldn't part with it, but could have done a lot better for the money. There are loads of FAC rifles on guntrader for instance, and the BBS (just join)
  8. Mick Miller

    Air rifle to FAC power?

    Honestly, sell it and buy something else FAC if that's what you want/need.
  9. Mick Miller

    Pigeon licence now added .

    It's useless, like the crow licence it isn't fit for purpose. Effectively a well worded trap for shooters, perfect for any anti that wishes to call the Police when they hear or see shooting. 'crack on' at your own risk.
  10. Mick Miller

    Pigeon licence now added .

    Aye useless. Read through this before cracking on. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/798009/wml-gu01-legal-methods.pdf
  11. Mick Miller

    Get your Crow License here....

    Gove, Packham, Avery, Spain & Juniper. What a rosy, cosy relationship. As highlighted already, by Fieldsports Britain. To be fair my MP has been quite responsive, forwarding the correspondence from Gove as it arrives, hot off the press. Completely useless of course, but then he is a Tory and a Sir...
  12. Mick Miller

    Get your Crow License here....

    Not Packham, but his RSPB buddies Spain & Juniper. How is this licensing issue a matter for NE? Surely it should be DEFRA that manages the control of pest species.
  13. Mick Miller

    Get your Crow License here....

    The only licence issued so far is about as useful as tits on a bull.

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