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  1. mole-e30

    284 dies etc

    I may have some Ross, I'll check Cheers Bruce
  2. Hi David No problem at all, I will be lodging the rifle at Fox firearms on Saturday, so no issue there. I can let Brian know that you will be having it if you want. Cheers Bruce
  3. NOW SOLD Winchester Mod 70 in 6mmBR Converted to single shot and re-barreled in 6BR by Vince Bottomley, this rifle featured in Target Sports Magazine. 29" Heavy Straight Taper - 1:8" Gain Twist Bartlein Barrel Rifle Basix Trigger Picatinny Rail & 20 MOA Rings Anschutz rail in forend to take Bipod, sling stud or included 3" wide bag rider Load details included, this rifle has been throated to enable bullets from 66 to 105gr to be seated touching the lands. Has won many benchrest competitions out to 1000 yards and has also won Diggle Fly and Egg competitions - at it's last use it shot a 4.2" group at 1000 yards. Round count is documented at 1600 and has been cleaned after each use. This is priced to sell at £550 - Scope not included in the price Rifle is in Northumberland until Saturday 6th April, when it will be with Fox Firearms. A great proven winner to get started in any precision discipline or for long range varminting.
  4. mole-e30

    Cheap alternatives

    Les, I'm guessing that you then use the Bold 3 in 1 pods to wash the patches so you can reuse them...... How many "firings" do you get from each patch?
  5. UKBRA are holding a 100 yard Benchrest weekend on the 30th and 31st March.... - Venue is Diggle Ranges Saturday will be a taster day, we will have some Benchrest Rifles for people to have a go with, but feel free to bring your own also. Sunday will be a competition, with classes for Benchrest Rifles and also Unlimited, where anything goes as such. - 50 rounds of ammo will give you enough for the comp and sighters Would anyone be interested in either day?
  6. Bradders, that is possibly because people "incorrectly" portray shooting disciplines of which they know very little about as being X, Y & Z, quite often these portrayals are less than favourable. That in itself makes it very hard to attract new blood to any discipline, before you even go to the expense of organising matches, training sessions, taster days etc ect.... We are all shooters after all and maybe, just maybe we should be trying to help the sport of shooting "Wholesale", rather than just trying to score cheap points against sections of our own community........ Yes, I'm a benchrest shooter, I make no bones about that, but the amount of complete and utter twoddle I hear talked about the discipline is just ridiculous and yes it sure is harder to convince someone to give it a go, when they have had their head filled full of rubbish in advance of ever trying it. So I speak from some experience.
  7. I'll take this please @ £1750, just left you a voicemail on your mobile
  8. Hi All Results from this weekend's activities at Diggle. Round 4 of the 2018 100 and 1000 yard series. Congratulations to Dale Almond, new UKBRA 4 x 5 Shot Agg record in Factory Sporter 7.215" Thanks Bruce 100 Yards https://www.dropbox.com/s/dmqpouzqgfxhhxz/UKBRA 100BR 7th July 2018.pdf?dl=0 1000 Yards - Group https://www.dropbox.com/s/ezb4q5x3ii6ohct/UKBRA 1000BR 8th July 2018.pdf?dl=0 1000 Yards - Score https://www.dropbox.com/s/eym1mp15hfnuqns/UKBRA 1000BR 8th July 2018 - Score.pdf?dl=0
  9. Hi All See results below for this weekend's shooting 100 Yards https://www.dropbox.com/s/9htc2ceahtrxd3w/UKBRA 100BR 16th June 2018.pdf?dl=0 NEW UKBRA 100 Yard HV Small Group Record - 0.055" Bruce Lenton 1000 Yards Group - https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7nn5w1dh5suold/UKBRA 1000BR 17th June 2018.pdf?dl=0 Score - https://www.dropbox.com/s/7964424ojmz47sq/UKBRA 1000BR 17th June 2018 - Score.pdf?dl=0 Thanks to all that helped......
  10. mole-e30

    Amazing group!

    The gun isnt "strapped" to the bench, it sits on a rest, but it still recoils, can be nudged etc and be pulled due to poor gun handling. The shooter has to read the wind and decide when to shoot, how fast etc, so there are a number of factors that make a group good or bad. It certainly isnt as easy as just bang bang bang, the wind will probably NOT stay constant in terms of direction or speed throughout the string and possibly at longer ranges 600 and 1000 yards, it wont even be constant in terms of direction down the whole distance of the range. So you have to look at many flags/indicators to make sure you get the true picture and replicate it for the required number of shots/groups....... Ohh and have a rifle that tracks in the bags and has an appropriate load developed. Hope this helps
  11. mole-e30

    Amazing group!

    UKBRA will be at the Northern Shooting Show, with some of our kit for anyone that wants to come and have a look at it in the flesh
  12. mole-e30

    Amazing group!

    Ok then Bradders, if its all so "easy, simple, boring etc" then June 17th at Diggle 1000 yard benchrest, why dont you come and show us all how to do it...... I'm sure someone will lend you a gun, rest etc and even load you the ammo if you want....... I dont criticise other disiplines, especially when I've never even tried them, so here is a chance for you to give it a go..... Hell, I'll even pay the comp entry fee for you.
  13. Results for Round 1 of 2018 https://www.dropbox.com/s/4x8jjb6yz2f8m1e/UKBRA 1000BR 25th March 2018.pdf?dl=0

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