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  1. I'll take this please @ £1750, just left you a voicemail on your mobile
  2. Hi All Results from this weekend's activities at Diggle. Round 4 of the 2018 100 and 1000 yard series. Congratulations to Dale Almond, new UKBRA 4 x 5 Shot Agg record in Factory Sporter 7.215" Thanks Bruce 100 Yards https://www.dropbox.com/s/dmqpouzqgfxhhxz/UKBRA 100BR 7th July 2018.pdf?dl=0 1000 Yards - Group https://www.dropbox.com/s/ezb4q5x3ii6ohct/UKBRA 1000BR 8th July 2018.pdf?dl=0 1000 Yards - Score https://www.dropbox.com/s/eym1mp15hfnuqns/UKBRA 1000BR 8th July 2018 - Score.pdf?dl=0
  3. Hi All See results below for this weekend's shooting 100 Yards https://www.dropbox.com/s/9htc2ceahtrxd3w/UKBRA 100BR 16th June 2018.pdf?dl=0 NEW UKBRA 100 Yard HV Small Group Record - 0.055" Bruce Lenton 1000 Yards Group - https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7nn5w1dh5suold/UKBRA 1000BR 17th June 2018.pdf?dl=0 Score - https://www.dropbox.com/s/7964424ojmz47sq/UKBRA 1000BR 17th June 2018 - Score.pdf?dl=0 Thanks to all that helped......
  4. mole-e30

    Amazing group!

    The gun isnt "strapped" to the bench, it sits on a rest, but it still recoils, can be nudged etc and be pulled due to poor gun handling. The shooter has to read the wind and decide when to shoot, how fast etc, so there are a number of factors that make a group good or bad. It certainly isnt as easy as just bang bang bang, the wind will probably NOT stay constant in terms of direction or speed throughout the string and possibly at longer ranges 600 and 1000 yards, it wont even be constant in terms of direction down the whole distance of the range. So you have to look at many flags/indicators to make sure you get the true picture and replicate it for the required number of shots/groups....... Ohh and have a rifle that tracks in the bags and has an appropriate load developed. Hope this helps
  5. mole-e30

    Amazing group!

    UKBRA will be at the Northern Shooting Show, with some of our kit for anyone that wants to come and have a look at it in the flesh
  6. mole-e30

    Amazing group!

    Ok then Bradders, if its all so "easy, simple, boring etc" then June 17th at Diggle 1000 yard benchrest, why dont you come and show us all how to do it...... I'm sure someone will lend you a gun, rest etc and even load you the ammo if you want....... I dont criticise other disiplines, especially when I've never even tried them, so here is a chance for you to give it a go..... Hell, I'll even pay the comp entry fee for you.
  7. Results for Round 1 of 2018 https://www.dropbox.com/s/4x8jjb6yz2f8m1e/UKBRA 1000BR 25th March 2018.pdf?dl=0
  8. mole-e30

    Reloading with Rosie

    The advice given by the likes of Vince, Laurie and Stuart on the show is great and useful, however the fault of this is entirely at the door or Edgar Bros / Hornady. The contributors simply have a job to do, and having watched the technical content you do it very well and in an informative way, hats off to you. I have no problem with using Rosie as a person, it shows that someone who clearly has no shooting background can learn this and be taught, what I have the massive issue with is the sexualisation of our sport..... There simply isnt any need for it. At what point does wearing "hot pants" make you shoot or reload any better....... Quite simply it doesnt, it's just using the term sex sells. My beef with this is, what sort of message does it send out to people wanting to join or sport..... The wrong one. Shooting has to some degree already got a bad press of being "elitist", for old men, etc etc, this doesnt help at all. We are trying to get more women into the sport and young people.... my good lady took one look at this last night and hit the roof for the reasons above.
  9. mole-e30

    Reloading with Rosie

    I dont see the need for the lack of clothing by the presenter..... And I dont mean Vince, Laurie or Stuart..... Seriously what do hot pants add to our sport other than an attempt to sell more kit. I'm sure Rosie is a lovely person, but really!
  10. mole-e30

    Reloading with Rosie

    OK, so Laurie and Stuart have made an appearance with our reloading friend Rosie..... Vince, must be your turn next
  11. UKBRA - SUNDAY 4th MARCH 600yard COMPETITION .....CANCELLED As many across the UK will expect, due to adverse weather conditions at both Diggle and across most parts of the UK Sunday’s competition is cancelled. We’re making the decision early so all can plan their weekends AND information suggests conditions may well deteriorate even further over the weekend. It is appreciated that for some conditions might not seem too bad, but for the majority that is not the case and travel, except in urgent cases, is still not recommended across most of the UK. We need to take a responsible and holistic approach. Looking at the Diggle calendar it looks like it will be extremely difficult to reschedule the competition to any date in the near future, hence this year’s championship will be decided on the “best 3 out of the 5” shoots completed, as we have done in the past went we’ve lost a shoot. Apologies to those who hoped a good day on Sunday might have boosted their overall position, there is always next year. Congratulations to this years winners, who’ll be formally announced later. Keep warm and especially SAFE. Bruce (on behalf of the UKBRA)
  12. Hi All The snow has hit Diggle and we have had a few people asking if the comp will still be on this Sunday. We are monitoring the conditions and will make a final decision when a range inspection has taken place. We will post on here and our Facebook page on Friday evening a definitive YES or NO. Hope this is OK. Thanks Bruce
  13. mole-e30

    Diggle results

    Because you asked so nicely, here are the results....... https://www.dropbox.com/s/3a1w74l4j07xuji/UKBRA 600BR 4th February 2018.pdf?dl=0
  14. Dorg.... What wins benchrest matches is consistency, i.e. multiple repeatable decent groups. Note Decent, not stunning..... When I started shooting benchrest I was told by an old timer.... just keep it sensible, the bad ones kill you, the small ones help you, and he was right. I've seen people break a record on one group, then have a train wreck the next one and finish mid table, only to be beaten by someone who has just plodded along all day shooting "respectable" groups with no major disasters along the way. Your 1.5 - 1.75" group is truly special, based on the above, what were the others like, if they were even similar, say 3" or under then you clearly have a setup that is well and truly capable of being very very effective at long range BR. Hope the above is helpful and well done on the group, it is very good. Bruce

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