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  1. Let me know if you'd consider selling the dies seperately.
  2. Can I have the trickier please.
  3. Stock arrived today, just fitted it, many thanks.
  4. Are you considering splitting, interested in the bullets and die set.
  5. Pictures of hand primers please.
  6. Any chance of a few pictures.
  7. cheshirelad

    Lee reloading press or similar

    Looking for a Lee breech lock single stage press or similar.
  8. Let me know if you'd consider selling the PRS stock separately.
  9. Let me know if the chassis sells on its own, I'd like first refusal on the PRS stock.
  10. cheshirelad

    S&B 12-50x56

    MOA or MIL.
  11. cheshirelad

    S&B 12-50x56

    Same here, depends on the specification your 5x25.
  12. cheshirelad


    Why post twice.
  13. cheshirelad

    Schmidt PMII Ultrashort

    Thanks, I've seen that one, just seeing what else is out there.

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