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  1. Let me know if you'd consider selling the UBR separately.
  2. cheshirelad

    PM2 12-50x56

    Whats your budget, I know of one for sale.
  3. I'm lucky, I can buy it regularly at $8 a bottle.
  4. Too expensive for me.
  5. If its £15 for all 14 bottles then yes please.
  6. I'll take the 69gr SMK's please.
  7. cheshirelad

    34 mm unimount 0moa

    I've got several sets of 34mm rings if they are any use to you.
  8. For sale, RCBS powder measure, good condition, no cap, no stand. £45 including P&P.
  9. cheshirelad

    AR Iron Sights

    I have the set that came with my LMT.
  10. cheshirelad

    S&B 12-50x56

    Don't bother calling West Wales, sold.
  11. For sale, Vortex scope rings, 25mm top of base to centre of ring. Set came of Remington 700 fitted with Schmidt 5x25. £100 each including P&P.
  12. For sale, 2 pairs of TPS 34mm low scope rings, TSR range, 26mm top of base to centre of ring. Both sets came of Remington 700's fitted with Schmidt 5x25's. £80 each including P&P.
  13. cheshirelad

    Wanted 34mm scope med mounts

    Crack on, Badgers won't be that low.
  14. cheshirelad

    Wanted 34mm scope med mounts

    I have a set of Badger Ordnance rings, I've used them for a PMII 5x25 on an AR15.

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