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  1. 800 sold so far, still plenty left.
  2. Can you put the BR2's and 4's on hold until you can confirm number and cost.
  3. How many BR2/BR4's do you have any how much.
  4. Hundreds of once fired 5.56 GGG cases for sale. £12 per hundred including P&P, contact me if you're interested in larger quantities.
  5. PM me your contact details..
  6. They're low rings, what scope are you mounting on what rifle.
  7. I'd say steel due to the weight but not 100% certain, great rings though.
  8. Back to the top with a reduced price.
  9. cheshirelad

    WANTED 223 rem dies

    I have a Lee set, FL sizing not neck if they're any use to you.
  10. For sale, TPS 34mm low scope rings. 1 inch from top of rail to middle of ring. SOLD.

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