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  1. What adjustment, mil or MOA.
  2. cheshirelad

    aics mag

    For the people with magazines for sale are they 223 or 308.
  3. How many magazines does it come with.
  4. cheshirelad

    Girard Tri Way case trimmer

    Doug will ship to the UK, I know 2 or 3 people who have ordered directly, nice easy transaction. I'm off to the states next week and am bringing 2 back for friends, 🙂
  5. cheshirelad

    Autothrow/Autotrickler V2

    As a matter of interest where are you ordering one from.
  6. cheshirelad

    Competition seating dies

    Not sorted, how much.
  7. cheshirelad

    Competition seating dies

    Wanted, Either RCBS or Redding competition seating dies, looking for both 223 and 308.
  8. cheshirelad

    Magpul PRS Gen 3 stock

    I know where's there''s a gen 1 if you're interested.
  9. Banus02, I'm with you, waste of my time, I was first to ask about the primers and yet they're sold, never mind, just another seller to avoid, 😞
  10. I asked you to put the BR's to one side for me, what a waste of my time.
  11. cheshirelad

    Brass tumbler

    How much do you want for it.
  12. cheshirelad

    308 Lapua Brass

    How many cases are you after.
  13. cheshirelad

    New Powder Trickler Works Well

    Is there any support for the setup in the UK.
  14. 800 sold so far, still plenty left.
  15. Can you put the BR2's and 4's on hold until you can confirm number and cost.

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