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  1. Eskdalemuir is a fantastic facility and, with the growing interest in ELR - with several countries now hosting competitions other than America - this range could be a great venue for European competitions. The ELR rules have been revised (in a sensible direction) and it would be great if Mark were to get involved and perhaps host a shoot next year.
  2. The Gun Pimp


    Nick, a tumbler can be used. All you need is a small round container with a screw-on lid which will hold about 100 bullets. Put a small amount of moly powder in with the bullets and seal the lid with a bit of tape. Lob it in your tumbler (with media still in place) and leave for a couple of hours. Tip bullets into an old towel and remove surplus powder. You will now have 100 bullets which will give you less velocity than un-coated ones. You may be able to recoup the lost velocity with more powder - if there's room in the case. But, after all that - what have you gained? Hannam's sell the moly powder.
  3. The Gun Pimp

    6mm creedmoor powders

    I really just built mine as a light (to carry) gun for McQueen comps. I must admit, I was shocked at the 3000+fps velocity out of a 22 inch barrel. Got a 50 in the first ever comp so more than happy with the accuracy.
  4. The Gun Pimp

    6mm creedmoor powders

    A couple of use are getting good velocity and accuracy with Vit N160 using 105gn Bergers. Check out my load dev. in Target Shooter on http://www.targetshooter.co.uk/?p=3076
  5. The Gun Pimp

    Shooting Mat Help

    Maidment - I just bought one. These mats are made by a top F Class shooter. See my write-up on http://www.targetshooter.co.uk/?p=3125
  6. The Gun Pimp

    SEB Mini Front Rest

    Sorry - don't know my own email address! It's targetshooteronline@icloud.com
  7. The Gun Pimp

    SEB Mini Front Rest

    I've just been talking to someone who has a SEB Mini for sale for about £600 incl. postage. If you PM me on targetshooter@icloud.com I'll put you in touch.
  8. The Gun Pimp

    Old brass.

    Nick, ask Brian Fox - he knows a place in Ashton.
  9. The Gun Pimp


    Just had a look at their website - got some decent looking gear at good prices - might go and have a look.
  10. The Gun Pimp

    wooden stock inletting

    Necessary tools for opening up a barrel channel? A short length of wooden dowel, coarse sandpaper and a dollop of elbow grease - unless of course you have a milling machine.....
  11. Kevin - bargain of the century! I'm thinning my stuff out, otherwise I couldn't resist it at that price.
  12. The Gun Pimp

    Ladder V's OCW: Which works best for you?

    One-third MOA at 1000 yards! Good luck with that - this year, in the UKBRA 1000 yd Championship, I would estimate that around 700 5-shot groups were shot - no one got a 1/3 MOA group! Please bring your rifle along to one of our shoots and clean-up!
  13. The Gun Pimp

    Shehane Tracker Stock wanted

    Looking for a s/h fibreglass Shehane Tracker stock. Please PM me on targetshooteronline@icloud.com
  14. The Gun Pimp

    NF NXS 8-32x56 moaR

    You have a PM
  15. The Gun Pimp

    Improved 284?

    And why did he do it? Well, I was lucky enough to shoot with Bill at the Hawksridge 1000 yd benchrest range way back in 2004 and I asked him. The reason he took out the taper was simply to aid extraction when 'running the gun' - i.e getting five shots of in about 10 seconds.

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