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  1. The Gun Pimp

    .224 Valkyrie

    Great info Dave - unfortunately I'm still waiting for my bolt-head!
  2. The Gun Pimp

    New barrel breaking in

    How he finished it off? What would you expect him to say?
  3. The Gun Pimp

    New barrel breaking in

    A lot of us have adhered to something akin to the 'McMillan method'. I used to. Now, I just shoot 20 odd rounds right off (which usually includes a bit of load-development) BUT I'm prepared to spend the next couple of days getting out all the copper residue. It's then ready for competition. There is an interesting piece on the Snipers Hide forum at the moment - where the poster recommends running-in by shooting multiple rounds without cleaning - to burnish the barrel - i.e to form a hard coating. Interesting. The knowledge is out there - freely available. There will always be opposite opinions. No one likes the tedious 'shoot one clean' running-in process and again, it all depends on the use of your rifle. If you're simply a hunter you perhaps don't demand the same performance as a benchrest shooter. We all have expectations for our new barrel - if it doesn't live up to those expectations, was it our run-in procedure? If Andrew went back to his gunsmith to complain that his new 'high dollar custom barrel" didn't shoot - I'm sure his gunsmith would ask how he ran it in.........
  4. The Gun Pimp

    6XC powder choice

    I used the old Elcho17 - now I use RS 60 - with 105gn bullets.
  5. The Gun Pimp


    I got one direct from Kelbly's last year - cost me over £600! Now, you'd probably have to get it through their European importer.
  6. Thanks Andy - about 1500 2000 words please. Send to targetshooteronline@icloud.com If anyone has any pics that would enhance the article, please send them - res c. 1 meg.
  7. Looks like an awesome couple of day's shooting. Great pics. If anyone would be prepared to do a write-up, I'll put it on Target Shooter and give it the publicity it deserves.
  8. The Gun Pimp

    Advice needed. Chamber issues

    Lakeylad - if it will chamber and extract a brand-new case then, dimension-wise, the chamber is OK. A quick look with a borescope should reveal any internal finish problems. Any gunsmith will have a look for you - and hopefully correct the problem.
  9. The Gun Pimp

    Brass preparation

    Don't use it until you've fired the cases one time Nick. Otherwise you could slightly open up the pocket - the last thing you want. Slack pockets will be one of the reasons your brass becomes scrap. Honestly, with Lapua brass, there is little to be gained - except perhaps for 6PPC short range benchrest.
  10. The Gun Pimp

    BAT VR 6x47

    Thank God for that - I was struggling to resist and running out of excuses! A new BAT VR action would cost as much.
  11. The Gun Pimp


    Are you shooting the 600 yard BR next Sunday?
  12. The Gun Pimp


    For benchrest at 100, 600 & 1000 yds - you can use the same scope if it's 32 power or over. Most F Class shooters will be using a scope of at least that power.
  13. The Gun Pimp

    Opinions on Sightron scopes?

    The higher mag (50X) are very critical on eye-relief but no probs with the 8-32 and below.
  14. The Gun Pimp

    Scopes and miraging

    Fortunately, mirage is not a huge issue in the UK. I the early days of F Class, I was shooting in a GBFCA 1000 yd League Match at Barry Budden in Scotland. The mirage was awful - I was using a fixed 36X scope so I couldn't turn the mag. down as many of my competitors were doing. However, at an F Cass shoot in the States where the mirage was running, I asked a few of the top American shooters if they turned their scope mag. down - surprisingly, most didn't. In short-range benchrest - 100 - 200 yds - mirage is common at most overseas shoots. It scares the heck out of me. All of us are using fixed power scopes between 40 and 50 power mag. but the Aussies and Americans, who shoot mirage all the time, just seem to get on with it. Personally, I don't think there is a particular make of scope which will cope better with mirage but there is probably an optimum magnification - depending on range. Then of course you have the other problem when shooting F Class - do you read the flags or the mirage? How did the Europeans Go BTW? Was there mirage?
  15. The Gun Pimp

    Load development

    Well Nick, if you are shooting sub half MOA groups at 100 yds and your MV spread over five rounds is in single figures, then I would say not much to be gained by tweaking/increasing your load. The target tells all!

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