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  1. I think your last paragraph is absolutely correct - confidence in your handloads is what matters. My most accurate rifle is my 6PPC comp. gun. I start the season with 15 new cases. They will be fired six times at every match. In a season of competition plus a bit of testing that's about 50 firings. Do I clean 'em? No - just the outside of the neck. Are they shooting as well at the end of the season - you bet. I'm confident my method works. However, it can't do any harm to return the cases to 'as new' condition by US cleaning - and annealing and, if it boosts your confidence, then great - you'll probably shoot better. As I now have an AMP annealer, I'm going to try annealing after every match next year. I'm already annealing for F Class etc. I do have an ultrasonic cleaner but I've only used it once.
  2. Scopes

    In my experience, the IOR scopes are very heavy so rarely used on FTR rifles. Same with Schmidt & Bender, NXS etc.
  3. Scopes

    Yeh - quality scopes from March, Nightforce, Sightron, Vortex are all popular. Weight is always an issue with an FTR build so the lighter scopes are favored. The Sightron and March are around 25 ounces, the Vortex Golden Eagle and Nightforce Competition about 29 ounces. Magnification-wise, 8 - 32 would be the minimum but most shooters have the higher mag. range but probably use about 40 power. If you're just toying with the idea, you won't want to fork out two grand on a scope but the 8-32 Sightron is about £800 new or £600 s/h.
  4. 260 rem 123gn ELD-Match & N560 1:8 twist

    I wouldn't have thought you were anywhere near a full case at 39.5gn of N150 I was running mine with 45gn of Elcho17 (similar to Reloader 17 or RS 60) which was pushing a 123gn Scenar at over 3000fps. But, that would be from a 29 or 30 inch barrel. The Vit N150 is probably a bit slower than Elcho 17 (Maybe Laurie would comment?) The much smaller 6.5x47 Lapua will get close to 3000 fps with a 123gn bullet and with excellent accuracy. I never found the 260 to be a good 1000 yd BR cartridge but if I were to try one again I'd be forming the brass from Lapua's 308 Palma (with small primer pocket). As always - these loads were safe in my rifle but may not be safe in yours - work up loads slowly
  5. GSAC 1000 Yd Benchrest - 10 December 17

    Dave (Panda) good write-up and well done to all for another successful year of 1000 yard benchrest shooting. We look forward to visiting you again in 2018.
  6. What is regarded as a small 5 shot group

    Speed really is the essence with long range benchrest shooting - when it's windy, the best shooters will get five shots off in under 15 seconds. You've got to beat the wind rather than trying to read it. If it's calm then 20 to 30 seconds. So, a good set-up is essential but most of us use equipment which is common to F Class - Seb NEO front rest and heavyish good quality back bag. Bags can be borrowed on the day if you don't have a suitable one.
  7. What is regarded as a small 5 shot group

    Well, why not come up to Diggle Christmas week? We have a 600 yd BR comp. on Saturday 30th December. It's a UKBRA match so any record group will be recognised as a UK record.
  8. Stock Forend Cover

    Brillo - Brian Fox sells them - usually called a 'bag rider or accuracy asset'. They are made of a slippery black plastic with fixings for an Anschutz type rail and cost about £20
  9. What is regarded as a small 5 shot group

    1.5 inches! The World 1000 yard Benchrest Record is 1.397 inches. The UK record is 2.46 inches. Pity you don't shoot benchrest.....
  10. What is regarded as a small 5 shot group

    At what distance? You were on the electronic target so I'm assuming 1000 yds? Good groups are obviously weather-dependant - if it was a flat calm day then around four-inches - if it was moderately breezy then 6 or 7 inches would be good. Quite windy - then anything under one MOA - i.e. 10 inches. Of course, the benchrest guys don't have the advantage of every shot instantly marked - and thus being able to adjust aim between shots. So what did it measure?
  11. Leaving your gun in the car overnight is a no-no but sleeping with it is fine (with SWMBO's permission of course) and most local hotels and B&Bs are well used to guns - we run three rounds of the GB F Class League with maybe 60 visiting shooters staying locally. We also have a large safe on range which will accommodate the odd gun.
  12. Ralph, We are in a touristy area - the nearby village of Uppermill has a museum, canal boat rides, lots of twee cafes, restaurants and shops open all weekend. There is also a lot of nearby accommodation to suit most pockets. If you did want a weekend away, check our competition calendar and pick a suitable weekend. Vince
  13. My DIY annealing machine!

    OK Nick - just make sure the outside of the neck is nice and clean. It will take you about 5 mins to do a box of 50. Vince
  14. My DIY annealing machine!

    Nick - we have the ultimate annealer at Diggle - the AMP Annealer - google it. Ask Santa if you can get to use it! Santa says YES!
  15. 6BRA

    Nice - I've just been out with the 6mm Creedmoor today - impressive velocities.

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