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  1. The Gun Pimp

    Ranging on stickledown

    Yep - I did it many years ago when I was trying to get 'on' at 1000 yds with a black powder cartridge rifle chambered in 45-90. I could see my sand splashes halfway up the bullet-catcher but no strikes on the target. I went down in the lunch hour to find out what was happening and was surprised to see how far the bullet-catcher is behind the targets. The bullets were over the top of the target by about 10 feet! Unfortunately I can't remember the distance but it's quite a way. At Diggle it's about 15 yards so a strike on the sand is representative. Maybe 50 yards at Bisley?
  2. The Gun Pimp

    seb mini exchange with Neo ( Now sorted )

    OK Nick I'll bring it along.
  3. The Gun Pimp

    seb mini exchange with Neo ( Now sorted )

    Nick, Would you like to borrow my SEB Mini for Sunday's shoot?
  4. The Gun Pimp

    Tikka Tac A1 in 6mmbr

    I've run a few Dashers over the years including using Norma Dasher brass. I did use the Norma spec. reamer for the Norma brass bit after one firing I don't think it'd make a difference - it's just that three reamers are offered to suit whatever Berger bullet you wish to use. Yes, the rim is different (you need the shell-holder) and apparently some rifles do have an extraction issue. My Dashers are built on a BAT and a Stiller action and both extract fine. Using the Norma brass does save an awful lot of messing with fire-forming (not to mention bullets, powder and barrel-life) and performance-wise, I've seen no difference. The rifles are used at 600 and 1000 yard benchrest competition. If you want a Norma case to try I'm happy to send you one so you can see if it extracts OK - PM me on targetshooteronline@icloud.com
  5. 204 - Fox Firearms have exactly what you are looking for - a 3 inch wide Delrin sled with fittings for an Anschutz rail - about £20
  6. The Gun Pimp

    KRG Industry folder

    If you PM me I can send you the video - targetshooteronline@icloud.com We had the one in the video and two others on our stand at the Harrogate Show. One was the basic model - bit like a TRG and the third one was the titanium folder with carbon-fibre fore-end. They are excellent quality. I guess if you ever get to Bisley, Gary from March Scopes would bring one along.
  7. The Gun Pimp

    KRG Industry folder

    If you have a look at the GS Precision facebook page www.facebook.com/gsprecision there's a great video (scroll down) of a rifle build using a KRG folder.
  8. The Gun Pimp

    KRG Industry folder

    March Scopes UK are the KRG importers. I know first hand that they have a decent range in stock.
  9. The Gun Pimp

    Nightforce nxs

    If I remember, you have to get a repair number first.
  10. The Gun Pimp

    223 AI AX magazine.

    A German friend of mine is looking for a genuine AI AX 223 plastic magazine. He's given me a part no. of 6616BL. Anything going?
  11. The Gun Pimp

    Nightforce nxs

    I sent a s/h Nightforce back to Nightforce in America for repair. Turned it around fairly quickly and it came back looking like new. It then took me weeks to get it from Customs - without having to pay VAT and import duty. Nightmare of an outfit to deal with! Eventually I got professional help (thanks Toni) and the scope was released to me.
  12. The Gun Pimp

    45-70 Load data

    A nice full case of Swiss No.4 compressed about a tenth of an inch would be a good start.. You'll probably find you dont need the dies! I never used mine for the 45-90. The main concern is bullet to bore fit, the right lube and keep it clean - most BPCR shooters will patch out between shots.
  13. The Gun Pimp

    Choice of 6.5

    6.5x55 Improved. That takes me back a good few years when that was the 'go to' 1000 yard benchrest round. Fireforming, neck turning and no off the shelf dies. Then along came the 6.5-284 with Lapua brass...........
  14. The Gun Pimp

    Diggle Egg Shoot

    The future of shooting is in good hands - both these youngsters - Bexi Parkin and Fraser Jones - broke the egg at 500 yards on a very windy day. Bexi also finished second overall.
  15. The Gun Pimp


    Hannam's do Vit in 1lb tubs.

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