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  1. The Gator is a very long bag which gives unrivaled stability on a concrete bench but, on grass? No point. I love my Gator for benchrest shooting but just use an Edgewood of normal configuration for F Class. If I didn't have a decent bag of any type, the Lanzi would be my first choice. I've tried one and it didn't disappoint. Maybe I'll get one........
  2. Firstly, I'd replace that 'bag rider' with a length of tube - similar to the one immediately above it in your pic. A round bag-rider will settle into any width of bunny ears. Unless you're shooting off a flat top bench, forget the Gator - great bag (I have one) but wouldn't use it for F Class off grass. Of the other two, the Edgewood with handle is convenient to carry around but you're not looking for a handbag so go for the Lanzi.
  3. The Gun Pimp

    Case annealing machine

    I have done. I've also asked the author to check the incorrect mix - he has done this - nothing harmful happened.
  4. The Gun Pimp

    Case annealing machine

    Looks like we got our nitrates and nitrites confused. Article now corrected. Here's the correct version - lifted direct from Gary's e-mail: POTASSIUM NITRATE: 50% BY MASS SODIUM NITRITE: 45% BY MASS SODIUM NITRATE: 5% BY MASS
  5. The Gun Pimp

    Case annealing machine

    I've asked the author to check the combinations - thanks for bringing this to my attention.
  6. The Gun Pimp

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    Moorlander - it comes down to a thing called 'market forces'. I was surprised to find, on a visit to Scandinavia, that the Fins were paying more than us for their Lapua stuff and Vit powders.
  7. The Gun Pimp

    Case annealing machine

    Paul - who wrote the article - will give you all the info on obtaining the salts etc. next time you're at Diggle.
  8. The Gun Pimp

    Case annealing machine

    Nick - salt bath annealing? It's already arrived at Diggle. Check out http://www.targetshooter.co.uk/?p=2882
  9. With a competition/competitive benchgun, the condition of the barrel is everything and, if you intend to buy a secondhand gun, you must assume the barrel (be it 6.5-06 or 6PPC) is past its best. So, really you are buying (or selling) a secondhand action, trigger and a secondhand stock. Unless you are regularly shooting these in competition and have some results to prove they are still shooting to benchrest standards. It's such a small (but discerning) market - we have maybe two dozen 100 yd BR shooters in the UK - and it's not growing. I could probably list 10 guys who have a 6PPC gathering dust. 600/1000 yard BR is far more popular, with 60 - 70 shooters regularly competing but your 6.5-06 is perhaps not a fashionable cartridge. Ten years ago, the 7mmWSM was king but 400 rounds barrel-life........... Now, smaller cartridges like the 6BR, Dasher, BRX, 6.5x47 etc. are most popular. Love that Hall action though......
  10. I only know of one but unfortunately not in the south
  11. Callum? Nice. Yep - plenty shooting 600 - 1000 yard benchrest and of course F Class but sadly 100/200 BR is on the wane at the moment. But, like everything, it all comes down to price.
  12. Nice looking rifle - who put that one together if you don't mind me asking. That RB/LP Hall is a really desirable action.
  13. Nick - are you any nearer to getting an answer to your question?
  14. The Gun Pimp

    .224 Valkyrie

    Great info Dave - unfortunately I'm still waiting for my bolt-head!

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