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  1. The Gun Pimp

    2018 50 calibre world championships

    Darrel - awesome - can't wait to hear all about it at the next 1000 yard shoot.
  2. The Gun Pimp

    F class open rests

    In F Class or benchrest, set-up is everything. The Seb NEO with a good Edgewood rear bag is pretty well as good as it gets. It's the choice of most top F Class shooters. If you don't like lugging a 22lb rest around the range, then go for a Seb Mini at half the weight. Is it as good? Almost - but more fiddly to set up. Either rest will more or less 'return to battery' when you push the rifle forward after the shot - if you've set it up properly - and your rear bag is supported in one of Dolphin's aluminium blocks. If you shoot FTR then of course you must use a bi-pod - and a light one at that. Some bipods (based on the Remple design) get 'narrower' as you raise them - the Joypod is very light and stays the same width. It's very popular with FTR competitors. It will move a lot when you shoot and you will usually need to shuffle the rear bag to get back on target. The joystick offers little adjustment - so much so, I never use it. If you shoot F Class Open and you want to be competitive, skimping on set-up is not the way to go. For the record, I have a NEO, Mini and Joypod.
  3. The Gun Pimp

    F class open rests

    Obviously most Joypods are used on 308s and I've never heard of a similar problem.
  4. The Gun Pimp

    F class open rests

    It's not the rail that pulled out (mine's machined into the aluminium stock) but the Joypod Pic rail clamp is held on by four 4mm socket-head screws into aluminium.
  5. The Gun Pimp

    F class open rests

    A 6mm is very light on recoil/torque and, although I have the option of a Seb NEO or Seb Mini, I prefer the Joypod. The last 'big' Open cartridge I shot in F Class was the 6.5mmWSM. A big cartridge can torque a little in a front bag but with the Joypod the four tiny screws holding the PIc rail clamp started to pull out.
  6. The Gun Pimp

    F class open rests

    Neo or SEB Mini for Open - unless you're shooting a 6mm - then you'll get away with a Joypod.
  7. The Gun Pimp

    FTR Newbie

    Personally MrsP, I think you're dead right with your choice. The Savage FTR is a great rifle for the money and so is your choice of scope. The Vortex weighs about 29 ounces but your rifle will be well 'in weight' with one of the popular F Class bi-pods. After 12 months shooting, you'll have the choice of a custom re-barrel if you think need more accuracy but I doubt it - all the FTR Savages I've seen have shot very well. The Joypod is not so 'complicated' - set it up and forget the joystick. Use a squeezy back-bag for adjustment. I'm using the Cordura Lyman - which comes ready filled and costs about £20. Load-wise, start off with some new Lapua small primer brass, Berger 155 bullets and Vit 140 powder (stay away from the 540 - it is hard on barrels).
  8. The Gun Pimp

    Anschutz 1907 wedge advice pleas?

    Fox Firearms sell a three-inch wide slippy plastic fore-end block which fixes to an Anschutz rail. Price £20.
  9. The Gun Pimp

    .308 long range rifle

    Tell that to the FTR guys who are shooting the GBFCA long range comp at Bisley this weekend - out to 1200 yards
  10. The Gun Pimp

    Target camera

    You might like to consider the Shot Master system. It works very well (see report on Target Shooter http://www.targetshooter.co.uk/?p=2813) More than just showing your shot holes, it measures terminal velocities, group size, SD etc.
  11. The Gun Pimp

    Message for the Gun Pimp

    Hi Garry, My e-mail got hacked! I'll e-mail you with my new address.
  12. The Gun Pimp

    FCSA Update

    What you've got to do Dave is 'invent' a cartridge with the same boltface as the 50BMG but that is incapable of being loaded to exceed 10,000 ft.lbs. Then you'll get to re-barrel/re-chamber the 64 50BMGs out there before the ban comes in!
  13. The Gun Pimp

    OCD rant!

    The other often mis-used one seems to be 'your' (your gun) and 'you're' (you are).
  14. The Gun Pimp

    Diggle Egg Shoot

    The Egg Shoot is over for another year. Beautiful weather but a very strong north-easterly wind made breaking an egg with one shot at 500 yards especially challenging. No sighters remember......... Only one shooter managed it - a Diggle junior member - young Sean Walmersley took away £100 for a fantastic shot with his factory Ruger PRS. Sean is the son of 'Geek' on this forum. Sean also had an impressive one-inch group in the 300 yard stage. Sean is in the centre of the pic below. Thanks to all who turned out and to Jim and Mary Marsden (forun members) for organising the comp.
  15. The Gun Pimp

    Diggle Egg Shoot

    The forecast is good so looking forward to a great day's shooting in good company.

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