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    F-Class, BR, and any form of target shooting that involves a scoped rifle, but doesn't require shooting offhand

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About Me

Hi there.


I'm a 100% paper puncher, but joined this forum for the technical section which is very good indeed.


I'm a member of Pickering, PSSA, and Hensall RCs, shoot F-Class, BR, the odd McQueens etc.


I've shot things from airguns to .300 magnums for around 50 years now, and still can't get enough in.


I review rifles and write on handloading subjects for Target Sports (now part of The Sporting Rifle magazine) and the new free (YES, THAT'S RIGHT - FREE!) online mag www.targetshooter.com


I'm an RFD in a small way just for the writing, and own / will own (subject to the great wodge of variations I applied for in early September 2009 being granted) around 12 rifles on my personal ticket - .22LR, .223 Rem, 6mmPPC, 6mm BR Norma, 6XC (being built in 2009), 6.5X47L, .260 Rem, 6.8mm Rem SPC, .308 Win, .300 H&H Mag (to become .300 RSAUM); 7.62X54R, .444 Marlin.


Past shooting has included historic military arms and TR, but I only shoot things with scopes on these days, being old, fat, half-blind, and knackered. So my only historic rifle now is an ersatz Izhevsk Mosin-Nagant M1891/30 sniper - a real piece of rubbish that needs two fingers and a hard press to get the trigger to work, but groups amazingly well with handloads.


Favourite cartridges / rifles - my .308W F/TR Eliseo + Barnard action tube gun, really accurate and handles fantastically well. A .223 Rem SGC SSR-15 (about to become 6.8 SPC) - I like the 'black rifle'.


6BR Norma Remy 700 with Border 8T heavy barrel by Norman Clark and restocked in a Shehane Tracker BR stock by Pete Walker - great 300-600yd bench gun.


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