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  1. Reecy

    Ranging on stickledown

    Good question-that occurred to me some time ago specific to Stickledown, I will be interested to see what somebody comes up with as a true distance to 🎯 thanks Reecy
  2. Hi chaps i need a 34mm Recknagel adjustable incline mount -the one with 70 minutes of adjustment. does anyone have one layout around unused that you would part with thanks in advance Reecy
  3. Reecy

    Left hand blues

    Steve, dont be worrying, get a McMillan that is what you want spec wise and Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks to modify it to be a left hooker-simplest way to get round the time problem. they will obviously charge for the pleasure but they are excellent at modifying stocks, they did a McMillan for me a couple of years back and it's stood the test and remains great, so a little cut and shuffle won't be too much for them Give them a call to see if they can accommodate what you need reecy
  4. John, Darn it, I thought I was quite quick to respond 😜 Thanks anyway Reecy
  5. John, i will have the 4 boxes of .260 Rem Brass thanks would you pls let me know the postage cost and payment details thanks Reecy
  6. Reecy

    Dillon RL550B

    That's funny I didn't say blancmange I said twit it harder and see what happens 😏😂😂😂😂😂😂😗😗😗
  7. Reecy

    Dillon RL550B

    Go on blancmange it harder and see what happens 😜😜😜🤐🤐🤐
  8. Reecy

    Lee Auto Prime Shellholder #25 (.338 Lap)

    Good luck finding one-really 😀 I have been trying to locate one for sometime ATB reecy
  9. Beej, Can I get your lot 1 and 2 please, I am happy to pay postage, just let me know the cost, the mags look interesting. pm me your payment requirements and I will oblige thanks very much Reecy
  10. Go on-you obviously know what rifle it is for 😃😃😜😜 complete your advert good luck with your sale 👍👍
  11. Skany you are right the receiver top is different on the M84, you could just get a smith to fit a piccatinny rail directly onto the receiver and you're sorted atb reecy
  12. Skany i think I can help you out, I have an M85 base that I modded a long time back to take a piccatinny rail. send me your email addy and I will dig it out and send you some piccies atb Reecy
  13. Guys, can anyone confirm if the earlier Accuracy International AW/L96 mags are compatible with the AT in .308??? thanks reecy
  14. Reecy

    Why .223 Wylde ?

    .223 Wylde will be a good move- mine has been faultless thats not say that this clambering is essential, so long as it is built by a reputable smith, it will most likely be ok as a standard chamber
  15. Hi i checked this morning and they do fit the piccatinny rail properly send me your postal details by pm and I will get them on their way tomorrow once payment clears atb reecy

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