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  1. What's happened to these subs?

    I've been using Eley subs for years, probably over 20. The new ones I got last summer are absolute shite. As others have said, I'm used to getting <1" 5 shot groups at 50 yds, and in most cases, one ragged hole. The new ones were all over the place - up to 3" groups IIRC. For the first time in years, I had a few wounded rabbits so I stopped using them. See I'm not alone..... Massive fail by Eley on this one.
  2. Creedmoor or 6.5x55

    Yes Laurie, great info - thanks.
  3. Hi Norman I'll take this please. Shall I transfer the money to the same account as for the Enfield scope mount?
  4. Carbon is the biggest bugger and copper as I think Baldie said recently is a 'lubricant'. But as with everything, moderation is the key and I'd prefer to be on the clean side of 'average'.. rhhudson's advice is excellent and when qualified by Baldie, you'll not get much better. The only think I'd add, is watch your rifle's (muzzle's) crown - that you don't bugger it with the brush/jag or whatever.
  5. Yes, as viewed on my phone, I think it is....
  6. Yes, as viewed on my phone, I think it is....
  7. Thanks guys - out of the country for a few days. Let me have a think....
  8. Trigger pull gauge

    An additional word of advice if I may. Please have a spare pair of hands to help you with this. My first attempt was by myself and I ended with a very wet floor!!!!!
  9. Trigger pull gauge

    On the rare occasion when I need one, a coat hanger bent and attached to a plastic bottle and hung from the trigger with firearm pointing up. Fill the bottle gently with water and when it releases, weigh the whole contraption. Saves having to guess the spring balance reading at release.... Works for me.
  10. Tyrekickers

    No idea on the details but what I can say is that he can't give you his FAC as he won't have a slot. He needs a receipt for the firearm first and he THEN applies for a variation to the PSNI. It will have to be shipped to his RFD - although he could I suppose buy it from a GB RFD but in any event, he must have a receipt/invoice/bill of sale before he can apply for what we in GB would call a 'slot'. The lack of communication though is poor, particularly with the amount of work you've done. Has he paid you for it?
  11. Question to all ex forces snipers out there (if any).

    Common for some people who had 'a go' when they were in the cadets etc Neighbour of mine shot a .303 Lee Enfield and got bulls every time at ranges of over a mile..... And he's a senior legal counsel.....
  12. 6.5mm varmint bullet recommendations

    Indeed. That's what I intend to do. The scope can handle dialing to change the zero no bother. But if they are 'similar' in ballistics up to say 100 yds, so much the better. In case I get attacked by a fox while on a deer mission....
  13. 6.5mm varmint bullet recommendations

    Yep, that will be the plan. And the beauty of hand loading allows some experimentation. I've got the big NF ATACR on it so any dialing in for the different round that's needed, will be easily repeatable.
  14. 6.5mm varmint bullet recommendations

    Now if I can get away with a round that is similar in ballistics to my SMKs, that would be great. Foxing range will be <100 yds for most and most <50 yds. Although the capabilities of this calibre may allow me to stretch that somewhat further...

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