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  1. Would you sell any of your Wilson case holders separately?
  2. 17 Rem

    Changing factory ammo

    Too many variables to give an answer. You must check your rifle with the new ammunition.
  3. That’s great, thanks. PM me your details for a BACS transfer, please.
  4. I have a FL set already. More than willing to buy it with the broken pin.
  5. Not wishing to upset you, but why refer to a sporting rifle as a weapon? Surely weapons are used against people? Anyhow, your choice of rangefinder should be dictated by its intended purpose. Is it for ratting with an air rifle or shooting larger quarry or targets at extended ranges?
  6. 17 Rem

    6.5x47 Bullet Recommendations

    Thanks for the replies. What do you want for your part box of Noslers, Malc?
  7. What bullets are you using for Roe and occasional Red deer in your 6.5x47?
  8. No, it’s just a lovely round to shoot and to reload for.
  9. 17 Rem

    Tikka M595 .22-250 Wanted

    590’s weren’t available in stainless, either. Identical footprint to both actions. Stocks, triggers and magazines are interchangeable.
  10. 17 Rem

    Tikka M595 .22-250 Wanted

    Generally, yes.
  11. 17 Rem

    Tikka M595 .22-250 Wanted

    And, more helpfully, the action of the 590 has a slot for the ejection port and the 595’s port is open at the top.
  12. 17 Rem

    Tikka M595 .22-250 Wanted

    About a hundred quid. About a hundred quid.
  13. As an aside, can anyone think of a single Tactical application for the .20 Tactical?
  14. Is it just the photos or does the lettering on the side of the action have Devcon in it?
  15. 17 Rem

    Alternative to RL7

    N130 or, as suggested above, N120.
  16. 17 Rem

    T3x Trigger Question

    I think you’re confused, Cam. A single stage trigger, such as the standard Tikka offering, remains stationary until pressure causes it to release. A two stage trigger moves under initial pressure then comes to a stop and requires additional pressure to cause it to release.
  17. Sounds like the Home Secretary has made his mind up but doesn’t really know why...
  18. 17 Rem

    OCD rant!

    I sympathise. The one which grips my sXXt is ‘of’ instead of ‘have’.
  19. 17 Rem

    Load for 6mmBR

    N140 data for the lighter bullets is hard to come by, but it works well. I use N140 with 70 grain bullets.
  20. Are you thinking of selling the action? I remember you advertising it a couple of years ago.
  21. 17 Rem

    Rifle Scope for .223. Max £400

    6-18 Leupold here, boxed and in very good order. Yours for £250.

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