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  1. I also have a whippet x Bedlington cross and also a bull/grey x whippet/saluki/greyhound. I got both of them through "the hunting life forum which would be my first place to look if I was to get another.
  2. ase sl7

    Similar , a 6x47 lapua.
  3. ase sl7

    Its quieter than the SL5 if that helps and being stainless will last a lifetime I have both and compared them on the same gun.
  4. ASE ultra

    All the ase utra mods come with a 2 year warranty but if it's the mild steel one I would expect some kind of corrosion. Which model is it you have ?
  5. 6BRA

    You should take a wee trip up to Selkirk Alan and use the tunnel range .
  6. Walter Mitty Foxing.

    I was reading the topic earlier . When it comes to judging distance at night it's quite simple , i use a scope mounted rangefinder .
  7. Anyone in Scotland with a Vortex Razor HD2?

    Contact Richard utting on Facebook, I am sure he has the one you are asking about . I was looking through it last week . The thing weighs a ton.
  8. Drone pro problem

    When it comes to cr123 batteries it's a mine field! So many different lengths. The only ones I have found which are the same length as non rechargables are maplins . The rechargables last about a quarter of the time of non rechargables in my pulsar core. Due to the higher voltage of rechargables they may not work in the drone.
  9. March scope - 2.5-25x52 illuminated

    Just wondering if anyone had a nice march they want to part with ? 2.5-25x52mm illuminated 3-24 x 52mm illuminated I will consider pretty much any reticle
  10. Braidwood 100yd tunnel range

    I would of thought everything should of been perfect in the tunnel considering its a Bisley Facility?
  11. WTB long range rifle scope. IOR or March

    http://ukvarminting.com/forums/topic/38712-march-5-40x56-ffp-illuminated/ There is one advertised already on here
  12. Tier one ring reducers

    Great to hear , thanks for the replies.
  13. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience of the tier one 34mm - 30mm ring reducers ? I quite fancied getting a new set so I can take advantage of the new picatinny tops they are making for the 34mm tactical and unmount.
  14. 243 dies

    Thanks Mark, i will be in touch if no one has any used ones for sale
  15. 243 dies

    I am after a full length sizer and (preferably) micrometer seater in 243.

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