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  1. weejohn


    Have you tried john @game and country , selkirk ?
  2. Yes they can , something like £30 from jacksons rifles. The sl7 is a great mod , i have one on my 284 winchester.
  3. weejohn

    6mm roe deer bullet

    I have a few boxs of said bullets here but used them in 6x47 lapua , never chest shot any deer with them and always found they needed a little bone to expand in foxs , 95's would pencil straight through foxs but made nice small holes in chest shot deer and expanded really well if bone was hit.
  4. weejohn

    6mm roe deer bullet

    With such an accurate calibre as the 6br , i wouldnt be chest shooting them ?
  5. weejohn

    6mm roe deer bullet

    I agree with banus, just use the 88gr Bergers.
  6. Is the offer open to non BDS members ?
  7. weejohn

    .284 Win brass availability.

    Just go the Norma route , life is too short for worrying about donuts. I did do the necking up 6.5 brass, turning into the shoulder but I still got donuts so gave up with the lapua and bought Norma. I think it shoots better than the lapua in my gun without all the faffing about which is great as I am not a great fan of reloading and only see it as a necessary evil.
  8. weejohn

    Borden Mountaineer 7mm-08

    What weight is this stock as it is ?
  9. Or there is always the all you can eat breakfast buffet from toby's carvery, carlisle @ junction 43 M6.
  10. weejohn

    Borden Mountaineer 7mm-08

    For me it's for easy loading and as I do a lot of shooting with in long grass in daytime and in the dark etc I just lift up my left hand and eject the case into it rather than digging about in the grass trying to find it . I reckon I have saved a couple of hundred £ in brass that I would of otherwise lost .
  11. weejohn

    Borden Mountaineer 7mm-08

    This looks awesome . You know, I have wanted you to fit my 284 barrelled action into one of the pse e-tac stocks for ages now to save a bit of weight but I seem to be struggling to give up the pistol grip of the dolphin stock . My action is also right bolt left port and this stock has nearly everything I would need except the ability to mount a front NV rail .
  12. weejohn

    Good scope for archer night vision

    The nightforce SHV is meant to be good so is the sightron s-tac. Now with the new high power lasers that are available , more and more of the top quality scopes are becoming suitable , even my march now performs great with a ward 800l which has spent nearly the last year in the cupboard because it was pretty crap with all my other IR's
  13. weejohn

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    I either put them out of sight or leave them as they fall. 2 of the last Fox's I had left them out in the open , there was only fluff and bones left after 3 days.
  14. weejohn

    Pulsar HD38s Value

    I wouldn' sell it , if your just taking a break stick it in a drawer and forget about it. It is only going to be worth around £1000 If you chose to sell it .
  15. weejohn


    It is another forum Adam, just Google airgunbbs.

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