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  1. jordang

    284 Win dies

    If anyone has some 284 win dies for sale please let me know! Cheers
  2. How does it shoot?
  3. What's the image like? How old is it please?
  4. jordang

    sightron siii scope

    Still looking...
  5. jordang

    Tikka 595 DBM

    What's a rough cost for this work??
  6. jordang

    Nightforce NXS 5.5-22 x 50 or 56

    there is an nxs 5.5-22x50 CH3 on the bbs for 850
  7. jordang

    sightron siii scope

    After an 8-32 with moa2 ideally but will consider anything. Don't mind if it's not mint as long as it's not knackered! !
  8. jordang

    Hardy gen 4

    what does the third eye weigh?
  9. jordang

    Hardy gen 4

    yeah I've seen the gas cutting issues with the cmm4 but they seem ok on 308 size cals. I reckon the olc will probably win as it stands.
  10. jordang

    Hardy gen 4

    I'm struggling to decide between the hardy gen iv, atec cmm4 or a olc lightweight jobby for my 7-08 stalker....
  11. jordang

    m590/595 mags

  12. jordang

    7mm08 dies

    Quality dies wanted, cash waiting.
  13. jordang

    m590/595 mags

    5 shot 22-250 & 243 mags desperately needed. Anyone got one hanging around

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