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  1. I know just been playing with tonight. ??? shoots like a demon. Cheers tom
  2. How much did this go for as a mate of mine is thinking of selling his. Cheers
  3. I had looked at RPR but never heard of them. I'll check Amazon as well cheers. Did you get the link one
  4. bri2506

    Kestrel 5700

    Not sure if my last post came up. So I'll try again. I'm after a kestrel 5700 elite with link. Can anyone tell me the the best place to acquire one at best price and service.
  5. Looking at buying a kestrel 5700 elite. Is there any recommendations on place to buy for price and service
  6. If you can wait a couple of months I'd be interested. After pulse buying a new 20 bore and the donation to the hrmc wallets a bit bare. It's just what I've been looking for
  7. Sounds strange but heard that putting a clock that ticks on the cage works. I know it's worked for a friend. Like an old alarm clock
  8. can anyone tell me what they think it's worth. Cheers
  9. just had a look round and original price was a bit steep. New price £2300
  10. I've decided to upgrade my thermal to the new xp50, so up for sale is my xq and extras. 1. Xq 50. 12 months old with receipt. Not had heavy use and well looked after. Comes with original box and all the leads it came with 2. Neck strap so you can wear like binoculars 3. Eps 3 battery pack and charger and box 4. Lithium cartridge and charger 5. Bluetooth sender bought from Scott's country pics by request by email. £2500 inc insured post
  11. bri2506

    Fire fly or similar

    Just one cheers
  12. bri2506

    Fire fly or similar

    just had a look at them on, they should do the job nicely. How much you after for them.
  13. bri2506

    Fire fly or similar

    yes to spot with thermal and shoot with a drone. My missus directions consist of " it's over there". Mmmmmm
  14. bri2506

    Fire fly or similar

    I'm after a fire fly or an illuminator than be focused in to a tight beam, to mounted on side of a thermal. Cheers

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