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  1. AMP Annealer - Aztec Upgrade

    Wow that auto feed looks like a triumph of complexity over design. Ive never understood the idea behind having to send brass off to the manufacturer to determine the correct annealing time? Can tempilac not be used?
  2. I'll take that please Mick. Pm me your details. Thanks.
  3. Bradders et al, if you wish to contribute to posts please do the original poster the courtesy of replying to that original topic and whilst some topics do meander let's keep on track whenever possible. None of the moderators simply delete post 'because they don't agree with them' neither do we 'snipe' at individual posters. We simply strive to maintain the forum as a courteous, informative and pleasurable resource for those interested in precision shoooting to visit and join in constructive conversation and information sharing. There is a wealth of knowledge available from some very experienced individuals who more often than not are more than happy to share that knowledge with the less experienced.Lets keep it that way. If posts are offensive, off topic or likely to bring shooting into disrepute they will most likely be deleted.
  4. Temperature Sensitivity

    TJC - great data!
  5. reload costs

    Premier League season tickets for Man U start at just under £800 but then again I have no interest in watching 22 over paid millionaires chase a bag of wind around a field....and don't get me started on golf. Shooting is as expensive as you wish to make it really, shoot a lot pay a lot.
  6. ear defenders

  7. AL, that's my point. The forum is for public posts and to help inform others. If you wish to pm other forum members that's great, it's why the pm facility exists but don't try to intermingle the two to suit your own ends - it doesn't work.
  8. Al, the only one quoting your posts is myself which I quoted in full to retain its context. As I see it badger man was correcting an error for the benefit of other forum users. No biggie, just live with it.
  9. Probably best to stick to what you've posted on the forum rather than pm sniping Al.
  10. Apparently there has been a petition started to raise signatures to ban Grouse shooting. Here is the link to the Don't ban Grouse shooting petition. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/205672
  11. Hornady !

    One hole, agreed, no one should assume a new box of bullets are the same as the last. But I'm still not following your reasoning? Are you measuring coal of a loaded round to see the variances or from base of case to bullet ogive?
  12. Hornady !

    Quite well and better if batched according to bearing surface length when I use 105 Amax.
  13. Hornady !

    Onehole, not sure I follow your reasoning? Whilst i'd agree the variance in length to ogive is not ideal surely if reloaders are measuring oal using a comparator then any variance in length will be accommodated by pushing more bullet into the case neck rather than moving closer to the lands?
  14. Andrew, the question is , would it shoot better if a break in procedure had been followed? Who knows?
  15. Haters is always gonna be a hater I guess I chose the Bartlein description for one phrase in particular - listen to what the barrel tells you. John Krieger and George Gardener are essentially saying the same thing, use barrel break in to address any tooling marks left after chambering and then watch the cleaning process to monitor how the break in is working. Anyone that has a reasonable sense of touch will easily tell the difference between a well lapped barrel one that's not so good when you push a patch down it. I choose to break barrels In this way and then watch what the barrels is doing going forward. If others choose to go out and shoot straight away and think barrel break in is a waste of time, good for them, go for it.

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