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  1. Yes, Brilliant first event. Thanks to Mark and his team for putting on the event, hopefully it will grow and improve into its full potential.
  2. From what you've said so far an AT rebarrelled to 6.5 creedmoor or 6.5x47 would suit your needs. Baldie, excellent smith and will give you good advise. Having said that a T3 in a decent stock and rebarrelled in the same calibres will give you excellent service, a lower residual value but cheaper to start with. 308 is an excellent and versatile calibre but there's no getting away from the fact that it starts to loose out in ballistic terms beyond 700yds to the 6.5 and 7mm calibres.
  3. MJR

    65x47 cases

    Are you still using the R8 Gary? Sorry I mean Lapua.
  4. Love the man maths there Scotch...😀
  5. Looks like a SEB rear bag, Brian Fox has them for Sale.
  6. Fill in your profile please to use the for Sale section. Thanks.
  7. Neil, please fill in your profile to use the For Sale section. Thanks.
  8. https://quickload.co.uk/collections/top-sellers/products/quickload-quicktarget-ver-3-9-quickload-quicktarget-version-3-9-is-supplied-with-a-comprehensive-user-friendly-manual-included-on-the-quickload-cd-rom-disk
  9. MJR

    Primer seating tool

    Then what about the press mounted one? http://www.primalrights.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=101&product_id=136
  10. You could do that or bed the floor plate in also.
  11. Scooby, please fill in your profile. thanks.
  12. MJR

    Satterlee load development PtII

    Sorry, that should be Varm.
  13. MJR

    Satterlee load development PtII

    Farm, that's the thing. I didn't batch brass, just the first ten to hand after resizing and the first ten bullets out of the box. I do make sure loaded rounds have little to no run out though.
  14. MJR

    Satterlee load development PtII

    10 rounds to do the load development and 10 to confirm velocity and accuracy. It could probably be tuned further with seating depth but I'd be chasing maybe a 1/10" tighter group. One thing I've found out. I've stopped using 1" aiming discs and now use 1/2" hence why the middle of the group is missing, it got shot out.
  15. So, round two of trying this type of load development. This time using 308 with 155 Sierra TMK with Varget powder in Palma brass and Br4 primers. The round were loaded to 2.880" and as the graph shows velocity increases steadily as the charge weight increased. As regards accuracy all rounds fired with the magneto speed fitted could be covered with a pound coin which made me wonder how an ocw test would have compared. I did plot the individual shots but to be honest its such a tight cluster i'm not sure what you can interpret from the plot. Anyway I chose 46gn as the best load and fired another 10 rounds over the chrony. The result was all ten shots into less area than a 1" shoot n see circle, average velocity of 2946fps and s/d of 7fps. Very happy with the velocity and now looking to shoot the same load at longer ranges. 155TMK Velocity graph.xlsx

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