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  1. Dellboy, a 50" aim bag inside a 1750 peli case works with a 26" barrelled rifle with room to spare with a brake fitted.
  2. Does it include the tall mounts? If so i'll take it please.
  3. MJR

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    No not yet. But I will be doing shortly. As you describe I suspected random variance of results as a result of actual fluctuation in charge weight accuracy so I am addressing that and will then repeat the test. I am expecting to see a slight shift in the node but hopefully broadly similar result. Time will tell. I doubt I will have the same environment to shoot in so that too will be an influence on results.
  4. MJR

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    All true and I think Saterlee explains somewhere that he has previously done testing with more rounds but cut it to two at each charge increment for simple economy. No not statistically the thing to do but lighter on the pocket, quicker and less barrel erosion.
  5. MJR

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    Pops, I to have wondered that point but then he's probably only moving the seating depth a nominal 0.040 ". How much difference is this likely to make. Presumably the pressure required to start the projectile moving will be very similar to that needed for the seating depth used in the initial load work up? How long will it take to move the projectile that amount?
  6. MJR

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    Shaggy, thanks. pops, you won't see repeatability, they are three different calibres.
  7. MJR

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    Shuggy, that's interesting, could you give a suggestion as to where to find these papers. Here are three saterlee tests done with three calibres and each clearly show the velocity/charge nodes. I intend to repeat these test with a more accurate powder weighing set up quite soon. However in each case you can see the velocity and charge weight track together and then reach a point where they intersect. 243-105 Bergers, H4350.docx 129SST load development.docx 155TMK Velocity vs Charge weight Varget.docx
  8. MJR

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    But quickload, whilst being an extremely useful tool is a prediction, not fact. I am currently looking to improve charge weight accuracy to re run previous tests and further investigate the charge weight/velocity match increments.
  9. MJR

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    No idea😁
  10. MJR

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    Two completely different processes. OCW to find a charge that promotes accuracy by tuning the load to the barrel harmonic. Saterlee load development looks for a charge weight spread that effectively reduces velocity variation to promote long range accuracy and ease reloading by giving a 'window' charge weight of several tenths of a grain. I've used both and at the moment favour the saterlee method. Interestingly I haven't yet found a load using this method that is not accurate. I have also found very accurate 100yd loads using the OCW method that gave high velocity SD and went to pieces at longer ranges.
  11. Do you have any? Could you measure the oal for me if you have please.
  12. Bradders, The OP asked for a Calibre he could buy factory ammunition for. 243 ammunition is readily available and in case you missed the point again it is a 308 size case. I suggested clambering for 105 Berger as it is a very capable long range bullet that I would use, i.e like making a suggestion....or idea.
  13. Along with some very informative online articles. Welcome Zak.
  14. Actually he was asking 'what calibre to go for on a 308 case'. In which case as already suggested, 243 fast twist chambered for 105 Berger's.

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