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  1. bradders

    Bradley Arms BAR-10

    Nice scope that has all the features people seem to want. Seems robust with good clear optics and gaining popularity more and more.....and reasonably priced too, compared to its high end competition
  2. bradders

    223 wylde

    Why would you want to do that if it already works?
  3. bradders

    Bradley Arms BAR-10

    Thanks I’ve never had a hand guard for the bigger rifles, besides that there’s so many confuse with the .308 size receivers in height and style that’s it not as simple as the .223 size rifles as they are mostly within a certain spec (Milspec) I am also discontinuing my own handguard as times have to move on 😎 I think the .243 will be just fine
  4. A good a name as any 🙂 Finished yesterday as I've been waiting on both the Proof House as well as a new batch of sidecharging handles (still the best) Built on a set of receivers from Cross machine, I removed the whole deflector boss before machining the slot It has a med weight Lothar Walther 1:11" twist barrel at 18" OAL and a Tier One/Third Eye Tac Brake, which was based off and made on the same machine as the Doofer® Other stuff....a Midwest Industries 12.625" handguard and straight bladed Triggertech triggerBig Ergo Grip and a UBR There's a Trijicon 1-8 inbound which should finish the package off nicely There's two more on the go, a 16.5" .308 and a .243 which should be completed tomorrow 🙂
  5. £6.35 via UPS Access Point £5.70 via Collect+ £6.90 via DPD £5.51 via Hermes £7.15 via Parcelforce 48 I could go on but you get the idea Parcel2go is your friend 😎
  6. bradders

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    Sadness, works both ways Shoot Lube Size, deprime, swage primer pockets, trim, chamfer and deburr all in one hit on a Dillon 1050 Stainless tumble Dry Or.... Shoot Throw in bin
  7. Works for me 🙂 Have a good shoot
  8. Thread title is misleading, there have always been Practical Rifle comps in the North, I can think of Diggle and Altcar as but two venues, and they still run regular PR matches at Diggle
  9. bradders

    6.5 PRC

    It would require a lot of planning sadly and the targetry onsite isn't what I'd envisage For example I would envision stages with for example 5 targets set at varied distances, 140, 325, 485, 610, 775yds etc of differing sizes, reactors and fixed clangers with stuff like walls, fences, barricades and such to shoot off/from/over/behind You'd need to recce the land and see where you would be setting up and then proving it.....it would all be a lot of work and all quite some way from home I'm not saying it can't be done, but I ruled myself out and there are other people out there who are probably more motivated than me All it requires is the right people to step up with their enthusiasm and ideas...and to agree costs with the site owners and set fees after your costs are deducted Matches in the US are spendy, we once entered a 3 gun match in AZ that was nearly $300 per person, but over here people would baulk at those sort of fees, it's a difficult balance
  10. bradders

    6.5 PRC

    I briefly mulled over the idea of organising a PRS type match (at Orion), however the practicalities of doing such a thing made it unfeasible Firstly you need a lot of targets then you need a Cof/Match You would also require a team of people to assist setup and transport vehicles and you would also need to "prove" the match which would require a couple of days of test shooting and making amendments/adjustments to the CoF and targets I estimated you would all need to spend 5-7 days there, all the while that they are also trying to run it around you as a commercial enterprise. With targetry, travel and accommodation costs for everyone, you would be hard pressed to recoup your costs within an entry fee that people would find acceptable....so that was the end of that Diggle is a KD (known distance) range, so therefore no different to Bisley etc, when what is preferred is a UKD (Unknown Distance) range, and not conducive to what a PRS style match would be While I haven't been to Eskdalemuir, from pics it looks like a single valley/range, so running multiple stages would be an issue which would lead to log jams, bottlenecks, a loss of shooting time and inevitably mass grumblings from shooters who have paid their fees and also to unnecessary stress put upon the organisers
  11. bradders

    6.5 PRC

    And nobody here shoots PRS......except when the fantasies run wild in their minds
  12. bradders

    McQueens Saturday 30th August 2014 at Bisley

    Ummm.......the thread is 4 years old!!! 😳
  13. bradders

    I am after a .223 / 5.56 AR15

    He's already spoken to me but is currently looking for a 2nd hand one The one in the linked advert has a 1:12" barrel by the way, so tread lightly
  14. bradders

    Worn threads, Rem 700

    The original threads are 6-48 and it is common to open them up to 8-40 The only problem might be the front screw as you will bottom out against the tenon thread for the barrel......unless you can remove the barrel first
  15. Just curious if you have the original shim pack for that handguard?

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