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  1. My experiences with Gunstar have been less than satisfactory I have never approached them, yet have received countless phone calls, emails and texts with no return number to contact them and ask them to stop In fact I got a call from them last week and when I said I didn’t want to advertise with them, was then subjected to a haranguing A very unprofessional company that I’ll have nothing to do with
  2. RFD transfer (Merseyside area)

    Special Delivery is restricted also to OAL dimensions, can’t remember what they are right now dont forget to send your fac to the seller to fill in
  3. Lock and Load

    For the most part, yes I did see them on one occasion drop the hammers and when they were re-issued out the Armourer would perform an prove clear and apply safety before handing them over to the soldiers There's nothing wrong with leaving then in a "cocked" condition, it doesn't create wear on the hammer spring, only repeated cycling does that. it's really only the British that give the command "Ease Springs", but there again they also insist on a declaration about "empty cases" too!
  4. Lock and Load

    From what I've seen while shooting with the US Army, rifles are always stored in the armoury with safety applied, so the only time the safety selector is ever released is to fire the weapon No idea about orders, it may be in a manual somewhere, but I don't have it
  5. Lock and Load

    You can't Lock and Load a 1911 in the way I describe, and they are inherently more unsafe due to that
  6. Lock and Load

    Lock and Load makes perfect sense when you understand American Military terminology Lock: Apply safety selector to safe Load: Load and make ready It means that you never have the weapon in condition where there is a live round chambered with the safety set to off/fire. I see it all the time where people load and make ready/chamber a live round and then set the safety catch/selector to safe...after the round is chambered It is a sensible approach to minimise mishaps
  7. couldn't help noticing

    I've often toyed with the idea of doing a track day, but to be honest I really don't want to wreck my bike, and as you get older you don't bounce and recover quite as well
  8. couldn't help noticing

    I got to ride a Scooter many years ago.....it felt like the most lethal thing ever invented Rear heavy, tiny wheels....scared the bejesus out of me But I have a confession to make, my Brother has a Harley out in OZ, an Iron 883, and when I was there for a couple of months last year I got to ride it nearly every day, and I have to admit it was quite good fun
  9. I do some weekends I'm on the other side of London (NE) but am regularly around
  10. couldn't help noticing

    Here's a pic I found of the UKV mods on a beano to the city. L-R Elwood, the one from Boyzone, MJR, Thibben and Spudulike Baldie's not in it....coz his is still being built
  11. couldn't help noticing

    Forest of Dean Actually as the weather improves, I try to get out at every opportunity. One of the main reasons for getting back on 2 wheels was because of the traffic here in London, but now I use them for exploring the city as well as getting out at the weekends For one reason or other I haven't managed to put the miles in like I dd last year :-(.....but yes, I am a bit of a style icon and leader of men :-)
  12. Gunny's Gone

    He was also an Obama voter...... Wayne was a War dodger whose real name was Marion....who might've also liked to dress up in womens clothing
  13. couldn't help noticing

    Being one of the "Forest" people, I see that as being more likely you than me Personally I am too cool for this place and out-style the lot of you
  14. Gunny's Gone

    Just don't watch The Siege of Firebase Gloria (dust cover falling apart)
  15. couldn't help noticing

    These are my boys Triumph Speed Triple R, getting ready for a raid into Normandy, at Pegasus Bridge and also at the Richard Winters memorial on the road to St Meré Eglise Triumph Street Scrambler, for those Steve McQueen moments Love the Triumphs, fantastic bikes, and wherever you go someone wants to stop you to talk about them

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