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  1. Movember

    Where's the pic?
  2. FCSA Update

    I know I said I'd keep out of this, but that was a different thread, and to be honest some of the posts in this thread are really unhelpful. I know exactly what's going on, who's spoken to who (m) what's being discussed and what the concerns are, plan of action is and a few other things. I know these things because I picked up a phone and asked directly What doesn't help is expecting minute by minute updates as if standing by the Teleprinter waiting for the results to come in, then ranting when they haven't heard anything Things are going on and people are talking and consulting and there have been several meetings with the HO, not just regarding this, but also other matters such as HO club fees etc. Some of these discussions have been confidential, so it would be wrong to discuss what has been said I believe there is a meeting tomorrow of all the main bodies......and that's all I'm going to say about it Dave, chill out.
  3. Huge increase in bullet prices

    It's been going this way for years, people just haven't noticed it. I remember not many years ago when I could buy 73gn Bergers for £16/100, now they're nearly £30 In fact when I started in this shooting lark in 1996, I could buy 5.56 RG for £12/100 and 7.62 for £14/100, and I thought £18/100, then £20/100 then £28/100 was expensive for loaded ammo Nowadays people don't even bat an eyelid when it's north of £60 and even £1/rd
  4. Breaking a firearm

    Take all the parts off it and then take the rest of it into your local Police station and hand it in under the current firearms surrender, then tell your licensing Dept Alternatively, take it to your RFD and ask him to do it for you.. If he wants paying find another RFD The Surrender runs until 26 Nov
  5. Tyrekickers

    That's actually an interesting point being raised here, as the Good practise guidance states that you can only agree a sale of a firearm upon proof the purchaser has authority for that firearm on his license. In N Ireland I believe it's like Australia, where you apply for a particular firearm with a certain serial number, and the Police issue you the relevant license for it. As far as I can see the only way id for his dealer in N Ireland to purchase it from you
  6. FCSA leading the way!

    You're absolutely right on some points. I must apologise to you though for using the "phrasing" I did. Having spent the day at Moorfields eye hospital yesterday going through various tests and exams which I have to do on a regular basis, leaves me somewhat down in the dumps as the news they give me is never good. That does affect my judgement at times, so sorry about that. The subject at hand is a very emotive one, and one that is truly unnecessary from everyones viewpoint. Bad law is possibly about to get passed and it seems there is nothin anyone can do about it. I only hope that the likes of the NRA and BASC are fighting their/our corner and something good will come out of this I'll say no more on the subject
  7. FCSA leading the way!

    Deleted to restore peace and harmony throughout the land
  8. FCSA leading the way!

    Well the last part about the MARS actioned rifles being used in Practical disciplines is, from my viewpoint, somewhat disingenuous. I'd like to see some proof to back that claim up....as in the CSR matches we run at Bisley I have seen precisely two, and approximately 5 or 6 SGC lever release rifles. The rest (if they actually do exist) are probably used by plinkers of the type who film themselves shooting as fast as they can and then post it to Youtube. There are of course plenty of 9mm's bring used on gallery ranges, but those don't seem to be of concern as such. I'm all for fighting the good fight, but doing it by spinning a few yarns and exaggerating doesn't sit well with me
  9. FCSA leading the way!

    File it with that other current favourite "the thin end of the wedge" and while you're at it you can also include "this is just the tip of the iceberg" This consultation period runs until 9th Dec, and I am confident the NRA and BASC etc have submitted their responses and had meetings, so speculation about what they may have or have not done is pointless....in the meantime the proper thing to do is wildly speculate and on occasion phone up people you suspect of not towing the party line and needlessly harangue them. Late at night seems to be the favourite time for that!
  10. FCSA leading the way!

    I too would like more on this. An independent clarification would be preferable, because to be honest chaps, while I fully support the cause....I can't help feeling there is more than a bit of scaremongering going on to garner support, and that doesn't sit comfortably with me
  11. FCSA leading the way!

    So who are you then and how do you know me?
  12. FCSA leading the way!

    I understand that was an email between Chris and the FCSA membership that was not supposed to be posted on forums such as this and others
  13. Silverstone Shooting Centre

    Daily hire rates for non member now released, so bleat no more cheapskates.....although I bet some will http://www.silverstoneshootingcentre.co.uk/range-rental.html

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