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  1. bradders

    The Fix from Q

    Why not? Spill the beans
  2. bradders

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    Good for you, AI barrels are so stiff they defy physics as while hanging a weight on any other barrel would alter the POI, screwing a 1lb+ weight onto the end of your AI barrel doesn’t deflect the poi one little bit...even though they use exactly the same blanks from Sassen and Walther everyone else does, but do deflect..... I wonder what their secret is The “snowflakes” and muzzle brakes comment is interesting...heaven forbid anyone mention a certain type of rifle wasn’t suitable for a specific discipline 🤔 🤣
  3. bradders

    Watch brands as cars..

    Ok, what is a WIS?
  4. bradders

    The Fix from Q

    It’s not a chassis
  5. bradders

    The Fix from Q

    Try harder Gazzar https://www.interstateguns.com/firearms/the-fix-by-q-6-5cm-fix-6-5-22in-gry.html
  6. bradders

    The Fix from Q

    I know how much it is....I used Google
  7. bradders

    The Fix from Q

    Ummm.......I never said I didn't understand it, I know exactly what it refers to (and not necessarily SF stuff), it was you who mentioned you didn't like the name, not me. WRT to their new product, a Ladypod® is still a Ladypod® no matter how good it is or who made it....as long as it is new, fresh and innovative and not a rip off of someone else's design (quite a bit of that in the Ladypod® world you know 🙄, then that's fine with me, much like this new rifle When you first mentioned this rifle some weeks ago, I did a bit of searching and saw there was a spat going on with Mr Tooley and Q over some substandard barrel finishes or similar, anyway i look forward to seeing it at one of our wonderful and massively supported CSR matches soon.....shall I send you the dates? 🤣 BTW, I've just looked and it seems they are now using Green Mountain barrels!!!!!!!
  8. bradders

    The Fix from Q

    A very interesting rifle and a refreshingly innovative approach I believe the barrels are done by Dave Tooley i am curious though that after saying you love Tier Ones new bipod but hate the name, you then buy a rifle called “The Fix”’ from a company called “Q” 🤔
  9. bradders

    Seating depth for .223 80gr Sierra MK?

    There is an unhealthy opinion on this forum to suggest that everything load wise is done with a chrono and a copy of Quickload, basically it’s a word that rhymes with rollocks
  10. bradders

    Seating depth for .223 80gr Sierra MK?

    No you don’t Speed is irrelevant, accuracy is important
  11. bradders

    The Shooting Show

    I’m here for everyone Bro 🙂 actually Vince, what I was going to say is that Brownells do their own range of bolt groups that are better priced, so if you wanted just the bolt, I can always use another carrier and firing pin assy would save you a few ££££, which is important to an old pensioner like yourself 😂
  12. bradders

    The Shooting Show

    That part's called the bolt and they have those available separately.....without the carrier
  13. bradders

    The Shooting Show

    Not hard to get a bolt, Brownells has several in stock
  14. bradders

    Foot-Long 10/22

    How about the email in your inbox that chimes on your phone, long before you click on this thread to see the other guy has posted "PM Sent" And don't even dare think about replying with "PM Received"!!!
  15. bradders

    Foot-Long 10/22

    But don't post "PM Sent"

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