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  1. Reloading Advice

    Imperial Sizing Die Wax, available from many places.....or you could make your own case lube with liquid lanolin and isopropyl alcohol
  2. Reloading with Rosie

    I've met him.....I prefer Rosie
  3. Reloading with Rosie

    Vince Rosie and Rosie Red Cheeks
  4. It's got one of my early sidecharger conversions and brake, it's possible i may have spun up the barrel too :-)
  5. Ergo product supplier

    It’s easy enough to get Ergo products here, but there are invariably ITAR restrictions attached regarding re-export, so while some people may be happy to send you one with a wink and a nod, it’s really not the wisest thing to do
  6. The Mighty AK Continues as the AK-12 and 15

    The SA80 couldn't even handle std NATO spec 5.56, and they had to change the recipe....which then saw it removed from the NATO ammo interoperability charts. It wouldn't cycle direct impingement systems, such as found on the M16 Even to this day the C7 SFW rifles use a different recipe of ammo from Radway Green
  7. The Mighty AK Continues as the AK-12 and 15

    M855A1 is a 2 part bullet with a steel tip (not core) and a copper body. It’s designed to be barrier blind but also yaw and fragment in a short space therefore offering more incapacitation and giving the now std issue M4 with 14.5” barrel increased combat range The problems with it have been due to the steel tip it has had a habit of tearing up feed ramps and magazines to some extent, but also with the increased port pressure it has also been breaking guns. This has been mostly taken care of with a refining of the ammo to reduce the peak pressure, but HK who make the M27 , essentially a HK416 haven’t kept pace and it’s still breaking bolt lugs in those rifles. The feed issue has been rectified by a redesigned USGI mag with a different feed angle, and Magpul foresaw that when they introduced their Gen 3 mag The only issues remaining are that it’s still damaging the M249 Minimi but also the extended range of the ammo is still causing issues on some ranges due to the extended danger area (+800 Mtrs) but also he damage it causes to range targetry furniture
  8. FAC and re-barrelling of rifle

    You can stamp the old number on the new barrel if required, so in that case you'd only need a variation if a serial number was changing
  9. FAC and re-barrelling of rifle

    Who's this braiders you speak of?
  10. The Mighty AK Continues as the AK-12 and 15

    M855A1 is a fantastic round, although it was beating up the rifles for a while. That is now rectified for the most part, but the performance of the bullet has been highly impressive. I've been lucky to shoot quite a bit of it and it exhibits "Match" like accuracy and terminal and barrier performance are so good that the USMC dropped their MK318 SOST bullet and have also gone to M855A1 As for .30cal, the M80A1 is lso something that has been hugely impressive
  11. Shooting Show

    I went to the Bike Show....much more fun
  12. FAC and re-barrelling of rifle

    You give it to me and I do that for you as a repair and scrap the old one for you, no need for a variation
  13. Posting a Sect58(2)

    My std reply to the "what's in it?" question is "nothing that shouldn't be in there, and I don't have to tell you what it is", coz they're only concerned if it's batteries or liquids etc
  14. Posting a Sect58(2)

    I'm here for you Bro
  15. FAC and re-barrelling of rifle

    You can't do that unless you are an RFD, that's what they're there for

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