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  1. bradders

    Bolt lube

    You won't see any, no one ever had the gall <sic> to take any [Barnsley] Tha's seen more actions ruined and scrapped by not putting lube on them than times thee's kicked me Whippet round t' workshop [/Barnsley]
  2. bradders

    Bolt lube

  3. bradders

    Rifled shotgun chokes

    On a pump or semi, yes
  4. bradders

    Bolt lube

    If you buy your own syringes then you can fill them up with any grease you like
  5. bradders

    Target shooter magazine

    Merci Beaucoup Mon Ami
  6. bradders

    Target shooter magazine

    Merci And part deux of my question, anyone from these shores partaking?
  7. bradders

    Target shooter magazine

    Thanks, I know about that but it doesn't answer any questions, such as where it is being held
  8. bradders

    Target shooter magazine

    Interesting Where abouts in France is this happening and are there any shooters from these shores taking part?
  9. bradders

    The Fix from Q

    I got one in for a customer, and thought the finish was as rough as a badgers arse! For what you are spending I would really expect more
  10. bradders

    New barrel breaking in

    Other barrel manufacturers have been doing it for longer, they all have their recipes which never seem to be the same, so do what you feel is best....let’s just not have this topic again please, it’s almost as bad as “what’s the best powder for me Creedmoor”? 🤣
  11. bradders

    New barrel breaking in

    I wouldn’t, they have used barrels from several manufacturers over the years, made from different materials and using different forms of rifling, so what’s good for one doesn’t necessarily mean it’s as good for another It’s just an opinion, and as most of their rifles go to Mil and Pol, but mostly Mol, who never seem to use copper removers, just CLP or whatever, then does it really matter? Coz I bet they don’t follow break in procedures!
  12. bradders

    New barrel breaking in

    They don't know any more than anyone else, so that is just their opinion...and we all have one of those!
  13. bradders

    6.5 Creedmore Short Ranges

    He's in no way related to me 🤣
  14. bradders

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    Yes I have and maybe I will, I’m sure you’ll find it gripping Not sleeping that great, but that’s just the way it is 😞
  15. bradders

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    Don't know, don't care, but it's all cobblers anyway Between all this molten salt nonsense, Boron, velocity plateaus, OCD daftness and all the other silly stuff, how do you sleep at night? 🤣

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