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  1. I have no more info other than what is posted in this thread If true then it's a shame as its progress could be scuppered before it's had a chance to grow
  2. That stinks, especially when entry fees are somewhat on the "Stiff" side as it is 🤔
  3. bradders

    Diggle Egg Shoot

    Yes, something I'm a firm believer in
  4. I don't keep up with these things, I have all the stuff I need....and use it, well except for my CQB-S, I don't use that very much
  5. Only because the stuff you ask for always seems to have barely hit the new market 🤔
  6. bradders

    5/8×18 Muzzle Brake Wanted

    Hard work, isn't it?🤔
  7. bradders

    6 Creedmoor

    Everything is stolen, especially in the UK shooting/gun world Just look at my sidecharging handles, single screw and pin to affix, all the others do that and they all nicked it from me As for the 21.75", probably came from Quickload
  8. Carlos Hathcock used a Winchester M70
  9. The rules say:- "You must state a price. This is not an auction site"
  10. Nope All sound moderators give -28 to -32 dB reduction, if their spiel is to be believed, but they all work to an extent Actual reduction is subjective, so pick one and be happy, and don't go constantly chasing the latest and maybe not so greatest all the time....and stop asking for 2nd hand ones, when in actual fact it's highly likely no one else has one Ase Utra are great
  11. No I'm selling UBR stocks!!!!
  12. I have 5 of each, all black and all brand new £225 each and postage at cost

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