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  1. bradders

    Oceania Defence

    Not just noise, but pressure levels This is interesting, a car on a motorway is around 70dB, a suppressed gunshot of 120dB is 32 times louder! http://www.industrialnoisecontrol.com/comparative-noise-examples.htm
  2. bradders

    Oceania Defence

    When you "think" you need hearing protection (plugs/defenders etc) and when you actually need them are two entirely different things The 2005 Noise at work regulations stipulate that hearing protection must be provided at noise levels of 85dB and above A firearm discharging is around 150dB and most suppressors reduce that by around 28-32dB, which still gives a sound level of 120dB, which is 35dB over the safe working limit, but because the gunshot report is so brief, people think they're OK, but it is accumulative and damage does and will occur, so while you think you are comfortable with sound at that level because it's milliseconds, if it was constant then you'd be in trouble A sound moderator does a good job of reducing noise, but if one is perceived to be better than the other, is 118dB really that much safer than 122dB? We all still do it though I worked in industry for 35 years and was subjected to this, I have constant ringing in my left ear from exposure, in later years we became more aware, so I know a little on the subject
  3. bradders

    Oceania Defence

    This is the one I have here at the moment, it weighs 165gms
  4. bradders

    Oceania Defence

    Strangely it isn't listed on their website I do know that the B&T Inconel suppressor os over £1000 When I went to the Mach 2016 machining show there was a Swedish company there that had made 3D printed cans and they said they'd sold their technology to a company in NZ who also make printed suppressors The most interesting thing though was a 3D printed Eiffel Tower on their stand that was about 2ft tall from memory That was very impressive
  5. bradders

    Oceania Defence

    Some people don't think so...
  6. bradders

    New Tikka rimfire

    What car do you drive and how does the plastic in that compare to the plastic in posher cars?
  7. bradders

    Oceania Defence

    I won't be shooting it, I'll leave that to the customer No it isn't the Ratchet lock, and at £750 I don't think it's the suppressor that needs examining, it's your head!!!!
  8. bradders

    Oceania Defence

    I've got one here I just fitted to a customers rifle Very light, a bit odd looking but have no idea how it sounds
  9. bradders

    Reprofile a barrel?

    If you don’t find anyone local give me a call I’m not a scaredy-cat
  10. bradders

    Reprofile a barrel?

    Ok so probably around 3hrs max with removing and refitting, so I would say no more that £150 plus the dreaded proof, which would be no more than £50 As for me, I’m pretty busy at the moment so can’t guarantee I could fit it in Call SRS in GLOS and see if they can do it for you
  11. bradders

    Reprofile a barrel?

    Is it on the rifle or off?
  12. bradders

    Reprofile a barrel?

    You’re only finishing off a profiling job that was started earlier, so how are you harming it? when you buy unturned blanks and turn them do you heat treat them? does anyone? the answer is no the truth is, there is far too much hullabaloo written about all this its all cobblers and will continue to be cobblers as long as people continue to propagate these myths none of it matters If you heat treat a finished barrel, it’s going to bend...so we had better not even mention the fluting word!
  13. bradders

    surface rust removal from a rifle bolt?

    It doesn't matter, soapy water will do.....or beer, anything to keep it wet

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