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  1. Correct 100% genuine CR141A 65D marked ten round magazine for the L42A1. With original CR1256 1965 marked follower. Also fits the Enfield Enforcer but unlike Enforcer magazines this mag is not individually numbered to the rifle. Condition in very good to excellent, 90% plus original black finish £225 posted RMSD
  2. loach369

    Armalon pr mags 308

    ^this^ Your receiver will need some precision milling and welding then it will need reproofing. Peter charges nearly £400 for the conversion although he will probably knock £50 off as you already have the trigger guard and latch.
  3. loach369

    Armalon pr mags 308

    No they won't. The feed lips need grinding back and reprofiling.
  4. loach369

    Armalon pr mags 308

    I spoke to Peter recently and he has the Taiwanese 20 round ones available for £40. I think he has some USGI mags as well but these are very expensive at around £85 but better quality.
  5. Parker Hale RAHS3 Scope rings for the 1" tubed Pecar scopes. Please note these are not suitable for the 26mm tubed Pecars. You will need the RAHS4 rings for the 26mm tubed Pecars and Schmidts. £85 posted
  6. Correct CR141A 65D marked ten round magazine for the Enforcer or L42. Sold
  7. loach369

    Remington model 7

    Hi Dave There is a chap on the Stalking Directory selling a .308 one. Lee
  8. loach369

    Left Handed .223 Remington 700

    I'm after a left handed Remington 700 in .223, the cheaper the better. I have a stock/Jewell trigger and new barrel already so would consider just an action, either a Remy or Remy style. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  9. Dont use thios place much

    My address

    mark Bradley

    4 Park Lodge

    Cross Road

    Woodford Bridge

    Essex IG8 8BW

  10. loach369

    22-250 Ackley

    What a cracking looking rifle with Dave's usual high build quality readily apparent!
  11. Andrew you opinion is valid and I thank you for taking the time to respond. Yes the barrel length is a consideration, 26" max on all my sporting/non dedicated target rifles and not the 28", 30" or longer lengths I have seen on some 6.5-284s
  12. Hi Nick Not off track at all, I'm now considering it as an option. Lee
  13. Thanks Gents. It looks like the bolt face will need opening up if a go down the 6.5mm-284 route ?

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