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    Shooting (obviously)reloading and ballistics for long range in particular. Also into Horses, falconry, offroading 4x4s :D

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  1. rabbit fingers

    6.5x284 suggestions

    Do you see an increase in barrel life by using such a ‘cool’ powder?
  2. rabbit fingers

    Wanted m595 picatinny rail

    ??Pm sent
  3. rabbit fingers

    Wanted m595 picatinny rail

    Wanted tikka m595 picatinny rail. 0 or 20moa anyone got one laying around? Cheers rf
  4. rabbit fingers

    A bit Cheeky really......

    I'd say the bc you're using is too high. For a 40gr hollow point it'll be nearer 0.1
  5. rabbit fingers

    Wanted - AICS 10 round 308 magazine

    Pm sent
  6. For sale s/a manners T4a stock for rem 700 footprint actions. Painted black finish. Vgc Has the factory fitted v block mini chassis system installed compatible with ai mags. Bolt in and shoot, this was fitted to my long range varmint/target rifle and used to shoot very accurately out to 1000yards + it comes with a custom adjustment for the cheek riser so no need for Allen key to adjust it. Has a Short angled rail fitted for atlas bipod, side mounted sling studs ( not unreliable flush cups) and Barrel channel inlet for a very heavy varmint profile. Superb stock and imo better quality than McMillan. Only selling as I'm cutting down on heavy rifles. Selling new ( if you can find one) for over £1000 I believe. This one priced for a quick sale, yours for £750 advertised elsewhere.
  7. You could always load up a few rounds from each batch and run them over the chrony? If velocities are very close mix away, although you may not feel the need to. If wildly different you might want to reconsider and would definitely want to be sure they were mixed throughly if you went ahead.
  8. rabbit fingers

    Looking for a high quality gunsmith

    +2 for neil. Highly recommended.
  9. rabbit fingers


    A few of us gave some of Bruce's ar500 targets a bit of a hammering last weekend. From 223 and 22-250 through 6.5 up to 308 with scenars even at 100yards they took all the hits with ease. IMO they offer great value as they're certainly going to last.
  10. Yes please. Pm on way.
  11. Realised that it wasn't what you needed. so removed post.
  12. rabbit fingers

    load not consistant

    I use pretty much the same load in 223. Not had the problem you describe though. Is your brass all at the same number of firings or is some 1 fired and others 4x etc. The variation in hardness of the necks could be the problem. Annealing would help if thats the case.

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