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  1. Pete, I'm quietly confident that all my Bartleins were made in America 😁
  2. Brand loyalty, you have probably hit the nail on the head.
  3. Or perhaps they don't have money to burn and so stick with what they know works. ive probably had 12 or more cut rifled Bartlein barrels and every single one has worked, some were easier to get working than others, but they all shot or still do shoot 1/2 MOA. Anything above that and you will never be seriously competitive at F class, I'm not sure of the accuracy levels required for CSR or PRS. Button or cut rifled, the costs will be same to purchase and chamber so why take a chance, fantastic if you can afford to, but most of us can't so we stick with what we know and what people win with. That's not to say that buttoned rifled barrels don't shoot, they clearly do, Broughton and Benchmark are testament to that.
  4. Elwood

    F class type Rear sandbags

    On closer inspection it's not in a good enough condition to sell, so I will keep it in the car as a back up. The stitching has gone on the ears which is a common problem with the Edgewood bags, or at least that's my experience. being low isn't always a good idea, there are certain firing points on Century that you will be grateful of a medium or high rear bag when using a Seb rest or similar.
  5. Elwood

    F class type Rear sandbags

    I have a spare Edgewood now that I have my Lenzi. It has had a repair and is full of Sand I have to check if it's Zirkon. pretty sure it's this one
  6. Elwood

    50 grain varmint load for Sako 75 Varmint

    Nosler BT or the Nosler combined technology Silver tip.
  7. Elwood

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    Thank you Les.
  8. Elwood

    Norma powders

    Thanks for that Laurie. I was looking into MRP which would appear to be a good powder for the F Open shooter, but I see from The Norma data that it's a double base powder, so that combined with a high price rules it out.
  9. Elwood

    Norma powders

    Out of interest Laurie can you give us a price difference say between Vhit and Norma?
  10. Elwood

    Edgewood rear bag

    Measure the bottom of the stock where it rides the rear bag,
  11. Elwood

    Edgewood rear bag

    And once you have found the right rear bag just make sure it has the correct stitch ( gap between the two ears) 3/8, 1/2 or 3/4 I have had two Edgewoods and both have leaked around the seams.
  12. Elwood

    7mm Shehane

    My feeling is that 4831sc is best suited to the .284 and Shehane, above that with the magnums my first powder choice would be N165, if that didn't work I would then look at 4831sc. I know a few people using RS70 and doing well with it, I'm not sure about what sort of velocities they are achieving.
  13. Elwood

    7mm Shehane

    180 grain Hybrid or VLD and I'm afraid 4831 sc is the go to powder. If I do another Shehane I will probably go the 7mm walker or KPR route. Both are effectively a Ackley improved Shehane, you're firing forming anyway, so why not get that extra bit of case capacity that will let you use N165 and get velocities equal or above the standard Shehane.

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