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  1. Elwood

    New flexible borescope

    Wait until you look inside your ear!
  2. Elwood

    AI AT front rest rider

    I have a front bag rider for the original AI chassis, PM me if you're interested.
  3. Elwood

    New flexible borescope

    Carbon ring build up in the neck, after 12 shots.
  4. Elwood

    Markers Bisley

    Interests "staring at sand" now that's funny. how do we contact you?
  5. Elwood

    New flexible borescope

    I have one on order.
  6. Elwood


    Fantastic caliber, my choice of powder is either H322 or Benchmark with a Nosler 50 BT. There's still plenty of both powders out there and getting 225 rounds out of a 1 lb pot it shouldn't bother you.
  7. Elwood

    Nosler 30 Cal 210 Grain RDF Query

    I guessed you meant .308, so still 1-10. The listed BC's are pretty close apparently and definitely appealing, but people do seem to have problems with them, but mostly what I have read about is the 6mm and 6.5.
  8. Elwood

    Nosler 30 Cal 210 Grain RDF Query

    1-10 RDF stands for Random damned flyer, or as someone else said there's a 3 in every box ­čśü I do have a box of the 185 gr 7mm and they do measure quite uniform.
  9. Elwood

    Wicked Coatings

    Cheers Justin, very generous. I will see how things go.
  10. Elwood

    Wicked Coatings

    Cheers guys. I know John had a knowledge of firearms which is why I liked using Hydrographics, I also liked his upfront honesty.
  11. Elwood

    Improved 284?

    As I'm sure you're aware barrel life is determined by powder choice and how you use the rifle. H 4831SC would be the powder of choice for all three 7's that you mention. My prediction on barrel life is based on having used two .284's five Shehanes and one KMR. .284, 2000-2300 rounds Shehane, 1600-1800 KMR, 1500 The KMR barrel life is really just a prediction as (I hope) I'm only half way through the barrel life. The real plus for the KMR is that you can equal or surpass Shehane speeds using N165, this should take the barrel life beyond 1500 easily. Neither the .284 or Shehane have the case capacity to get the full benefits of N165.
  12. Elwood

    Wicked Coatings

    Has anyone used this company for transfer coating or custom paint? good or indifferent experiences? https://www.wickedcoatings.co.uk/category/film-design/wood/page/12/ I have used Hydrographics for years but now John is no longer with us I'm thinking of using the above to do a transfer coating.
  13. Elwood

    Vortex Golden Eagle issue?

    Sometimes you need to do a little research on the person you're talking about, you have just made yourself look a little foolish....no offence
  14. Elwood

    Behind the license revocation

    Choose to believe it or not, I have a lifetimes experience of running syndicated´╗┐ and comm´╗┐ercial shooting to a pretty hig´╗┐h standard and t´╗┐here´╗┐ is money to be made from commercial shooting.´╗┐´╗┐
  15. Elwood

    Behind the license revocation

    Again I'm afraid you're wrong, I have had hands on experience of budgets. Most shoot owners who break even or make a small profit is because they have days for themselves , which can massively have a impact on profit margins. trust me my employer does not run a shoot commercial or otherwise for the fun it, he has in fact told me the shoot pays for his children's private education.

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