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  1. Elwood

    K&M Neck Turner

    Take the long screw out and throw it away or put it in a safe place, its really not needed. One thing that will cause a lot of resistance is carbon inside the neck. From your first post I'm assuming that you are using brass that has already been fired? The carbon not only narrows the inside diameter it also grips and causes friction. There are several ways to remove some or all the carbon. A steel pin tumbler will be the best option. Another way is to get a .22 nylon brush wrap a bit of 0000 wire wool around it, stick it in a drill and spin it in the case neck. Once you have removed the carbon sufficiently put a small amount of Imperial sizing wax on a cotton bud and wipe it inside the case neck, I would advocate doing that anyway. Remember to remove all the lube/wax afterwards, if you don't you will notice as soon as you charge the case with powder.
  2. Elwood

    F class seasons

    22 - 24 March Training Weekend Bisley Mik 26 April Friday Friendly Diggle Jon 600yds Teams match 1 27 - 28 April League Shoot - Short Range Challenge Diggle Les Short Range 600yds 17 May Friday Friendly Diggle Jon 600yds Teams match 2 18 - 19 May League Shoot - Diggle F Class Challenge Diggle Les Long Range - AGM 21 June Friday Friendly Bisley Jon 1200yds Teams match 3 22 - 23 June League Shoot - Bisley Summer F Class Championship Bisley Mik Long Range Challenge, , 1000, 1100 & 1200 July Imperial Bisley NRA Optional 19 July Friday Friendly Diggle Jon 600yds Teams match 4 20 - 21 July League Shoot - Northern F Class Championship Diggle Les Long Range 9 August Friday Friendly Blair Atholl Jon 900yds Teams match 5 10 - 11 August League Shoot - Scottish F Class Championship Blair Atholl Des Long Range 6 2 - 8 September European Championship Bisley Mik Long Range + Teams 4 October Friday Friendly Blair Atholl Jon 900yds Teams match 7 5 - 6 October League Shoot - Highland F Class Championship Blair Atholl Des Long Range 1 November Friday Friendly Bisley Jon 1000yds Teams match 8 2 - 3 November League Shoot - British F Class Championship Bisley Mik Long Range
  3. 31 inches, 1-9 twist, 1.250 straight profile It will need a final polish hence the price. £375 plus post (UK mainland) or I can meet at Bisley in the new year. Advertised elsewhere.
  4. Elwood

    K & M neck turner

    As above I'm looking for a K&M neck turner, preferably just the cutting head. If anyone has one that's no longer used please PM me.
  5. He's free to ask whatever he wants for it, and do we know that he hasn't already paid £55 a tub? We don't. quite simply if something is priced to high then it won't sell, or if it does sell then someone really wanted it and is happy to pay the price. The for sale section is going to turn into a bun fight if everyone chips in with that price is to high. Banus, this isn't aimed just at you, it's for everyone's benefit.
  6. Elwood

    Wanted QD Picatinny scope mounts

    I have a set of Warne QD 30 mm mounts. one of the mounts has one screw missing, three instead of four. £39 posted.
  7. Elwood

    Lapua 7mm 180 gr Scenar L

    Cheers guys, all sorted.
  8. Elwood

    Lapua 7mm 180 gr Scenar L

    After 3/4 hour of searching UK websites for this said bullet I have come to the conclusion I will probably find it easier here! if anyone has a box or part box of the 180 grain Scenar L and wants to sell them It would be greatly appreciated, the only catch is I need them by next Friday.
  9. Pete, I'm quietly confident that all my Bartleins were made in America ?
  10. Brand loyalty, you have probably hit the nail on the head.
  11. Or perhaps they don't have money to burn and so stick with what they know works. ive probably had 12 or more cut rifled Bartlein barrels and every single one has worked, some were easier to get working than others, but they all shot or still do shoot 1/2 MOA. Anything above that and you will never be seriously competitive at F class, I'm not sure of the accuracy levels required for CSR or PRS. Button or cut rifled, the costs will be same to purchase and chamber so why take a chance, fantastic if you can afford to, but most of us can't so we stick with what we know and what people win with. That's not to say that buttoned rifled barrels don't shoot, they clearly do, Broughton and Benchmark are testament to that.

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