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  1. £375 for the 6.5 and £400 for the .30. That's as low as they will go
  2. 6.5 (264) 27 inch, finishing at the muzzle.830 , 5R 1-8.5 twist £400 .30 cal, 33 inch, 1.25 straight. 5R 1-9 twist £430 Postage at cost, UK mainland only, or I'm often at Bisley and Diggle several times a year.
  3. 22 br load info

    Using the 64 grain Berger I used 29.4 gr of N135. The load was very accurate. However my 1-12 twist absolutely loves 50 and 55 grain projectiles and the powder of choice is H322, nothing else has even come close.
  4. |Going out on a limb, but if you don't ask you don't get I'm looking for a new or used action . I would be willing to swap my excisting Bat model M round action .308 bolt face or part ex for a magnum bolt face . I'm not considering any other action, so if you have a Bat model M round action in a magnum bolt face for sale I'd be interested to hear from you.
  5. F open stock to suit bat m action

    Yes, right bolt, right port. Four way adjustable butt plate and adjustable cheek peice. Laminate copy of the PR&T lowboy.
  6. Sonic cleaners for brass

    I will give it six months Vince before you go back to doing what you have always done.
  7. Diggle works like this, you get wet, then you dry off a bit before getting wet again
  8. Markers Bisly

    Different markers I'm afraid. To the original question, if you had all that experience when why didn't someone just spot and watch for the bullet trace ? It can be a pretty good indication. I will agree that the markers can be very frustrating at times, even giving 5's and V bulls when the shooter has purposely aimed into the one ring!
  9. Scope warranty

    I wonder what the Nightforce warranty will be like for these? http://forum.accurateshooter.com/threads/scope-testing.3928325/ I'm also under the same understanding as Terry that the 5 year warranty is imposed on March.
  10. Club load using senars and n165

    I'm sure Laurie will help you out with the N165 load. It will be slow but the barrel should last. N160 will also work. I tried some Scenars in my .284 going from 20 thou off, 10 off to just about touching and there was a noticeable difference, with the just touching load being by far and away the best.
  11. Straight .284 v 7/300 WSM

    Or a more efficient case than the WSM. If I were shooting 100 yard bench rest ( I know you're not ) then I would take the 284 all day every day, it's easier to get to shoot and will stay in tune a lot longer and I would wager more accurate. If I were shooting 1000 yards and the wind mattered then the 270/7WSM will on most occasions trounce the .284. They can be an absolute pig to get to shoot, I've had my fair share that didn't or when they did it didn't last long, but once you do get them to shoot there's no looking back. I thought the 300 WSM was still the darling of long range bench rest?
  12. rcbs primer

    My apologies, I did read your request and then promptly forgot to anything about it!!! Let me know if the parts from RCBS don't come through.
  13. rcbs primer

    Sod's law I have a spare small primer unit (white)
  14. rcbs primer

    What part are you looking for?
  15. Kite Mark 4

    £800-£1000 at best. They are old technology but make very good spotting scopes.

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