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  1. Berger, MATCH TARGET BT?

    Now that made me smile....you're ruining my reputation
  2. Hornady custom made .284 Shehane Hydraulic case form die. This only works using lapua 6.5x284 brass. No more fire forming needed, this die will force the case walls out to within 1-1.5 thou of a normal fire formed case. £100
  3. PTG Reamer 313 neck 150 free bore, Used once £100 including postage.
  4. 40gr V-Max in 20" barrel, 1:12" twist: Powder choice?

    N133 will do, H322 will do better. theres still plenty of H322 about as it's not a powder used in volume. Two tubs would get you 500 + rounds.
  5. squirrel eating

    Squirrel is good. All I use is the back legs, just roll them in flour and fry them, quick , easy and tasty. Kentucky fried squirrel. I have asked several people to try them without telling them what it is, and they have all liked it. Apparently prepared squirrel is selling for £8 a time in London.
  6. 1000 VLD's all the same lot number 9941 for sale, or swap for Berger 7mm 180 Hybrids I might split it into two lots of 500, but nothing smaller. Face to face preffered. £550. all offers considered and then ignored . Advertised else where.
  7. Nope sorry, it's quite a good deal as it stands.
  8. 2 3/4 lbs of H 1000 lot no. 10402135073 £88 or would consider a swap for H322, H4895, Collect or Im often at Bisley and will be at Diggle in April
  9. I would also consider a straight swap for a Bartlein 1-9 or 1-8 twist 7mm barrel with a 1.250 straight profile . I'm not interested in any other barrel.

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