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  1. Elwood

    Behind the license revocation

    Choose to believe it or not, I have a lifetimes experience of running syndicated and commercial shooting to a pretty high standard and there is money to be made from commercial shooting.
  2. Elwood

    Behind the license revocation

    Again I'm afraid you're wrong, I have had hands on experience of budgets. Most shoot owners who break even or make a small profit is because they have days for themselves , which can massively have a impact on profit margins. trust me my employer does not run a shoot commercial or otherwise for the fun it, he has in fact told me the shoot pays for his children's private education.
  3. Elwood

    Behind the license revocation

    Incorrect, or if they are struggling to make a profit they are doing something very very wrong. Trust me I've been doing this for 30 plus years, I know what I'm talking about,
  4. Elwood

    Behind the license revocation

    Incorrect I'm afraid.
  5. Elwood

    1000 Berger 180 gr 7mm Hybrids

    I have 1000 Hybrids, I'm looking for a direct swap for 180 gr Berger VLD's
  6. Elwood

    7mm 180gr ELDM load

    you would be mad not to get a 1-8.25.
  7. Elwood

    7mm 180gr ELDM load

    I thought Justin told me that when he measured his it was either 1 in 8.25 or 1 in 8.5.
  8. Elwood

    7mm 180gr ELDM load

    Twist rate.
  9. Elwood

    Modified case

    Shooting Shed, a very quick turn around and a keen price that doesn't or shouldn't even come into consideration.
  10. Elwood

    Jewell BR trigger wanted

    All sorted now.
  11. I wouldn't worry, it wasn't a bad deal but certainly not the greatest deal I have seen. https://www.1967spud.com/shop/reloading/km-neck-turners/
  12. Elwood

    22 BR dies wanted

    A 6BR neck bushing die will also work with the correct bushing obviously. That might widen your search a bit more.
  13. Elwood


    Thanks Terry, glad I got mine when I did .

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