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  1. gazzar15


    Andy I don't seem to get that left hand screen at all. Is it something new? I have had the new posts thing for ages,but not now?
  2. gazzar15


    Which left hand column ?? Don't have that either I'm afraid
  3. gazzar15


    I do not seem to be able to get onto New posts since last visit........... Is it me or is there a problem ? Thanks
  4. gazzar15


    Bit of a long shot(pardon the pun) but I am looking for the following for my next project Remington 700 long action donor rifle or action magnum bolt face to suit 300 winmag Anything out there? Needs to be left handed
  5. I have a Ruger Scout if it will fit I am interested.I will let you know a little later.
  6. gazzar15


    What does it cost to duracoat a barreled action including floor plate.?.
  7. gazzar15

    Blaser R8 6mmbr

    I had one,accurate but it would never feed in my Lrs2 the mag was correctly marked up with the calibre but was pants.The place I bought it from was a lot less than remotely interested so I ended up going straight to Blaser and they never sorted it.Bad show really
  8. I will take the three way cutter please .Let me know how you want paying
  9. gazzar15

    M1 Garand

    In my experience it has the effect of seemingly sizing the base diameter of the case to the point that it assists admirably with primary extraction. I have used it to help reliable extraction in 223 and 308 straight pull rifles. Gone to the RCBS small base die set for the M1.
  10. gazzar15

    M1 Garand

    Looks great ,sad that I have picked mine up on Thursday but due to me going on hols won't get to shoot it for a couple of weeks yet!! I used to have a FAl in 308 and initially primary extraction was a pest but a small base body die cured it . I have ordered another in 30/06 to help extraction on hotter loads but it looks like you are doing fine without. I think I am going to love this rifle !!!!
  11. gazzar15

    Take a moment...

    We enjoy the freedom but it is they that paid a very high price R I P
  12. gazzar15

    0 MOA picatinny rail - Rem

    I also sent you a pm ref your Eotech ...it is saying you haven't read that one either? had no response to date.
  13. Just read through all the posts....it would seem I am second in line but will definately have it if the first bloke doesn,t
  14. Does that make me second in line then?
  15. Is this still for sale?

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