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  1. gareth

    CLA Gamefair

    Doesn't look like I'm going to be able to make it. Left it too late trying to find somewhere to stay for a few days. I might go up on the Sunday but I don't like rushing around. Maybe do the Midland instead, not been there before, or I could save my money and have a good old spend up at next years CLA :lol.
  2. gareth

    Selling and posting ammunition

    Thanks Dave, they are BT's (Vmax) so would have to be TNT then.
  3. Morning all, can someone tell me what the deal is with selling loaded ammunition. I have 160 factory loaded .204 rounds that I want to sell as my rifle doesn't like them. I had to buy in bulk from my local shop as he would't order me any otherwise! and he's not keen on buying them back. If I sell them privately, do they have to be posted RFD to RFD or can I send them to the buyers RFD using a courier? Thanks, Gareth.
  4. I'll throw in my two pence worth: .243, great round might not be king of the 6mm but might be pushing it on red depending on distance .25-06 can run slightly heavier bullets than the above 6.5x47 no experiance of this one but what I have read could make it an ideal choice as an all rounder .270 more for deer than vermin but load it up with some 90gn Sierras and watch them fly ATB Gareth
  5. gareth

    Thank you Cornishman

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to Cornishman. I placed a wanted add for some Varmint Hunter magazines which I've become addicted to after buying a few copies at the CLA. Cornishman contacted me saying he had some back issues that he no longer needed. He told me he was very busy but would try and post them to me. I came home to a boxfull of them tonight! I'm so pleased as I really enjoy the magazine and can't thank him enough for taking the time out to sort and post them. Cheers, Cornishman. ATB Gareth
  6. gareth

    Ruger 10/22 Website

    Yep, help me rebuild my 10/22. Which for someone with my lack of mechanical skills was a big help!
  7. gareth

    Moultrie customer service

    Thats great customer service, be nice if every business could act like that. I had a similar experience with Steve Beaty at Ivythorn Sporitng, I managed to lose a couple of grub screws from the ring halves of a set of Optilocks. Left a chance message on his answer phone as I was desperate, a couple of days later half a dozen arrived in the post FOC. Things like that lead to further business which is why I'll be buying my .270 from him in due coarse.
  8. gareth

    Nissan Navara - Good or Bad?

    A friend of mine has one and rates it quite well. He has had some trouble with it, something in the rear axle. His biggest problem is dealer back up, they are pretty unhelpful by all account and refused to fix the rear axle problem as it was about 500 miles off the limit of the warrenty (under not over). They changed their mind when he contacted trading standards! Chances are your going to get something go wrong with any vehicle, I think the toyota is top of the pile of the double cabs, the older L200's are quite good. We had an Isuzu Rodeo at work that was very reliable but got written off after a 30mph front end shunt, made of cheese! I don't know if it's still true about Jap cars being expensive to maintain. I do prefer Land Rovers but I know they're not for everyone
  9. gareth

    what a ######

    People moan that our firearms laws are restrictive. Well here's a prime case of someone who should never have been granted a swimming certificate let alone an FAC. I wish the local licensing authority could see these fcuking morons and revoke their tickets.
  10. gareth

    Re: Nature Photos

    Sorry if I've hijacked the thread a bit but if anyones interested in wildlife photographs, I'd really like you to have a look at my good friends website. It's called www.coppaskye.co.uk. I think you'll enjoy his work. ATB, Gareth.
  11. Just been thinking about this for some reason. Do any of you have partners that shoot or actively take an interest in what you do? On the other hand is it something they're not interested in or don't agree with. Speaking from personal experience, I gave up everything shooting wise for my now ex partner because she wasn't into it and I thought I was doing the right thing at the time, how wrong I was! I think I've now found someone who enjoys shooting and countrylife in general and am very happy. Apologies if this is a bit of a heavy subject. I guess the moral of this story is don't change who you are for someone else. ATB Gareth
  12. gareth


    Hi Spud, off the top of my head, I'm sure that there is a link on the 6mmbr.com site to some downloadable targets. ATB Gareth.
  13. Nice shooting Sprags, you've outdone me . Look forward to reading the specs on your rifle, Ackley Improved must resist
  14. At last I finally posted a photo
  15. Try again, above rifle at the range (target is at the far end of the shadows on the left, not the one in the foreground!)

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