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  1. Fluke

    Credit goes to the rifle , AI AWF std 26 inche tube , S&B 4-16x50 PMII
  2. Fluke

    Hi guys , Its nice when you just fluke a good group , heres a pic of a fig 20 tgt , set at 332 yards , AI AW 308 rifle used , 2 shooters , one old & one new , each shooting 3 rds . First 3 shots touching , old shooter , new shooter , 3 shots fired , only one hit tgt , that should explain what the pics shows .
  3. Varminting in Australia

    To gut the rabbit , used a Gerber vital , folding knife uses detachable blades like a Havalon , but cheaper & betterer , for the heavy work a Finnish puukoo , the one with the molded handle . Both awesome bits of kit .
  4. They are a good bit of kit , just be aware that they have a sensitivity setting , in normal operation it defaults to # 2 ( jacketed rifle bullets ) , they can be set for 1-11 , with 1 being the least sensitive , & 11 being very sensitive . I use # 9 for rimfire lead bullets .
  5. Varminting in Australia

    Looks like a FLAT version of New Zealand , awesome vid , and we have a similar prblem with rabbits being out of control in numbers . Had rabbit Adobo ( stew ) last week , very tasty , like most wild game , its a very lean meat . Later Chris
  6. I have a AI 338LM supressor , and it was 400-500 pounds , and once I got it , thought Opps , my mistake , it appears to be 100% aluminium , and have heard they last roughly 200-300 rds and get the guts blown straight out the front & then they are biffed ( the only good news in that is it pops at the front & not the side of the can ). If the 308 version is the same , I feel its not worth the money , and would look at other options , I use the Oceania , as in NZ its the same price as a AI can , But I also use quite a few MAE all SS cans , and for the money they are good value . If you are prepared to use a different brake , then maybe a AU can on a borelock brake maybe an option ie the SL7 .
  7. 22LR speeds

    This was only 10 rds of each , but will do more to bring it to 50 - 100 total , and see if their is any real difference . But on the above data , even with out grouping it , the winner for me is the STD , as its SD is the best , and its 1/3 to 1/2 the price of the Suppressor/Subsonic here in NZ . Remember that this thru a bolt action rifle , if you run this thru a semi-auto the speeds will be approx 70 fps less , mainly due to larger chamber spec , which would mean it the STD ammo would be subsonic .
  8. 22LR speeds

    Barrel is 11 inches long , STD Velocity specs are 40gr lead round nose @ 1070 fps Subsonic specs are 40gr lead hollow point @ 1050 fps Suppressor specs are 45gr lead hollow point @ 970 fps
  9. TRG22 or AI AT ?

    My typing is crap , the " But " , should read " Buy a AI AW/AT , end of story " My Bad
  10. 22LR speeds

    Hi Guys , Just chronied 3 types of CCI ammo thru a short barrelled boltgun . STD Av 1088 fps SD 10.4 Subsonic Av 1081 fps SD 24.4 Suppressor Av 989 fps SD 11.1 Will measure exact barrel lenght soon & post
  11. TRG22 or AI AT ?

    But a AI AW or new AT , end of story , the AW AT series are bullet proof designs , when you price a Sako with a folding stock or extra mags , the AI is same or cheaper . The double feed / stack mags on the AW are fantastic , and 1/3 the price of Sako TRG mags , the AI mags are much superiour to the Sako designs . Why you would ever want to unbond the action from the alloy frame/chassis is beyong me . I have owned and used Sako TRGs , 21 , 41 , 22 over the years , until I finally brought my 1st AI , once that was done , ended up selling all my TRGs and replaceing them with AI s . I use AW , AWM & AX338 at present , and want more , a AT/AX308 & a AXMC338 . I have had no issue with AI mags , I have had jams out of the TRG 21/22 series 10 shot mags which are a double stack , single feed design , like a old Sten gun mag . With the price point between the 2 brands being narrower than it was yrs ago , I would ALWAYS advise goining AI over Sako . Later Chris
  12. Tikka T3 with AW magazine?

    I have seen photos of a modified Sako 75/85 using AW mags , so it maybe possible ?
  13. I like my Spotter60 , juist be aware that apart from the different power range between the 45 & 60 , the 45 has a smaller diopler adjustment range , so if your eye sight is not 20/20 , then the Spotter60 has the larger diopler range .
  14. Hut

    Hi , We have had people die in NZ in public tramping huts , by closing everything up & stoking up the fire , and going to sleep , usually foreign tourists . I donot intend to go to sleep with a stoked up fire , it will be basically out before I go to sleep , so I think the risk is low , also big gaps in the iron & wood/ply etc . Thanks

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