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  1. ChrisF

    Howa 6.5 grendel

    Yeah , Early days , just picked up some 95gr Amax , was looking for some AR Comp , its meant to be better ?
  2. ChrisF

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    I used WD40 a lot on my rifles for yrs , sprayed a heap on them after cleaning , remember I live in New Zealand , and its very wet & cold here , and I wanted to protect my blued rifles . I noticed that it turned into a varnish like goo over time , and also dis- coloured bare metal , like bolts , so I stopped using it , and went to 556 , it dosnt appear to turn into hard varnish in long term storage like WD40 does . Also , at the same time , a guy on this board , said something like it is banned from use around TI metal in aircraft engines as it starts micro cracking of the metal . So I stopped using it yrs ago .
  3. ChrisF

    Howa 6.5 grendel

    Yes , I did watch the Sako Grendel build , very nice , like most Sakos
  4. ChrisF

    Howa 6.5 grendel

    Just shot her 1st time , & not bad , remember I mainly shoot sniper rifles , so I maybe expect too much . Its 1st group is 3rds into 30mm at 100 yds , maybe it will get better ? , it seems it wants to shoot , at least its zeroed , & this is my 1st reload , 120gr amax over 28.0gr IMR 8208 , CCI 450 primers & Lapua brass , seems too hot . Will try lower , anyway heres a pic .
  5. ChrisF

    Howa 6.5 grendel

    That was me being nice , actually the stock dosnt feel good , but I have not even shoot it yet , hope it likes the lighter bullets , & for me it is close to what I want , for my use I would actually prefer a 6mm version of this round , but that means , custom build ( new barrel/reamer etc ) , and stuffing around with a necking down of 65 gren , & custom dies etc ,so for now its not happening .
  6. ChrisF

    Howa 6.5 grendel

    Yeap , I have 120 & 123gr , BUT really want to try some around 100gr , its just going to get used as a Goat/Hare gun on the farm , I have a few 527s as well , and like them , but this had some benefits , close to 1/2 the price of a 527 , and having a threaded barrel , more makers should offer their rifles threaded , as I tend too always run rifles with cans on , my gunsmith can be either un-available or have a 3-6 mths back log . The Mini Howa , just needs to have a floor plate option , and a lam/wood or a glass stock , as these plastic ones are not that good looking .
  7. I think it depends on calibre size/charge , and barrel length , the designer for 3D TI suppressors from ODL in NZ , said that the blast/pressure from a short barrel AR15 , say 10 inches was the same as a large magnum rifle in 338LM . Me I want strong suppressors , that can easily cope/handle the calibre its used on .
  8. In NZ we look at them a Japanise copy of the Old 2 lug Sako action . The only bad thing I have ever heard about them as a hunting rifle , is they are considered heavy by todays ultra light weight standards , I have just picked up a Blued Howa mini action , and the action is very smooth , & just remember , other than when I fire 22 hornet single shot ( CZ527 ) , most of my rifle time is behind a AI AW , so as I use my AW , I know what smooth IS . Stock leave something to be desired , I would like a lam/wood option , so impressed with my Mini , that I can see me getting another one in 223 & SS ? , Opps
  9. ChrisF

    Howa 6.5 grendel

    Hi Guys , Just picked up a Howa mini 1500 in 6.5 Grendel , the HB model , 20 inche threaded , looks nice , blued in a green plastic stock . Have mounted a Leupold M2 2.5-8x36mm , scope size suits this little rifle , will use a TI QD suppressor , will use as a farm/truck gun , seems a smooth nice little rifle . Will zero it next week , its going to be used as a goat/hare rifle . Cheers Chris
  10. ChrisF


    Yeah Naa , New shooters 1st rifle use , other than a 22LR bolt gun , at 50-75yds , so I thought not bad just getting ONE shoot on the tgt , maybe the recoil was TOO much , too many things could have happened ( I was really coaching safety on new gun for him , than spotting for him ) , it was just more an experience of something bigger than his 22lr , I certainly would not over think it . And to think once I had looked at tgt , all I could think of doing as patch/mark my holes so he could have a clean tgt , I should have pulled the tgt , and replaced it with another , doesn matter the new shooter has a phone pic of the new tgt with the 1st 3 shots on it anyaway , sh%t happens .
  11. Opps , Forgot , THANKS Vectronix , you just saved me some money .
  12. I thought to start , GREAT , after looking at it , not so good , less range than my OLD Terrapin by 1k , and more disappointing is the thing is made out of Plastic , not interested , my OLD unit works fine , is alloy , ranges further & has a thread for tripods , and is the same price point , I would rather they start making the old PLRF-10/15 series again ,so for me its a big FAIL .
  13. ChrisF

    March Genesis

    Yeap , Should have a bigger front lens , and mrad finer than std 1cm , 0.5cm like the old Zeiss 72mm , actually a zeiss 72mm on a Ivey mount would maybe better .

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