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  1. ChrisF

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    I have used the old & new AI tac brakes with a couple of different cans , and althou the theory of LH thread keeping the can ON , seems right in theory , I have not found it works totally , I think it depends on the weight & design of the can , have had BT cans work loose on AI brakes before , the only cans that have stayed ON for me are lighter weight cans , also the new tapered brake when used with a spaced 2 o- ring seal designed can like ODLs 3D printed can works very well. BUT I would MUCH rather have a better locking ratchet designed brake/can interface , like ODL uses in their smaller models 223/308 AR designs , as I feel this is a more solid dependable solution , and BT , AU have similar models , however most are in made for semi auto 223/308 rifles , and not larger cals or for bolt guns .
  2. A much larger selection of high bc bullets in 7mm , not much difference in actual dia , and when one has lots of bullet options over the other ,
  3. ChrisF

    Accuracy International Nitride Barrels

    Because I live in New Zealand , and I thought some one here would know ?
  4. ChrisF

    Accuracy International Nitride Barrels

    Its in the AI price list PDF , so I thought it was a AI option ? Maybe its not available yet , like the new AXMC 50BMG rifle ?
  5. ChrisF

    Accuracy International Nitride Barrels

    Its in the price list on sporting services website , its seems a extra cost for this ?
  6. ChrisF

    Accuracy International Nitride Barrels

    OK , so no knows anything about them , I ask only as they listed in their price list of barrels ?
  7. Any used or know anything of the Nitride barrels AI makes for its rifles ? Cheers Chris
  8. ChrisF

    Howa 6.5 grendel

    Just clocked the speed at avg of 2601 fps , with 95gr Vmax , over 29.0 gr of XBR 8208 , 0.564 center to center 3 shot & 0.916 5 shot group , I feel it wants to shoot , need to work on stock , open barrel channel more , and polish the bore , maybe ? Cheers Chris
  9. ChrisF

    Better problems to have

    By favorite rimfires are the Annie 54s & the Sako P94S Finnfire , I was about to buy a new Tikka 22lr , when a mint Annie 1422 & a mint P94S was for sale , so I brought them instead , real HAPPY . I also have a Brno model 2 , its nice , never cared for the new 455 , and see its being replaced by the 457 , probably the simlar , in which case I will not be buying one , just will look for second hand 452 & model 2s , if I get the urge to get more CZ/Brno's etc .
  10. ChrisF

    What scope?

    Have a look at the high end Bushy , LRHS in 3-12 or 4-18x , the low profile turret jobie , the glass & adjustmnets are very nice , have used the 3-12x version for a while on my 22 Hornet , and love the scope , solid , good glass , cant fault it . Cheers Chris
  11. ChrisF

    Howa 6.5 grendel

    So far I have wanted to do 3 things with this rifle , use lighter bullets , ie the 95gr , pull the action from the stock & enlarge the barrel channel ( as I think the crap/flexiable stock is hitting the barrel ) , and clean the barrel out . Done 2 , the stock channel is now bigger , & have loaded some 95gr bullets . I would like a stiffer stock , either glass or lam wood .
  12. ChrisF

    Oceania Defence

    They are VERY light in weight , I know the designer , all the AI rifles on the website are mine , I think I was the 1st person to ever fire a 3d printed TI suppressor on a 338LM rifle , I use them on my AIs , they are made to go on the newer large 2 chamber AI Tac muzzle breaks , and use 2 slightly spaced hi-temp orings to keep the can in place , I use them in 308,300 & 338LM , as well as a QD 308 model on a hunting rifle . They use sound meter that has a fast rise time to get correct readings & actually calibrate for temp as well . Later Chris
  13. ChrisF

    Howa 6.5 grendel

    Yeah , Early days , just picked up some 95gr Amax , was looking for some AR Comp , its meant to be better ?
  14. ChrisF

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    I used WD40 a lot on my rifles for yrs , sprayed a heap on them after cleaning , remember I live in New Zealand , and its very wet & cold here , and I wanted to protect my blued rifles . I noticed that it turned into a varnish like goo over time , and also dis- coloured bare metal , like bolts , so I stopped using it , and went to 556 , it dosnt appear to turn into hard varnish in long term storage like WD40 does . Also , at the same time , a guy on this board , said something like it is banned from use around TI metal in aircraft engines as it starts micro cracking of the metal . So I stopped using it yrs ago .

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