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  1. ChrisF

    The Fix from Q

    Hi Buddy , I talked to Bert today , and will PM you his email , he has not gotten a email from you ? Cheers Chris
  2. ChrisF

    The Fix from Q

    One thing the Yanks liked was the grainy finish , a bit of grip , and they believed paint would stick to it better ?
  3. ChrisF

    The Fix from Q

    Yeah , No worries I will be ringing him again in a week or so , will do it then , I now what you mean re the finish , but its a matter of the finesse of the 3D printer , ie grainy looking structure , so it seems that the bottle neck in the UK is the importer , rather than the price ? I am lucky to have seen inside a sectioned ODL can , and its like nothing I have ever seen in a can before , its like the illustrator of Dr Seues books & a NASA JPL geek designed it , unfortunitly I was not allowed to take a photo of it . So the new brakes are machined now , where the older ones where 3D printed , the heat shield is metal and spaced about 1mm off the can body , due to the LH thread on the AI brakes it was me that asked Bert to put a direction arrow on it , as LH threads are a bit un common, and I said you only need 1 arrow , if the shooter cannot figure out the opposite direction is opposite he has no business using a rifle at all . Its real good to see Bert & ODL finally get rewards for their long hard work , they deserve it big time . Of the 2 contracts , 1 has shipped already , the other soonish , also look out for the new 338LM QD can/brake its been made for some one in Europe , cant say how yet , but just keep an eye out for it Later Chris
  4. ChrisF

    The Fix from Q

    Rifle looks good , a bit like a better Blaser R84 , the 3 lug bolt version before the R93 . Good to see you like the ODL can & brake , Bert 's designs have come a long way , from short & fat Reflex designs ( sized like a Coke can ) to the current offerings . Spoke to Bert a few days ago , and I think you will see more of his designs in the UK soon , looks like the company has won 2 major contracts & also maybe partnering with a big player soon . Funny , how no one is interested in a new companies stuff , until they win contracts or supply a major player , and I understand that , but more people should be able to see a good design on its own merits , and not just because it won a big contract . I have the same can as yours , but in TI , spoke to Bert RE , TI or SS Inconel , and he says its just weight & hi temp difference , and as the cost is the same for them , the SS is really optioned for high use semi's , and he feels the TI is the choice for bolt guns , and he is right to a point . What he does not allow for is the SS due to a bit heavy in weight could suit & dampen a precision rifle more that a crazy lite TI can . Also , a new QD brake & can is due to be released soon for 338LM . Cheers Chris
  5. Hi Guys , Just a heads up Oceania Defence Ltd , have a new QD brake & Can for the 338 coming out soon , also new metal heat sheilds for them as well , also expect some big news from them in the future . This is a very innovative suppressor company , the cans are 3D printed TI or Inconel & heat treated , and brakes are machined 17-4 hardened SS . Later Chris
  6. ChrisF

    Accuracy International ASR

    Looks like , AI missed out again to get a contract , Barrett won it , so AI misses the PSR to Rem ( USA ) , and now the ASR to Barrett ( USA ) , also the German 338 went to Haenal ( German ) , why bother , when they are virtually always going to go local reguardless of wether you have the better design/product , as long as they have a local maker , they will always go that route .
  7. ChrisF

    Accuracy International ASR

    If its made in the USA , I am not interested at all , getting stuff out of the US can be a major pain , compared to any where else in the World . I like the fact it has done away with the mag well adapter for 308 , BUT in reality , if I had one I would run it in 300NM and that's it , if I want a 308 , I will use a AW , AT or AX308 . And its stupid the Yanks WANT mlok , over AIs excellent keymod , just shows that they have no idea whats really good ?? , and I also like the 3 posn safety over a AR type safety , here's a clue guys , its NOT a AR15 , its a bolt gun . Cheers Chris
  8. ChrisF

    Accuracy International ASR

    I see they have released their new ASR model in Shot show 2019 , its made to use 308 , 300NM & 338NM , you can order a deployment kit , ie gun 3 barrels , 2 bolts , mags etc , I wonder when you can order just the rifle ?
  9. ChrisF


    The NZ order was by far the largest order they ever had , I would have gone to a more established company that makes everything themselves , and would have gone HK433 or FN Scar , but if I wanted a AR15 type rifle would have gone HK 416 , what these have over others is pistons & a suppressor setting , and as a lot of users are using cans . The SAS use I think the new Colt monolithic uppers from Canada . The cost of any of these rifles would be similar , something the HK has that most AR s donot have is a safety that operates in all 3 posn , reguard less of the hammer being cocked or not . I am fully aware of what ARs are made out of , just saying what has been said by the troops , and be aware NZ is very wet country normally .
  10. I think the AW mags would be what they use in the AT , if in doubt contact , Sporting Services
  11. ChrisF


    Opps , is it just me , why are there major bolt issues with a Ar15 type rifle in the year 2018 , and why are people , just saying , oh its alright nothing to see move on , what rubbish , sorry its not good enough in my view , they should never have gone with this company , too small & no real experience in small arms , should have gone to one of the majors , HK , FN or Colt Canada or Steyr . The rifle has broken bolts very early into use , its also rusting quite bad as well , and RE the ammo choice 262 , its too expensive for normal use , and word is they are using M193 ammo .
  12. ChrisF

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    I have used the old & new AI tac brakes with a couple of different cans , and althou the theory of LH thread keeping the can ON , seems right in theory , I have not found it works totally , I think it depends on the weight & design of the can , have had BT cans work loose on AI brakes before , the only cans that have stayed ON for me are lighter weight cans , also the new tapered brake when used with a spaced 2 o- ring seal designed can like ODLs 3D printed can works very well. BUT I would MUCH rather have a better locking ratchet designed brake/can interface , like ODL uses in their smaller models 223/308 AR designs , as I feel this is a more solid dependable solution , and BT , AU have similar models , however most are in made for semi auto 223/308 rifles , and not larger cals or for bolt guns .
  13. A much larger selection of high bc bullets in 7mm , not much difference in actual dia , and when one has lots of bullet options over the other ,
  14. ChrisF

    Accuracy International Nitride Barrels

    Because I live in New Zealand , and I thought some one here would know ?

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