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  1. To neck turn or not to neck turn

  2. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    HERE IS A LINK TO THEM IVE ONLY JUST PUT THEM ON THE SITE BUT ALL GOOD NOW https://www.1967spud.com/shop/km/km-custom-diameter-expand-mandrels/ WE GET THEMIN TO ORDER AT THE MOMENT
  3. reload costs

    it was good to meet you , and thanks for thje kind words , the cafe aint bad is it ? we have big plans for the new year some of which include lots more you tube stuff, me doing this full time from march onwards, more products more stock more bargains
  4. Solid tempilaq

    ad some thinnners give us a shout if you need any
  5. Reloading course

    you may be surprised
  6. Full Length 308 Sizing Die (Sorted)

    https://www.1967spud.com/product-category/l-e-wilson/ scroll down for calibres
  7. Full Length 308 Sizing Die (Sorted)

    Thanks Brillo Spud (spud)
  8. K&M neck turner and Insizer gauge

    lol thanks Justin people think these Lear jets buy them selves
  9. Reloading solutions

    how true this turned out to be!!!
  10. K&M neck turner and Insizer gauge

    theres always new years money im not racist
  11. K&M neck turner and Insizer gauge

    got these on the dhelf if thats any help bob

    hi yes there is an alternative which we sell with the kits just pm me if you need any help
  13. Stainless tumbling

    Thanks for the kind words.
  14. pheasant

    thats not a bad idea
  15. pheasant

    yes took it yesterday]

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