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  1. shrek

    Which bottom metal?

    Looking at a mag conversion on my remmy 700 to a box mag system... My question being whats every ones opinion on different makes? Does the old saying ring true that " you get what you pay for" or has anyone got any experience of the 109 quid bottom metal you can get on ebay compared to 180 odd quid for a 3rd eye tactical one. Any views or advice greatly appreciated Shrek
  2. Contacted him though facebook, hopefully going to pop over one weekend soon! Cleared out my inbox also
  3. shrek

    Remmy 700 SA tactical stock

    As per title... looking for a tactical style stock for my remmy. Anything considered with or without bottom metal. Cheers!
  4. How can i join Galloway small arms club? Im at Wigtown and would love to get back into some long range shooting!
  5. shrek

    AICS stock

    Looking for an AICS stock and mag for my 243AI (never should have sold my original one, grass is always greener eh) Not to bothered about a folder... so a 1 or a 1.5 green or black makes little difference. Anyone got anything laying around or thinking of changing?
  6. shrek

    CG trigger unit for rem 700?

    Cheers lads
  7. shrek

    CG trigger unit for rem 700?

    Cheers baldie, who does Paddy Dane trade under?? Abit out the loop these days
  8. Hi Zaitsev... Long time no speak... hope you are well.. need a catchup!! If i wasnt in the same situation as you (work kids etc) id have your TRG off you!! But as the 65a has has only had 5 rounds through it in in 18month haha.... Will give you a call soon mate
  9. shrek

    CG trigger unit for rem 700?

    Hi all, I know its a longshot.. but has anyone got a cg trigger unit to fit a remmy 700? Looking for one to fit into my 223 so it is the same as my 243ai which had one of jacksons last ones made fitted. William
  10. shrek

    remmy 700 one peice weaver rail

    Anyone got an old weaver or picatinny rail laying around for a short action remmy 700, Shrek
  11. shrek

    .223 change

    Cheers lads, just awaiting my variation to come through so i can start playing with it!
  12. shrek

    243 h414 87 vmax

    Hi, just been rustling through papers trying to find this, here goes: 87gr V-max 46.5gr H414 Rem 91/2 mag primer col: 2.830 winchester brass This is a bughole load, extremely fast and destructive on charlie, obviously as with anyload start at 10% less and work up. But from what i remember is was well within the Max load for a standard 243 load, i simply cant find where i got the data from.... a reloading manual laying somwhere no doubt!! My COL may be longer as im jamming the bullets to fireform for the Ackley.
  13. shrek

    243 h414 87 vmax

    Oh? My apologies, Dont know where i got it from then, will try and look that load out for you when i get back to my bench!
  14. shrek

    243 h414 87 vmax

    Meant to add, my fireforming load was within max charge for a standard 243!

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